To See You This Way (A CS AU) Part 10/?

Modern Captain Swan AU fic where Emma is the Storybrooke physician, and Killian is a best selling writer. They were next-door neighbors and best friends when Killian moved to town at age thirteen, but the story picks up years later. A misunderstanding has kept them apart, and now only proof that the love between them has always been there can bring them back together. Story rated M.

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A/N: All right friends, as you might have guessed, today wedding bells are ringing in ‘To See You This Way.’ It’s been too long since I’ve written a wedding and this one was a cute one to get to try my hand at. In a story about second chances and finding each other again, a wedding seems to hold just a little more importance. Expect my usual amount of fluff and the requisite bit of wedding smut too, but mostly just expect some much needed closure for Emma and Killian. This is not the last chapter of TSYTW, as I am envisioning two or three more, but it’s definitely the point we’ve been building to. Hope you all enjoy and thanks for reading!

“You may just be the calmest bride in the history of… well, ever,”

Ruby’s words from across the room made Emma smile and turn away from the window where she was peering out to the set up below. She couldn’t see the aisle or the ceremony itself from this room, for all of that was in the back yard, but she was seeing people arrive and marveling at how many guests had shown up to what was originally supposed to be a small wedding.

“What exactly were you expecting?” Emma asked and Ruby shrugged.

“You know, the usual. Pacing, some slight panic, maybe us holding you back from running straight to Killian and saying ‘I do’ before it’s actually time.” Emma laughed as did her other friends in the room.

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“You know how long it took me to save that money?”
“Exactly! Which is why a little woman of your background would have had her hands full, trying to run a big business like that. No, you’re better off where you’re at.”

What Tiana has taught me, quite sadly (and probably what Disney didn’t really intend) was that hard work wasn’t good enough to overcome systemic racism. Tiana got a feel good ending, but I feel like her story has been told many times in real life without a happy ending. There are people who work extremely hard, but never being able to catch up due to the color of their skin.

So here is Tiana, muscles tense with labor, tired and contemplative, and struggling against the system that prevents her success.

This is probably the most symbolic of all the Disney paintings I’ve done so far - the verticality of the walls, the position of her shadow looming over the segregation signs, Tiana sitting right between the divide, and the nearly imperceptible lean of her body to the right.

Tiana is the ninth in my Disney Woman Series.

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Aries - Jasmine; wistful, feisty, independent

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Taurus - Belle; creative and loyal

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Sagittarius - Rapunzel; adventurous and spirited  

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Capricorn - Aurora; devoted and classy 

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Aquarius - Ariel; idealistic, openminded and rebellious 

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Pisces - Snow White; compassionate, dreamy, and charming

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Gemini - Alice; curious and childlike

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Cancer - Cinderella; nuturing, gracious, and empathetic

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Leo - Charolette; provactive, flamboyant, and demanding

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Virgo - Tiana; realistic, knowledgeable, and modest 

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Libra - Mulan; intellectual, brave, and easy-going 

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Scorpio - Pocahontas; secretive, passionate, and intense

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