Doctor Who episodes | Story: 024 | season 3 [7/10]  
↳ The Celestial Toymaker

“I’m bored. I love to play games but there’s no-one to play against. The beings who call here have no minds, and so they become my toys. But you will become my perpetual opponent. We shall play endless games together, your brain against mine.”

Tamara Karsavina and Vaslav Nijinsky in the ballet Les Sylphides. La Saison Russe a l'Opéra, June 1910. Programme Officiel des Ballets Russes.

The 1910 programme featured newly created pieces, such as Giselle, Les Orientales and Le Carnaval, and previously staged ballets like Le Festin, Les Sylphides and Cléopâtre. The star of the season was Stravinsky’s Firebird. Another piece produced specially for the second season was Schéhérazade, the first true creation of the Ballets Russes.

K drama CD’s

are honestly so wild. Like, none of them are technically canon so you can pick and choose which ones to believe. Some of them you listen to and you’re like yeah that was in character and serious and angsty enough to be canon, I’ll buy it. And then in other ones neko turns into a cow and runs away to join a cow farm or reisi looses his glasses causing him to adopt the personality of a hick.


Some Self Portraits by Women Artists:

  1. Sofonisba Anguissola (Italian, 1530-1625), Self Portrait at the Easel Painting a Devotional Panel, 1556
  2. Judith Leyster (Dutch, 1609-1660), Self Portrait, ca. 1630
  3. Élisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun (French, 1755-1842), Self Portrait in a Straw Hat, after 1782
  4. Marie-Gabrielle Capet (French, 1761-1818), Self Portrait, c. 1783
  5. Zinaida Serebriakova (Russian, 1884-1967), At the Dressing Table - Self Portrait, 1909
  6. Nasta Rojc (Croatian, 1883-1964), Self Portrait, 1912
  7. Tamara de Lempika (Polish, 1898-1980), Self Portrait in the Green Bugatti, 1925
  8. Leonor Fini (Argentine-French, 1908-1996), Self Portrait with Scorpion, 1938
  9. Frida Kahlo (Mexican, 1907-1954), Self Portrait, 1945
  10. Yana Movchan (b. in Kiev, Ukraine, 1971), Beautiful Me (Self Portrait), 2014

fushimi did not follow yata around or purposefully contact him. when he met yata, it was always by coincidence. and if he wasn’t picking a fight with him, fushimi alternated between avidly avoiding seeing, contacting, talking about, or thinking about yata and denying that yata mattered. he avoided yata for a year after mikoto’s death. we are talking about the Grand Master of Avoiding Feelings and Emotional Situations, get real.

My friend @ginzloveslife has been drawing pictures of her AC villagers so I drew a couple of mine! Frida Kahlo and teapot elephant are two of my favorites :)