taodestine asked:

His dreams are vivid, colours bleeding into one another and creating a spectrum almost terrifying in it’s beauty, a low orchestra playing a melody of the past. The room spins - /no/, he’s spinning, feet moving fluidly over marble floors the colour of rubies, waist twisting, following the rhythm of a dance he doesn’t remember learning, but that the movement of is ingrained within his subconscious. - idek what i'm doing anymore it's three am i need direction heLP

this is like a poem on it’s own, i love your 3 am writing omg

I’m not entirely sure what you’re doing either but don’t stop doing it I love thisss, WHO IS THIS? TAO? CHANYEOL? is this even the same AU I NEED CONTEXT BUT I LOVE IT STILL

Empress Maria Feodorovna commissioned a diadem from the famous Duval Brothers. The Empress wanted something that would remind of the Russian fields, and so the brothers created a diadem of oak and laurel leaves, bordered by sheaves of wheat.