Presente de Deus.

Quando encontrou Deus
deu aquele sorriso
que dava para nós
quando se sentava
para tomar o café da manhã
e fazer suas brincadeiras.

O Céu estava ansioso
pela sua chegada.

- William Kokubun 
(Para minha tia, que sempre sorria, mesmo em volta das mais insuportáveis dores. Uma pessoa que Amava da maneira mais pura que se podia Amar.)

Welcome Distraction - OPEN

Tia and exercise had never been two words that had gone well together. She’d been quite athletic in school, but that was completely down to her competitive nature. She loved the feeling of winning just as much as she loved the feeling of being right. She’d worn sneakers and shorts with the intention to start running. But as usual she’d been distracted. She figured at least she could give the appearance that she was doing something good for herself for once. But she ended going in and out of little boutiques, in awe of how small everywhere could seem in such a big place. She’d found a little music shop and found herself pining over several guitars before forcing herself out and into the shop opposite it. It was a used bookshop. Just the smell of books, the feeling of being surrounded by them reminded her of the past and a smile masked her lips. She ran her fingers across the shelves.

 She took out a book, opening the sleeve to read the blurb. First, she shared a little joke with herself about how funny the word blurb was. Who would make up that word? She laughed to herself. A bit like the word moist… she shuddered.  She looked around for a moment, saddened that she had no one to voice these jokes to. Even the look of judgement as she liked to call it, was better than that feeling of loneliness that often washed over her. He always would’ve laughed at her jokes…no matter how bad they were. He was the only person that had ever loved just how insane she was. She smiled a little at the memory, words that she would later write down in the form of a song filling her head. She pushed them away for now, although mumbling them under her breath as she walked towards another shelf. Looking for a particular book. After a few minutes she turned to someone behind her “Hey, you wouldn’t know where the Jane Austen is do you?” She let out an awkward giggle, her accent coming out when she didn’t bother hiding it.


I’m pulling out the shelves of the entertainment center so I can put the pegs that hold them up with all of the other misc pieces, so they don’t get lost, and suddenly I heard a ‘thump’
This fucking nerd didn’t realise that there wasn’t a shelf there