tia jennifer

Twitches (2005)

Disney Channel Original Movie #61

The final DCOM before the High School Musical (and Hannah Montana) era began, Twitches is also the last good Halloween movie starring people who I was already nostalgic to see. It was literally the end of an era, since in 2006, Disney Channel changed their model, and started heavily pushing for all of their actors to be singers as well. They also started making all of their DCOM’s feature the kids already in their tv shows. We can call this the “Garbage Era.” In the final good movie, Tia and Tamara, from Sister, Sister, play twin witches from another dimension who were separated at birth and reunited on their 21st birthday. It’s literally the same plot from the show they were in, but with magic powers involved. They have to save their home dimension and themselves from “the Darkness.”

Rating: C. They made a sequel 2 years later and I don’t even remember the plot.