Sofia Isabel uploaded to YouTube a full recording of the acoustic version of “Lights” that me, Pedro Gonçalves and Tiago Lopes sang at the Oporto Meeting :D


A Sofia Isabel colocou no YouTube uma gravação completa da versão acústica da “Lights” que eu, o Pedro Gonçalves e o Tiago Lopes cantámos no Meeting do Porto :D


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HERE IT IS! :D Please don’t forget to share it as much as you can! And, if you’d like to, you can get this song on iTunes and Amazon :)


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Interview @ "Portal dos Programas" (English Version)

Original Article (in Portuguese): http://bit.ly/1mfyOv6

Tiago Braga: “The Voice Portugal was also worth it for everything I learned.”

Good night. And today I bring you another interview here at “Portal dos Programas”. After a stop in the previous week, we return big. My special guest today is Tiago Braga. The young 19 year old who tried his luck on the program “The Voice Portugal”, spoke to “Portal dos Programas”. Check the statements.

Who is Tiago Braga ?

Tiago Braga is a 19 year old independent musician who is trying to become a successful recording artist and music producer. I believe it is the simplest way to describe myself and my goals. I use YouTube as the main platform to showcase my work, on a channel where I regularly upload cover songs.

Why did you decide to participate on “The Voice Portugal” ?

I’ve always been a big fan of the format. I often see the versions of the UK and the U.S. whenever I can. So as soon as I heard there was gonna be a new edition of the format here in Portugal, I felt an urge to apply right away and ended up signing myself up. But I always looked at this as an experience, more in the sense of “let’s see what comes out of this and how far I can get .”

What feedback do you withdraw from the show? Were you cherished ?

The feedback I withdraw from the show is extremely positive! Despite not making it through to the Battles, it was an experience that I cherish with great fondness. I enjoyed myself a lot and met some great people! Furthermore, I feel that I gained some more maturity when it comes to participating in TV shows of this kind. The Voice Portugal was also worth it for everything I learned. I have participated in other programs of this kind in the past and I was always very disappointed with how the production team handled the program, but on The Voice it was different. In other shows I participated everything was done very hastily, almost from one day to another, sometimes. In The Voice I had several rehearsals and we were accompanied by vocal coaches along the way. Although I’ve had singing lessons in the past, the vocal exercises that I do nowadays are those that the vocal coaches of The Voice taught me! And they’re the most effective ones I’ve learned so far. Regarding the feedback I withdraw after the airing of my Blind Audition, it’s also quite good. I have received lots of messages of support and, in general, the conclusion that I withdraw from them, as well as from the comments I see on the Facebook and YouTube of The Voice of Portugal, is that people think that I did really well on my Blind Audition and that I deserved to pass. That’s why, despite everything, I feel like a winner. It was like someone told me in a message: “you may have lost the battle, but that does not mean you have lost the war.”

Will you participate in other shows of the same genre?

In the near future I don’t intend to do so. Besides from what I know there will only be auditions for shows of the same genre more towards the end of the year. Maybe at the time I’ll change my mind and participate, but it will also greatly depend on what show we’re talking about.

What do you think went wrong for you not to pass?

Quite honestly, after seeing my Blind Audition on Sunday I was extremely relieved! I confess that on the day I was nervous, because it was like I said in my interview: it’s one thing to do what I’m used to, which is recording at home, in an environment that is comfortable to me and where I can repeat as many times as I want to if I mess up. Another thing is to be up on that stage knowing that I am being evaluated and I only have 2 minutes to show what I’m worth. I have performed live on stage several times before, but it’s always different when you’re in a contest like this one. I think that on this matter it was good for me to step on the stage of The Voice Portugal to win some experience. But I was glad because I no longer remembered what I had done on stage and I was scared that I had made a big mess. Despite not having passed, I feel that I was actually quite good and I’m happy with my performance. And apparently the vast majority of the people who have seen my Blind Audition share the same opinion, which makes me even happier. However, maybe playing piano and singing at the same time wasn’t the best option. I did it to feel more comfortable and because it’s what I’m used to do, but I might have performed better if I had only sang. Because I feel that the flaws in the piano, although the mentors are there to evaluate the voice of the contestants, contributed to the fact that I didn’t pass.

What do you want the most for the future?

What I want the most is to become an internationally successful recording artist and music producer, but unfortunately doing so is not as easy as saying it. I do not know if someday this dream will come true or not, but I will most certainly work hard to try and make it come true. In the nearer future, what I really want is to get financial support to record a small EP of original songs that can be released into the international market. We’ll see!



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