Tiana Appreciation Week Challenge

Day Five: Favorite Personality Trait - She loved.
She was denying romantic love from the very start, but she still had love in her and all around her. She loved her parents and she loved her friends. She loved what she did, which made her pursue that dream of owning a restaurant with everything she had. With all that love came support – she gave support and she received it. Naveen was not only a romantic partner, but he, too, supported her. Eudora and Mama Odie both were telling her that, yes, she can get her dream while it’s okay to receive love and support; she finally realized that by talking about James and what he had during her encounter with Dr. Facilier.

Tiana Appreciation Week Challenge

Day Six: Favorite Romantic Moment - “Hear what I’m sayin’, it make you feel alright!”
This little moment where Naveen pulls her up on the stage of Tiana’s Palace and they share a little dance is my favorite. Tiana had her dream come true with Naveen by her side and the both found what they needed. He revels in the passion that is her restaurant and she gladly dances besides him as he entertains the masses that flood into the place.

Tiana Appreciation Week Challenge

Day Two: Favorite Scene - Making Swamp Gumbo
I had a hard time choosing to be honest (BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS SO DANG GREAT), but I finally decided on this because it’s the scene where Naveen gets to see Tiana engage in her passion in action for the first time right after they start warming up to each other after escaping the Frog Hunters together. And he’s completely impressed. Plus, we get a little Naveen backstory + character development!