ManikaManila Tiangge 2014
August 23, 2014 / Alphaland Southgate Tower

ManikaManila Tiangge is an annual event I organize with my co-mods from ManikaManila. It’s the only event in the country run especially for BJD owners and enthusiasts. It’s tiring to put together but seeing all the happy faces, new and old, makes it all worth it. :) Hoping to make next year’s event even bigger and better! ♥

More photos on the ManikaManila forum. :)


ManikaManila Tiangge 2015
Alphaland Southgate Tower / 08.29.15

Some of the displays from my local community’s annual BJD event in which I headed the organizing team. ♥ I’m so proud of my community, the displays and the merch just get bigger and better every year! It’s such an honor to be part of it. :)

I ♥ ManikaManila!


There are many products being sold in the “tiangge” type of stores.  I call them “one-use” isang gamitan and just hope that it will make it to a 2nd, 3rd or 4th use.  Sabi nila you get what you pay for.  Sometimes I indulge myself in these products with the mindset that it will not last and if it does swerte ko, wow!

I am referring to the fakes and the inferior products being sold the the tiangges, minsan tsamhahan din.  The quality of the product sometimes exceeds my expectation.

I have tons of experience trashing products that were bought in tiangges.  But I still buy a few yung mga no brainer like 3 for 100 pesos.  It’s like a game, parang lotto minsan you might get lucky.

Personally, I buy branded products not because I am brand conscious but simply because they lasts longer.  For clothes and shoes it just goes out of style.

So real brand or one-use it’s your choice.


ManikaManila Tiangge 2013: It’s a Win! ♥

Today’s event was made extra special as the day draws to a close. The mods stepped up to the stage and began announcing the event’s winners for the Booth Display Contest and Photography Contest.

Our team won the Booth Display Contest and received the following:

  • second choice of DollHeart’s Sponsored Prize Loot (we picked an SD Boy Full Set Outfit)
  • Gift Certificate for a Free Furniture at The 5th Atelier (imagine me winning my own sponsored prize LOL! I’ll just make furniture for Arvie and Ricci haha!)
  • One (1) Free booth at next year’s Tiangge (which means we only need to pay for two more. Yay!)

But the best part was me winning the grand prize for the Photography Contest with this photo. TT^TT I received the following awesome prizes:

  • first choice of DollHeart’s Sponsored Prize Loot (I picked a pair of golden SD girl shoes ♥)
  • Illustration of my choice from Nix (of course I’ll be asking for FLAKE XDDD)
  • a custom pair of wings c/o A Little Wing by Monique
  • and the best prize (and main reason I badly wanted to win this contest): a free faceup c/o propertyoftheuchiha’s Fabuula Rasa Aesthetics! ♥♥♥

This whole week’s blood, sweat and tears are soooo worth it! TTuTT

DV Day :D

I was at Divisoria today. It wasn’t my first time there cuz my mom brought me there once or twice pero it was my first time to shop there. Haha. Plano ko sana bumili lang ng ilang items sa DV thinking na konti lang ang mahahanap kong acceptable items dun tapos punta ako sa mall. Pero dumating sa point na nahanap ko na lahat ng kailangan ko.

Sa halagang P1700, naka bili ako ng 10 items. Maliit lang budget ko kasi nag iipon ako for a new phone (BlackBerry) buwahahaha. Sa mall, nasa 200 ang pinaka mababang halaga ng shirt na maayos at branded, yun ay lumang stocks na at sale pa ang price. Sa Mint, Link, at Bench ako bumibili dati. At bibili pa rin ako dun. Hahaha.

Eh etong mga nabili ko, yung shirts 100 each lang hehehe. Maliban nalang dun sa dalawang shirt na P230 ang isa, pero maganda naman. Five T shirts all in all ang nabili ko.

Maliban sa limang T-Shirt (overheard, someone said earlier ’T-sirt’ hahaha), na nabili ko, nakabili din ako ng Chaleco @ P250, isang jacket @250 rin, isang skinny jeans @ P150 (this is the cheapest jean pants I’ve ever bought in my life. grabe), at dalawang walk shorts. Next time, try ko taasan budget ko pag may BB na ako. Tignan ko lang kung gaano kadami ang mabibili ko.

Tsaka maliban sa great finds, may great discovery din ako. Haha. Grabe yung last top ko dun sa DV. Isang building na puro tiangge. Ang gaganda ng mga damit. Yung tipong pag pupunta ka sa party, may napaka-raming choice dun sa lugar na yun. Parang pwedeng tuwing may party, bili ka lang ng bili ng bagong damit since it’s cheap. Parang heaven para sa mga fashionista at mahilig sa damit. Haha.

I don’t really mind the brand, kung peke or original yung damit. Aanhin mo ang brand kung di naman yun yung tinitignan. Haha. Although let’s admit it, mas marami naman talagang magagandang damit sa mall (pero I think the quality is the same, minus the himulmul sa mga damit na nahahanap sa tiangge). It’s Christmas time :D Uwi na ako bukas sa probinsya (:

carnival at day

So me and my mom went around Marikina. Since it was my first time to visit the perya/tiangge behind the city hall, i took a quite stroll around. :)

First i saw was some christmas-inspired lanterns connected from one light post to another.  

External image

Here’s another close-up of those lanterns: 

External image

I bet these lanterns would look nice at night. :)

Next that caught my attention was jollibee:

External image

External image

Too bad, this one lost one of it’s antenna. 

Of course if there was a bee, there would also be an elephant (what?) . Meet the flying elephant. 

External image

But there’s something utterly different with this one. 

External image

At day, the poles that hold the elephants together become pseudo clotheslines.

External image

A closer look of the ‘flying elephant’.

The next photos will show you what else i saw:

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

The horror house doesn’t seem so scary when the sky’s lit up.

External image

A christmas tree made out of water gallons

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

The place is pretty deserted at day but i feel it’s lively and interesting when night falls. :)

I love carnivals. Somehow, this is one of those few places which makes you abandon your reality for a while. A place which will make you believe of fantasies and will always make you enjoy those little things we often dismiss as senseless or just kiddie stuff. 

Other than China town

Considerations:  EASE of GETTING THERE (Is it worth it)

When was the last time you visited Greenhills Shopping Center?… No matter where you are from in the Metro, in my opinion the best and most comfortable place for bargain hunting is Greenhills. 

My second Choice:Tiendesitas, Pasig.

My third Choice: Market Market in the Fort, Taguig.

If you’re into vintage stuff such as pretty florals, bohemians and vintage accessories, make sure to visit the Triple Treat Tiangge. All my creations and vintage pieces will be on sale there. Prices have been slashed at their lowest (like REALLY, REALLY, REALLY LOW). Almost everything is one-of-a-kind with only one piece per design so you cannot miss this. Thanks to the organizers Sandy and Benjamin Beltran of Cubao Expo’s The Reading Room. More details in the poster. ^_^