tia pregnant


El Clásico Baby *Gareth Bale Imagine* For Hannah


“Hannah, are you sure you’re going to be okay here left with Tia?” Gareth asked for the umpteenth time

I chuckled, “Gareth I’ll be fine, just go if anything happens we’ll call” I said

He sighed, and kissed my lips. Coming down to eye level he gave me a serious face. “Hannah, what if you go into labor? I’m not going to be here and it’s El Clasico I probably won’t even get there” He said

I grabbed his hands, and gave him a smile. “Gareth, listen you go and play your game. Play it for me and for Kaden, alright if I do end up going into labor I’m not going to deliver right away you know. So go and play”

He smiled, and looked towards Tia my little sister. “Tia, please call me if anything happens”

She nodded, and did a mock salute. Gareth laughed, and left not before looking back one more time. “Doesn’t it suck you can’t go to the game? You’ve gone to everyone since you were a kid. It’s like breaking a tradition” Tia said laying on the floor.

I chuckled, “It’s not breaking tradition, I’m still watching the game. And I’m pregnant so it’s fine with me”

She shook her head. “Well, let’s order some food. Whatcha craven?” She asked pulling out her phone

I thought about it, “Maybe some pizza, Ice Cream!”

She nodded, and called our older sister Jen. “What do you want now Tia? I just saw you” She said

“Well it’s for your pregnant sister” Tia answered

“HANNAH! Oh I’m sorry what’s up?”

“Can you bring me a Pizza and Ice Cream” I said

“Sure I’ll be right over”

“Thank You” We said in unison

Tia hung up and I turned on the TV. The guys were just warming up and I could see Gareth looking around, for someone. When he finally found one of the trainers he talked to them about something.

And that’s when the camera panned to Cristiano. “Oh!My Baby Daddy!” Tia said

I looked at her, “You do realize he has a kid, and I don’t think he’s looking for a young Step-Mom” I said laughing

“A girl can only dream, look at you and Gareth”

I chuckled, and rubbed my tummy. I could feel Kaden, moving around an it really hurt. He was kicking me. I was nearly close to falling asleep, when Jen walked in the house. “I’ve brought the pizza and ice cream” She said

We chuckled, and Tia shared out pizza. “Now it’s time for the games to begin, who’s going for Barca?” Tia asked looking around

“There’s nothing wrong with Barca, I’m friends with Rafaella and Antonella and they’re both lovely people” I said

“So you’re for Barca?”

I rolled my eyes. “Whatever Tia, who are you going for?”

“Well, I love me some Cristiano so Madrid. And you Jen?”

“It really doesn’t matter to me”

The game was just about to start, and we all sat around the TV. Karim and Cristiano had the ball, and kicked it. The game went into action, all the boys having a touch on the ball. I began having these little cramps.

They weren’t bad, just tiny cramps. “You okay Hannah?” Jen asked turning to me

“Yeah, I’m good”

As the boys passed, the ball they were getting so close to that goal. And finally boom! Gareth in the top left corner! Tia, Jen and I cheered. But it ended quickly because another one of those mini cramps hit.

Tia and Jen looked over to me. “You okay?”

“Yeah, it’s just a mini cramp I’m gonna go get some water and be back” I said getting up

I was in the kitchen when, I felt something wet. Kind of like I was peeing it felt really weird. “Dude, Hannah did you just pee yourself?” Tia asked

“No, I was just-Holy Shit!” I said as it hit me

“You’re going into labor!” Jen said excitedly

I looked at her. “WHAT!”

“It’s time come on let’s go!”

I was kind of frozen, as Tia and Jen went around the house getting the baby bag and putting the food away. Just as Tia opened the door, Jen put an arm around my shoulder and guided me towards the door. “Jen, I can’t do this. I can’t give birth, what if I die?” I rushed out

She laughed, “Hannah, you’re going to be fine trust me”

I was freaking out on the inside, and by the time we got in the car I was going crazy. “I’m going to meet my Nephew!” Tia said in the back

We laughed, and that’s when the real pain hit. I felt the massive cramps, the contractions! Jesus they hurt like a bitch! “Jen just speed up!” I yelled grabbing the seat belt.

“But I’m going to get a ticket” She said

“You guys should’ve let me drive” Tia said from the back


She looked at me, and then sped up. When we reached the hospital, I was put in a wheel chair, and taken into a room. My clothes changed, and I was on the bed. The pain was getting worse and I couldn’t stand it.

“Hey Babes how we doing in here?” Tia asked coming in

“I just want Kaden out of me!” I groaned

Her and Jen, chuckled and sat on the couch. The doctor came in a few minutes later and said I was ready to push the little bugger out of me. And just as I was about to I suddenly remembered Gareth.

“Okay Mrs. Bale you can start-”

“Wait! Did anyone call Gareth?” I asked

Tia looked at Jen, “I did he’s on his way, they subbed him out” Jen said

I nodded, “How far away is he?” I asked gripping the bed

“Probably like 10 minutes now, unless he drives at his old Grandma speed” Tia said

“10 MINUTES! Jesus I’m going to murder him”

“Um I know you’d like to wait for the Father Mrs.Bale but this baby is ready to come out, and right now” The Doctor spoke up

“Sir you don’t understand, the Father is Gareth Bale and he’d very much like to be here for the birth of his first child”Tia said

His eyes, somewhat bugged out. “If that’s what you want to do, it’s not advised but we can-“

“Alright I’m here, I’m sweaty but I’m here!” Gareth said breathing up and down

“You changed your clothes?” I asked

“Well yeah, I’m meeting my son for the first time I don’t want to be sweaty and in a kit” He said shrugging

The girls laughed, “Alright well then let’s have this baby” The Doctor said

Now let me tell you, that birth was the worst thing I went through. I think I almost broke Gareth’s hand, it was that red. I kept yelling at him, things I never thought I’d say to him. But it was completely worth it because we had an El Clasico baby.

And Real Madrid ended up winning that game, and later the guys all stopped by to see the blue eyed Kaden.