A set of illustrations for my bby and my friends.
Inspired by that last ask i got of drawing Edge and my friends as a boy band and watching SHINee’s Get That Treasure video as visual reference. 

I’m very happy with how all of these turned out.
I will… eventually… clean them up and colour them lol but as of now yeah, here you go c: <3 <3 

Characters in order:
Edge, Sebbi, Niqe, Vin and Allond.

Hope you all like it~!

It’s been an emotional day for me.. Today marks the 3rd year since my grandma’s death.. And my god. it hasn’t been easy.. She was the one who raised us while our dad worked. I really miss her and I wish she didn’t have to leave… But, although it’s a sad thing.. Today hasn’t been a total disaster..

Since… Well.. I got this guy in the mail today!

He’s so adorable and my precious bby like!!! UGH.


I quite like the design of the Stormblood monk gear! It’s definitely my aesthetic! But I also still really like Y’shenn’s current glamour… The colours go so well with his palette. It’s hard to decide which one I like more! We’ll see how it looks in-game, as well as how it looks when mix-and-matched/dyed with other sets! What do you like better? Y’shenn’s Stormblood look or Heavensward look?

If this was about immigration, then the undocumented Irish and European folks would be a part of the roundups. The people being deported are from Mexico, Central America, the Dominican Republic and Haiti. So this is about keeping America white, not making America great.
—  Tia Oso, an immigration activist, noting that there are about 50,000 undocumented Irish in the U.S.