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Cocachacra, Peru. City Hall, painted green, is left center.

For the past six years, local farmers in Cocachacra have protested and stalled a $1.4 billion copper mine.

In April, three protesters and a police officer were killed in a violent confrontation with the Peruvian military near Cocachacra’s main church. The village remains under martial law. It was eerily quiet, seemingly deserted, when I visited on July 17. Even though the Peruvian government has taken the side of the copper company in this standoff, Peruvian flags flew all over the village. But I noticed something else—an array of pale green flags flying as well. As I came close, I could see they presented another kind of pride—and defiance. 

Image and caption by Justin Catanoso. Peru, 2015.

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anonymous asked:

Babygate was supposed to be about a quick romance, baby and potential wedding. But it turned into a one-night mistake with Louis having no plans to associate with the baby mama.. Well, the narrative changed and now the Jungleworths are trying their best to remain relevant

And you know why the narrative of babygate changed? Because Tamara and that day on Glasto

A handful of you asked for more information about “Baby Tia.” And it is a pretty interesting case:

A July 1992 LIFE magazine article, The Great Divide, reported that Reverend Robert Schenk, member of anti-choice coalition Operation rescue, attended a demonstration outside an abortion clinic in Buffalo, NY, with “Baby Tia”, a 7-inch, gray-tinted and formaldehyde-soaked dead fetus. 

In the escalating madness of the crowd, the fetus was dropped onto the sneaker-trodden street. Authorities arrested Schenk and confiscated the fetus, which was taken to a coroner, only to be identified as an approximately 20-week-old stillborn. 

The article reads, “Many pro-choice supporters in Buffalo are angry about the distance between their reality-what they see in the clinics-and the images the anti-abortionists present as fact. ‘What they are showing to the public is a lie,’ says Joni Ladowski, a nurse at a nearby clinic, as she unfolds a length of gauze. In the center lies what appears to be a clot the size of a peanut. It is a fetus, nine weeks old. ’This is an abortion,’ she says.

[source][magazine article on it with more details]

So basically, this group of anti-choicers led by Reverend Robert Schenk took this 20+ week old fetus to a rally. They wanted to use it to show people what a “real” aborted baby looks like.

When things got a little wild from both sides, they dropped the fetus. The Reverend was arrested. An autopsy was done and they found that this was definitely not an aborted fetus.

So tack that on your list of things anti-choicers lie about.