the-hellenists  asked:

What physical characteristics make an alpha considered conventionally attractive? What are alphas expected to wear by society? Any real life celebrities you can reference as examples of what attractive alphas would look like?

Things like broad chests, broad shoulders, narrow waists and a generally muscular frame would be most desirable, because they look as though they’re able to provide for and protect a family, however less muscular, taller alphas are also considered attractive, as they’d need less calories and would be able to provide more food for their family. I think there might be slightly more give with female alphas though, and shorter, less muscular female alphas are also still considered attractive.

Asides from muscles and height, I think strong jawlines, blunt teeth and slightly pointed ears would also be considered attractive 

I think alphas would be expected to wear typically more ‘masculine’ clothes, such as jeans, shirts and such, and while alphas wearing dresses isn’t uncommon, dresses made to fit alphas are quite rare

Honestly, the first person who comes to mind when I think of male alpha is Chris Evans

And in terms of taller but maybe less muscular alphas would be Alexander Skarsgârd (before he bulked up for Tarzan)

But that’s also just because I find him so fucking attractive. I’m biased, ok?

In terms of female alphas, Adeline Gray is my go-to woman

And I can’t not mention Tianna Madison because…

I mean look at her. She’s gorgeous

But, that’s just my opinion. Disagree? Want to add anything on? Let me know!

An amazing girl from my hometown went to the Olympics and kicked some serious ass. Our hometown doesn’t have a fantastic reputation, but Tianna Madison serves as an inspiration to every child who lives there. She makes me proud that my nephew will attend the same school as her and grow up under her great influence. Tianna, I think I speak for everyone when I say that we are so very proud of you.