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I don’t care what your beliefs are on gay marriage, gay people etc, if you fire someone for being gay, refuse them service, refuse them medical help, refuse them help for an emergency, then you, sir/mam, are an asshole. Have some decency. They’re human beings. We’re all human beings. Damn.

this is just a reminder that fanfic writers release content for free, not so that people criticize them or write rude comments about their work. i got a comment on a fic earlier saying that I was a bitch for not ending the fic the way they wanted, and that they demanded a part 2. another reminder that, fic writers can end fics in any way they want. they don’t need to cater to your preferences, as it is their fic. not. yours. if you have such a big problem with it, why don’t you try writing one yourselves and see how difficult it is. writers love getting encouraging comments, it’s what motivates them to write more. comments like these just put them down. so, just remember to respect them and their work.

  • Pepakura Designer (google “pepakura designer code” in order to register the product, there are tons of them floating around)

Here Are Some Scaling Tutorials!!

And Here Is Where You Will Find Your Files:

  • unless your printer uses A4 paper!!

I have gotten a lot of asks about my pepakura helmets(specifically from people wanting to cosplay synnesai’s rvb guns for hire designs) so here’s the first part of the tutorial I made!! Part 2 will take a little longer to make. Sorry theres no pictures of cutting pieces out but you can check my “arts and crap” tag for progress pictures!!

If people want the specific helmet of each character they are as follows:

  • Tex, York, North, South, Wyoming, Wash = Halo 3 MJOLNIR Mark VI Helmet
  • C.T. = Halo 3 EOD Helmet
  • Florida = Halo 3 ODST Helmet
  • 479er = Halo 3 Naval Pilot Helmet
  • Carolina = Halo 3 Rogue Helmet
  • Maine = Halo 3 EVA Helmet
  • Felix = Halo 4 Scout Helmet
  • Locus = Halo 4 Locus Helmet

Hope this helps everyone!!

a few reminders that munakata reisi is an absolute loser
  • was about to buy his niece a law encyclopedia for her birthday. she’s like six.
  • his brother can trample all over him and he totally allows it because he looks up to his older bro so much
  • sat in his office and sewed animal onsies for himself and his clan
  • sewed and wore a sea anemone onesie
  • wanted to wear it to the timeless palace
  • seri got a cow and fushimi a fox btw
  • also was up to sewing plant onesies
  • uses his own selfies to print onto puzzles
  • dug through the trash to find a phone charm to place it back on fushimi’s desk and tell him the next day that the charm must’ve wanted to fulfill its charm goal in life
  • made his entire clan build sandcastles
  • ninja
  • tried to make mikoto buy glasses
  • is blind af
  • bought nose glasses
  • made fushimi put on the nose glasses
  • hosts a talent show at parties
  • made fushimi go fishing with him
  • after reading through an entire manga series about fishing in one day
  • rode a pegasus
  • lectured it on the importance of choosing the right path
  • wears a tiny speedo to the beach
  • most likely annoys zenjou for fun tbh
  • most likely annoys fushimi for fun tbh
  • was literally born like this
Domestic Jeremwood?

-Jeremy is nearly constantly musical. Humming while making breakfast, whistling and jingling keys in the car, scatting in the shower, singing ALL the time.

-Jeremy’s favorite pet name for Ryan is peach. He uses it in text messages all the time. And Ryan goes absolutely red when he does so out loud or in public.

-Ryan cooks dinner and Jeremy cooks breakfast. That’s how its always been. Jeremy lets Ryan sleep in because he knows that Ryan has a hard time resting at night. Any extra sleep he can get wonderful- and to make sure it is restful sleep, Jeremy checks on him every half hour or so. Ryan gets woken with a chaste kiss, the smell of coffee, and the words ‘good morning beautiful’ whispered in his ear.

Ryan makes dinner because Jeremy is EXHAUSTED in the evening when he comes home. He’s usually just back from the gym and he’s been up since well before Ryan had been. Ryan chops veggies and hums along with an infectious smile plastered to his face while he hears Jeremy in the shower up the hall, singing Queen songs. When dinner is ready, Jeremy’s lucky when Ryan helps him get dressed, and even more lucky if Ryan promises to help in out of those clothes right after they’re done eating

-Jeremy likes to do laundry. Socks sorted and matched and all the drawers in the dresser are organized. If he could, he’d color-code Ryan’s closet. He switches summer shorts out for long pants and hoodies when the weather changes. He loathes when people like Ryan wear clothes out of season, like Santa sweaters in January (”I was cold, its a sweater, why should it matter what’s on it?” “Take off the jolly fat man sweater and no one gets hurt.”). Ryan doesn’t give a fuck as long as he’s wearing clothes. He will wear clothes he left over the back of chairs (“It’s cleanish!”) his style is rarely more than a t-shirt and jeans unless Jeremy helps him. 

-Ryan likes floors clean. Something about seeing his face in the sparkling hardwood gives him peace. So he mops and vacuums and buffs and puts those little cap things on furniture feet so they dont scuff, and TRIES not to kill Jeremy when he comes home with wet/muddy shoes or when Jeremy spills  things and doesn’t mop it up right away. or when their cat claws into the rugs, purring and happily high with cat nip.

-Yes they have three cats. Ryan plays with them with laser toys and jingly balls and encourages them to chase each other. Jeremy prefers to sit with them quietly and pet them while he works or reads. Jeremy feeds them little scraps of people food and Ryan disapproves. But Jeremy disapproves of Ryan getting the cats to chase each other around the house and climbing their shelves, knocking off anything they nuzzle against.

-Jeremy is a in the shower for five minutes kind of guy unless he’s been at the gym. But either way he’s still out in less then ten minutes usually. He sings and enjoys the water on splurge days but mostly he washes his hair and body and is out. His water is always ridiculously hot, Jeremy is fucking pink when he comes out. Ryan takes a literal life time in the shower. He spends a lot of time thinking and willing his muscles to relax. But his showers icy. Jeremy sometimes will feel compelled to cuddle with him, just to warm up his extremities again.

-They both grocery shop. Ryan coupons like a motherfucker though. Jeremy shops sales. They thumb wrestle to determine who gets to pick out the chips or sweets that week and the loser gets a kiss.

-They like to go biking in the park on the weekend in the summer. Its leisurely and relaxed and they use that time to talk. About nature, about each other, thoughts they’ve had or work or just to ride in silence and enjoy each other’s company.

-Road trips make Jeremy anxious. He can’t stand to be in the same small place for so long. Because of this they take breaks all the time. Ryan always pretends like its him that wants to take a break or get a snack at a gas station while Jeremy stretches a little. Because he’s a little claustrophobic, Ryan lets Jeremy sleep on the edge of the bed away from the wall and tries to give them the aisle seat when they go out. 

-Windows are always down in the car. Ryan hates it. It messes up his hair.

-Jeremy doesnt mind when Ryan’s hair is messed up because that means he can help fix it. Jeremy wants nothing more than to pet it, style it, put it up, brush it out, braid it, anything Ryan will let him. He often brushes it for Ryan and if he’s lucky Ryan will let him curl or straighten it. He’s still trying to convince Ryan to let him dye his hair though.

-Ryan likes to touch Jeremy. No you dont understand. Like he loves to trace over the muscles, the lines, the veins. He has a passion for Jeremy’s anatomy. He wants to memorize every freckle and curve and shadow on his skin until Jeremy is always with him in his memory. He draws Jeremy a lot. A sketch book full of Jeremy in different clothes. Or just portrait shots drawn from his shoulders up of pouting, smiling, laughing, blushing Jeremy faces. Its a little extreme but Jeremy knows that each new pictures is another way Ryan says I love you.

-The cats curl up with them and they all watch a bedtime movie, they alternate every night picking except for Sunday when they watch marathons of a shared interest tv show or just science documentaries. Jeremy lays facing Ryan but will turn over a lot in his sleep, by morning he will be facing away with one leg hanging off the bed and the pillows on the ground. Ryan won’t hardly move all night. He lays on his back holding Jeremy to his chest, hands rubbing up and down Jeremy’s back. He sleeps with one pillow but also has to have a stuffed animal cow somewhere on the bed.

-Jeremy sings softly at bedtime. And Ryan nearly purrs at the noise. Jeremy fights to stay awake to make sure Ryan falls asleep safely. Sometimes he succeeds, sometimes not so much. Ryan sleeps better when Jeremy’s asleep first anyway. His calm slow breathing helps remind Ryan that he’s not alone and makes it easier to drift into the darkness.

Feel free to add more.


  • rude
  • sarcastic/prickly
  • insensitive
  • grumpy/gloomy
  • closed off
  • hard to get along with
  • sometimes utterly indifferent
  • angry
  • bitter abt many things
  • sore loser
  • violent
  • always seeing the worst possible outcome, total glass half empty
  • puts up fronts
  • dishonest when feelings are involved (stop taking his word for things)
  • hard time controlling his mouth at times, especially when feeling weak

not fushimi:

  • an abuser
  • a manipulator
  • a malicious dickweed
  • puppy murderer
  • a real life psycho
  • mean to kids
  • hateful of the entire world and would see it burn
  • a traitor
  • controlling
  • a sadist (not talking about the sexy kind)
  • disloyal
  • a show off
  • no concern for others


  • angry
  • reckless/impatient (pls make a plan not everything will go that well)
  • rude
  • insensitive
  • single-minded
  • closed minded/biased
  • not always concientious of damage wrought
  • loses control easily
  • forceful
  • violent
  • sore loser
  • bad at understanding things (aka a lil dense)
  • doesn’t always have a good grasp of the truth (stop taking his word for things)
  • runs his mouth, zero control
  • hard to get along with

not yata:

  • an abuser
  • scared innocent little forest animal
  • incapable of self thought or making own decisions
  • needs his hand held for all things
  • just a thug
  • malicious dickweed
  • mean to kids
  • a raging animal all the time
  • entire characterization dissolved to “stupid”
  • no emotions other than angry
  • submissive or obedient
  • no concern for others

that’s obviously not all their traits, or even all their hangups, but the point is that while they both have a loooong way to go as people, they are NOT any of those things that I listed. 

Tia’s appreciation and Crew post ;D

((Special thanks to @hharukas for the gif & allowing me to use it! I needed my kaijou bbys in this special edition version :D))

So I’ve decided to do this differently for the end of the year post. Cause there’s so many of you who’ve made me happy these past few months, since I first joined the KNB fandom. A lot of you have inspired me to write, and it ended up making me so happy people enjoy my work. ((I’m still improving my work so…))

Honestly, so many of you have been amazing and crazy supportive. And when I first joined the fandom, I was such a chicken. KNB is the first sports anime I’ve watched, so it was a change from fandoms like Naruto & Bleach. But, I’m really glad I gave it a chance. 

This appreciation post will be split into a few different sections, so I guess let’s get this underway!

The waifu (& the first person to welcome me into the fandom with open arms)


The senpai: (& the one who deals with me on a regular basis *coughsinagherallthetimecoughs*)


The Crew: (Ones I talk to on a regular basis and got to know very well *bold are mutuals*)

@mistletoe-kise, @akayay-akaslay, @turnaboutdiana, @annalovesfiction, @aizens-bae, @seijuromikoshiba, @thecrazycyborggirl, @narubabe, @narootos, @ahonime, @anniecrow, @steivonnie, @gibbythesecond, @twilimidnaz, @allweneedisaokaga, @alwaysdrowninginfeels, @vies-et-reves, @msmakorra, @minghuaghazan, @murasakibaraaa, @veraxi, @aominedaigay, @akeiji, @kachimatsu, @kkeijis, @angie-bo-bangiee, @kasamatsu-yukios, @kasamatsuuuu, @4nimenut, @lovely-mettaton, @akaaschi, @skull-fracture, @miffythoughts, @mitskicchi, @incorrectknb, @haikyuunobasuke, @hyakurai649, @courtingstars, @blackstormbsvp, @ramenrulz8p, @official-sokka, @zuzuthecheerbender, @sammmtacular, @kyohrus, @shuu-nii, @talesofakat, @seijuus-bae

The Writers: (blogs I look up to and use for motivation)

@limitlessmonster, @kaijoskopycat, @kurokonoaskuburogu, @kisekinodrabbles, @kisekinodreams, @imagining-with-knb @basketbaes-imagines, @knb-side-dorks, @knb-writing, @proseandsongs, @volleybird-headcanons, @knb-inspirations, @teikovermybody, @storiesofknb, @kisekinoscenarios

The artists: (The ones who make graphics/fantastic art pieces :3)

@drawverylittle, @maosstuff, @seiirins, @fyeahsportsanime, @kaikazecchi, @snakeyhoho, @viria, @jetzui, @carolinahearts, @sabtastique, @sakimichan, @merysedits, @na-ruu, @kiiyoshi, @hharukas

Once again, thanks everyone for being so amazing and supportive! (Obviously several of you fall under more than one category, but I did it based off my knowledge xD. Also, I’m too lazy to actually alphabetize these lists. So..)

I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas and New Year!


sorry theres been such a wait between part 1 and part 2!!! also sorry for uploading this at 4 in the morning i hope this helps anyone looking to make halo helmets!! if you have any questions feel free to ask me and i will see if i can help!!

im making these helmets for my gfh cosplays, designed by the lovely synnesai, so i hope these tutorials help anyone else who wants to cosplay her designs!!

*EDIT* link to part 1

fun facts about fushimi’s betrayal
  • it wasn’t fushimi’s idea. he chose one of the options laid out for him but none of those options were his idea
  • he was originally going to refuse munakata just on the principle that he was a red clansman and couldn’t just up and leave
  • mikoto was right there when fushimi made his choise, gave him permission to choose, and approved the choice after he made it
  • fushimi went right to the bar the next day assumably to tell kusanagi, totsuka, and maybe even mikoto face-to-face that he was going and to hash out the details (anna found out too)
  • he wanted to ask anna to apologize to kusanagi for him for the trouble but didn’t want a message like that to be passed through someone else and thought it’d be meaningless
  • he wanted to be the one to talk to yata about it himself instead of letting him hear it from someone else
  • from what he told anna, it didn’t sound like he was planning on his talk with yata ending as badly as it did (how it devolved from a talk into third degree burns idk)
  • essentially there was very little actual betraying going on

Peoples giant text posts about what questions not to ask the Grumps are not gonna work. People will ask dumb or cringy or too personal questions. They will not even see your post or care. Obviously no one listened and they asked them anyways. They really need to screen these questions. Idk why Grump fans are so damn embarrassing.