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It is 7:37 am and I have not slept but hey who needs sleep when you can draw like, future versions of SatAM Sally and Bunnie.

If this comes out barely comprehensible I’m sorry but that’s just a burden we’re going to HAVE TO BARE.

So yeah, future versions of SatAM Sally and Bunnie. No Archie here. From a hypothetical post Robotnik post Snively future, when they’re rebuilding Mobotropolis and stuff.

As everyone knows, when you get older you start wearing more shit. I didn’t make the rules I just abide by them, okay.

Sally you can’t really tell but… I wanted to make her hair colour a bit darker than it was in the show, because I think she’d look good like that and for some reason that denotes ‘aging’ to me… outfit is mainly like how she was in the show as well except a bit more 'sophisticated’ and 'futuristic ruling class as seen by the 80s/90s’. It’s got gold accents. And I really liked the long pony-tail kinda hair I did on my last 'future Sally’ pics so I reused that. Also now she has some kinda tiara band thing. Boots are just boots.

Bunnie meanwhile… I’ve always seen Bunnie as being concerned with her femininity and looks. I base this partly on the fact that in the pilot episode she was shown with a cleansing mask/cucumbers on her eyes, her description in the SatAM bible, and just general… her… ness. Plus I like the juxtaposition of 'toughest person in the team and most feminine’. Now in the future she’s able to indulge more in fashion, which wasn’t something she was able to do back during THE FIGHT. She’s not yet deroboticized for PLOT REASONS (it doesn’t work, yet), so she’s semi-embraced that by wearing a new, asymmetrical top. As for the hair, the little curl things weren’t there originally, but I kept looking at her and going 'man why would she never change her hair’. Then I tried random lil flippy doos and I went 'oh actually I rather like that’.

Though at the same time I worry I made her look like some kinda future prostitute when I was trying to make her fashionable.



merry christmas! (its still xmas eve for me but whatevs.) i wanted a nice length christmas scenario, and who better to star in it than my bias?

chanyeol/reader, 1222 words

He’s too festive for his own good.


You woke up on Christmas Eve with a lack of heat. Your boyfriend was currently missing from your bed, and you groaned and flailed your arm around to be sure he was really missing. He was. You rolled out of bed, still incredibly groggy, and shuffled out of your bedroom to go find him.

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For Men

Spot: “I think there is an untapped market for men’s tiaras.”

Spot: “Yeah, but it needs a different name. Something that will appeal to its demographic.”

(Seven Scenes Later)

Spot: “Tactical Hair Guard.”

*Submitted by The Magic Numbat

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Pearls, Diamonds & Platinum Halo Tiara by Cartier. Tiara rests on band of alternate large & small pearls between lines of channel-set diamonds surmounted at intervals by small collet-set stones. Space within filled by 15 pear-shaped diamond drops hanging from stylised buds between pearls above and below. Cartier described this as a “diadème russe” .

Turpentine In Her Messy Room is one of these things I sketch a lot when I’m trying to relax or warm up or whatever. She plays her guitar and makes collages and zines and writes in her notebooks and often falls asleep without bothering to sweep all the random objects off her bed, sometimes while still wearing her tiara.