mama-b0nes  asked:

Ty, I would love to hear a little more about the design process of the northern wargs! They all have such distinct faces, I was wondering if different dog breeds helped inspire that or something else? I would love to design some for my oc party :)

I hope you don’t mind me answering this publicly, it’s such a fun question!

So my wargs are a mix of wolves/dogs/deer/elk. Depending on what kind of features I’m looking for, I’ll pick from each of those animals for inspo

For example, both Tianda and Zilgor are based on grey wolves, with a bit more deer for Tia

While Sut-Sut and Nethes have more of an Elk base. There are hints of Bearded Collie in Sut-Sut and Tibetan Mastiff for Nethes, and Taatu is based on a Boxer

Atoh, Disir, Sonnis, and Annulai are all the most common look for Wargs, which are a mix of deer and greyhounds

I hope sharing my process helps you develop some great looking wargs! I’m really looking forward to what you make ://>