4/29/16 : Tia Mowry visit ‘The Real’ to talk about new tween book, Twintuition: Double Trouble (coming May 10th), online bullying and her cooking show ‘Tia Mowry at Home.’

very important sarumi thing to remember

Yata was bitter that fushimi wouldn’t explain himself or reveal his secrets. Fushimi was bitter that yata couldn’t understand him. BUT that in no way means that yata was obligated to understand shit or that fushimi was obligated to explain or reveal shit. And not either one of them were obligated to forgive each other or try to be friends again. Neither of them had to do it, no matter what they might believe. And quite honestly they probably both know that too deep down. Never forget that neither of them were obligated to do anything. They just mattered enough to one another that they were willing to do those things anyways.


One on One with Tia Mowry-Hardrict!

Tamera’s twin sister stops by to chat it up about all things family, food and fun!

Literally fushimi has never once said that it was all yata’s fault that he chose to leave homra. He’s listed every reason under the sun for leaving but “it’s all your fault” is something that has never left his mouth. He knows it was his choice. And if he’s not saying it neither should anyone else? Because it wasn’t yata’s fault? It wasn’t anyone’s? And once yata understood the truth in ROK he saw that too and said as much. Like fushimi made a choice he was 100% allowed to make as a person and I don’t see why anyone needs to be blamed for that?


Baker, Baker

Tia Mowry teaches us how to make her summer berry crisp! Recipe