Where the hell did he get the third shoe

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So, remember how I said I was simultaneously binge watching Steven Universe and Stargate Universe…

I simply couldn’t resist!

I’m not sure on the gem specifics, but I’m leaning towards clear quartz for TJ

The bottom two are gem fusions, Young and Rush on the left, Young and TJ on the right (aka, an unstable fusion versus a stable one lmao)

I’ll probably draw more of these because I am garbage eheheh

Things for Larries to Bear in Mind

1. Chances are EXCELLENT (but not 100%) that the contract with Modest ends 31 December 2015 or thereabout.

2. Modest were the ones previously imposing the visibly harsh closeting (whether at Sony’s directive or not, the tactics are not something we’ve seen from Sony before and they were not smooth and believable as closeting usually is and would have been if Sony was specifically directing the moves). That type of closeting is not happening any longer, whatever the reason, it is DONE.

3. Even if Sony wanted Harry & Louis closeted in the past, “the future is now” and trying to continue marketing 1D as teen idols is passe. Either they want to continue on as mature artists or they want to quit after their Sony contract is up. Either way, the closeting serves no purpose any longer.

4. Harry has had one (semi) confirmed girlfriend in 5 years, Taylor Swift. Louis has had two confirmed girlfriends in 5 years, Hannah and Eleanor. The likelihood of either of them getting a new “confirmed” girlfriend, as opposed to someone they are regularly linked to in the press, but NEVER TALK ABOUT, is pretty much nil at this point. (Has Harry EVER mentioned Nadine’s name? No.)

5. They are happy right now. Things are going well for the band; their careers, and images are doing well after a MAJOR blow to the band/brand and they are about to release their fifth album that they are really excited about because a) it’s as good as or better than FOUR; or b) it’s the 5th of a 6 album deal with Sony and they are almost free.

6. So while no one is asking you to enjoy the chatter about Tamara and Louis (though seriously, she’s cool, anyone I see hating on her gets unfollowed), it would behoove everyone to just shake it off (ha!). Louis isn’t going to be telling parma ham stories about her, she’s just a friend and a name that may be mentioned with his occasionally over the next few months to keep the excitement on this side of the fandom down to manageable levels.

It’s all good folks. Happy Louis and happy Harry (and happy Niall and happy Liam) is what matters, not shady timelines or our desire to see this as the last chapter of a VERY long, angsty fic.

They have a plan, it is clear and obvious, and it’s working. Let them do their jobs. And lets just sit back and enjoy being fans of some lovely young men :)