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Before you shit on Silver and Madi being together romantically on Black Sails just consider that Long John Silver, one of the single most iconic pirate characters ever written, has always had a wife of African descent!!! and in the 183 years since it was written ONLY ONE other adaptation, not even THE ORIGINAL, has ever shown a Black woman respect before now! If her character is not completely erased or overwritten, it was suggested that there was no conceivable possibility that he actually loved her or that she could possibly be attractive or desirable simple because she was Black. So, nope, sorry, it isn’t progressive to ignore her just to ship him with a man. It’s incredible that Madi Scott even exists as a character, let alone that she is shown to be loved and integral to the storyline and Silver’s character in this show. If you erase that for a ship between two white men you’re literally not more “progressive” than Robert Louis Stevenson, who in the 17th century wasn’t even homophobic, but was certainly racist. Don’t erase Madi as Silver’s love interest, it’s disgusting.  

Prompt: Andreil using pet names when they’re on the court, when they’re still with the foxes, and then when they’re on opposing teams. But they sound really aggressive and threatening.

For the ever so lovely @theravenhunters 

I’m already crying \

  • you might think that im gonna go the “Sweetheart!”, “Darling!” or “Love!” route
    • no
  • you might think im gonna go the “Fucker!”, “Shithead”, or “ Dickwad!” route
    • no
  • I’m gonna go the “Josten!”, “Abram!”, “Minyard” and “Drew!” route
  • That is not to say they don’t use more traditional pet names, but for the sake of appearances, they use their surnames and nicknames as pet names disguised as insults 
  • Confused? Me too. Kinda, Not really. Hear me out  
  • Think Andrew at his usual goalie spot at a game, Neil makes an impossible goal, he gets within hearing distance of Andrew, who proceeds to sneer something along the lines of, “What? Is that all you got, Josten?” 
    • And Neil freezes, bc the only time Andrew’s called him that was on the roof, alone, without an audience, hushed, intimate, and he’s thrown for a loop bc what does that mean??
    • Andrew’s got a look in his eyes and Neil gets it, Andrew’s not being mean, he’s telling him he did a good job, that he’s proud of him, but anyone listening in wouldn’t have a clue 
  • And so it begins 
  • With the Foxes, it only took a few months for them to catch on 
    • when Andrew would glare at any of them for calling Neil “Josten”
    • or when Neil would freeze when Andrew called him “Nate” softly
    • or the way Andrew’s shoulders would slowly fall when Neil called him “Drew” 
  • When they’re on their own teams, it’s a little different. It becomes known as the “Minyard-Josten Rivalry” 
  • Everyone just thinks they really hate each other, and them being the little shits they are, know exactly what they’re doing 
    • “Can’t even make a goal to save your life, can you Josten
    • “You’re one to talk Minyard, you couldn’t save a goal if your life depended on it.”
    • “I’m gonna make you regret your words, Nate.” (Oh, he will)
    • “Bring it, Drew” (He knows full well Andrew’s gonna keep his promise) 
  • Worse? Better? still, when they’re on the same team 
    • “Minyard, would you be a dear, and actually do your damn job!?”
    • “Careful, darling, you piss me off any more, I might have to.” (no not that job) 
  • Howww about 
    • “What the shit was that Drew!?” (Andrew’s cradling a bloody fist from a fight with an opposing striker)
    • “Mind your own goddamned business, Josten.” 
      • Translation: 
        • “Are you alright, love?” 
        • “I’ll be ok, babe” 

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Gaaaawd you gave that anon the idea of teacher/student Reylo fics and that's what I live for. I've read The Hierophant, greeeat stuff. If you could rec me some more I'll love you forever. Tia!

Hehehe I can do that for you.

Respite  by @waterlilyrose

The Hierophant Reversed by @sanctuarytrin you said you read the Hierophant but have you read the sequel?

Spellbound by @randomreylo

Epithumia by Pontmercy

Sanctuary by @terapid

A blessed unrest

So profoundly lonely

Your skin is sugar

Professor Ren

And is it totally tacky to rec my own fic. Because I’m just gonna leave this here….

Fortune and Glory

A Guide to Being a Good Reader

Hello, it’s your friendly neighbourhood Tia here to bring joy and serve tea even though you in no way, shape or form asked for it! Your writing style is amazing. Just wanted to get that out of the way because I know I sound like a broken record with me constantly launching into crazy spiels about how much I love it so bear with me because boy do I have a lot to say.

Firstly, WRITING IS SUBJECTIVE THAT’S WHY IT’S CALLED AN ART AND NOT A SCIENCE. Writing isn’t defined by a structure or laws that are set in stone, it’s an art form based on content and intent mean to provoke and invoke. There’s a reason certain writing appeal to certain people, and that’s because they have preferences. If someone enjoys the episodic structure and futuristic aesthetic of Star Wars and another person prefers the thrilling chase and classic cheesiness of and Indiana Jones flick it doesn’t mean either one has to suck for one to prevail. It’s subjective and putting anything down because it doesn’t suit you is ridiculous. Not liking something =/= it’s bad

Second, SHOW SOME CLASS AND KEEP NASTY, UNCONSTRUCTIVE COMMENTS TO YOURSELF OR OFF THE RADAR. This is easy: nothing nice to say? Tell it to someone who cares- or better yet, don’t, because it might be a couple of letters on the keyboard bit to a writer who’s poured their heart and soul in to it it’s devastating. On the other hand, constructive criticism is always welcome. Authors, much like any content creator, loves to improve their craft, so a gentle nudge in the right direction would not only be helpful, but very much appreciated. Talking smack on the Internet? Not so much.

Third, if you no matter how hard you try, you take away nothing from this post and plan to proceed with your dumbassery, please note that I toss people for sport and I have no qualms catapulting the next person I see doing shit like this to a neighbouring galaxy.

tldr; talk shit get hit

This has been a PSA.

Finally, MY Tia…I love her so much…

Thank you @kotiij for your help, inspiration, and kindness (and that list lol), thank you to @catsblob for the poses and generally just being cool. thank you to @abundanceofpixels for you aop lookbook challenge that inspired me in the first place, thank you to @smellslikepixeldolls for the inspiration ( God you’re good lol), Thank you to @acoldcoffeebean for your kindness, thank you to @pralinesims, I’m pretty sure your make up and accessories are all I ever really need. Over all, thank you to the simblr community that has been so welcoming, friendly and inspirational. 

jimin; stay with you

❝jimin makes you feel better just by being here with you
►655 words // mini scenario, sugardaddy!jimin
♡ for my love @sinnamonleader whom i scream at most of the time but deep down i love her (shh you didn’t read that tia)

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When Jimin steps through the door, he’s greeted with a familiar sight. It enters his line of vision with an oversized sweater and messy hair; a figure sprawled on the sofa with a blanket following your movements and it rests over your hips. Not only that, the abundance of used tissues along with a couple of boxes by the coffee table, a tub of ice cream emptied because Jimin knows you’re able to finish a pint on one go as a substitute for dinner - ah… Jimin knows how to deal with this.

He sets his things aside, careful as the keys create a clink when met with the glass surface. His wallet and briefcase accompanies his belongings before he strips his coat off and tosses it to the rack, well-aware after numerous observations, it doesn’t make much of a noise. Before he approaches you, he decides to make a turn to the bedroom; ridding of his dress up shirt for a loose tee that he notices you fancy snuggling against him when he has it on along with his boxers lining his waist.

With a light hair ruffle he gives himself, something about being home, in comfort, he stalks out of the room and into the one where you’re in. Occupying the sofa on your own, Jimin gets to his knees and hesitates to wake you up but he knows, you’d be twice as grumpy if he doesn’t. 

Pressing his lips together, he places one hand by the arm rest beside your head, the other smoothening over the blanket wrapping your lower half and he subconsciously pushes it away so he can crawl his fingers underneath, meeting your skin when you opt for a pair of shorts. Giving your thigh a soft squeeze, he coos your name, and it’s only two times before you grunt to a wake with the calling of his name.

That’s when Jimin starts to smile again, especially when you know it’s him on the get-go (well, it is his house but hey he won’t say anything now) and the way you move without any hesitations. Jimin prepares himself by finding leverage with his legs folded under him and he spreads his legs a bit more to make it easier for you to crawl on him when you slide from the sofa. Automatically, you’ve mould yourself against him, thighs encasing his own, tired limbs spiraling around his neck and you’ve locked it tight when your wrists cross over one another and your face presses to the junction between his jawline and his shoulder.

“Had a bad day?” Jimin murmurs, kissing the side of your head gently as his hand threads through your hair, the other wrapped around your figure to keep you close to him despite already being so. “Mm…” You hum, and Jimin heaves your weight on him effortlessly, standing on his feet but not quite moving as he questions, “Want to talk about it?”

All you do is shake your head and hug him tighter, to which he obliges when you answer in a cracked whisper, “Just stay with me,”

He tucks you closer to him as he heads back to the bedroom and doesn’t say a thing. Everything you could possibly need for him to make you feel better is already being done without him being told. He lays you down on ‘your’ side of the bed and he follows in, not leaving you wait for too long because then you’d start to make grabby hands with a whine of Jiminie

Not going to lie, he does it sometimes just to see that but he finds today shouldn’t be one of those days. He sighs upon letting his back meet the soft mattress and it coaxes to his sore muscles. But nothing compares to the way you slot yourself in his embrace and smoothly slip your arms around his waist, pressing your face to his chest.

Writer appreciation post

I’m on mobile, so this is probably going to be small, and I may forget people because I’m a dumbass . But I wanted to give a shout out to those people I know who are amazing and talented writers.

You guys have inspired me as well as many others to keep on writing, and it’s a blessing to have met you lovely people! Thank you for being super sweet and awesome! Don’t ever change okay ?

@knbaes-n-bakas , @knb-writing , @oi-aokaga , @anniecrow , @kasamatsu-yukios , @limitlessmonster , @kaijoskopycat , @basketbaes-imagines , @basingtei , @wingroad , @kisekinodrabbles , @kurokonoaskuburogu , @kurokosbasketbaes, @kisekinodreams , @kisekinoscenarios , @kiseki-no-trash , @knb-author , @knb-side-dorks , @cilcaro, @imagining-with-knb , @courtingstars, @tetsucchin

All of you are amazing and I just can’t express my gratitude enough. Thank you !

listen to me

tsukishima is a little shit. yamaguchi is a little shit. they are little shits together and i could not be more pleased. friends that you can safely be a little assholey with together are the best ok? those are the friends that stay together forever.

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If you really wanna see an au with the Espada adjusting to the human world, there's an Ulquihime fic And We'll Love And We'll Hope where Grimm Tia and Ulqui come back and get sent to the human world. They have to be normal high schoolers and it's pretty funny but not super fluffy either

I’m going to have to check it out then! I’m a sucker for human world AUs! Also I love Tia and never see enough for her, thank you for the suggestion <3

To the now blocked anon that decided to send a message cussing me out and tossing out death threats because I “lied” about Natalia being friends with Gen, here’s some tweets back when Gen wasn’t fake and she and Natalia were as close as family. Wonder what happened…oh, yeah, Gen got jealous and formed a friendship with the most openly homophobic family.

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First Girl *Neymar imagine *


“Can you stop worrying” I said

“How can I stop worrying? You’re going to have a baby any minute now and you’re telling me not to worry?! How are you not worrying?” He asked pacing around the hospital room

I chuckled, “Neymar, I don’t know about you but I’ve been prepared for this. I’m all good” I said

Neymar stopped pacing and looked at me, “There’s no way you could’ve prepared for this”

I nodded, “I am you see whose the one freaking out here? It’s you I’m ready, trust me”

Neymar dropped himself down on the couch, Davi was sitting on the other side of the room watching TV. “Davi are you freaking out like Pai?” I asked him

“No, Pai’s being silly” He said

That made me burst out into laughter. Looking at Neymar he just looked stunned that Davi even said that, “What’s all the laughing for?” Rafaella asked as she made her way inside.

When I finished laughing, I explained to her what was happening and she just like I had died of laughter. After a while the doctor  came inside, a smile on his face. “So Mrs. Da Silva let’s check and see if you are ready to give birth” He said

I nodded, and he went and checked. “Okay well you are actually ready to give birth, so if we could have only one person in here and then afterwards you guys can come back in” He said turning to Rafaella, Neymar and Davi

“I’ll take Davi and look around the hospital” Rafaella said

We nodded and the two of them left. “How did you not have any pain?” Neymar asked

I chuckled, “You do realize you’re talking to the girl who got cleated in the face and still wanted to play the game, I can take pain” I said

He laughed, “Yeah right, you’re the one who freaks out when there’s a needle involved”

I stuck my tongue at him, “Shut up”

He laughed, and after a great deal of pushing and yelling at Neymar we welcomed our little girl. “And you say you take pain well” He said

I gave him a look, and threw my head back. “Mr. & Mrs. Da Silva here is your baby girl” The doctor said handing the baby to Neymar first

A smile made its way onto my face, “So what’s the name?”I asked him

He just smiled down at the baby, “Natalia” He said looking up at him

“I like it”

He smiled, “Our little Natalia”

He handed me Natalia, and then brought a chair closer to the hospital bed. Rafaella walked in with Davi who was excited, to see Natalia. Rafaella came around standing on the other side a smile on her face, as a some tears came out. “She’s so beautiful guys” She said

“I wanna see” Davi said sitting on Neymar’s lap

We chuckled, and Rafaella handed Natalia to me. Davi sat up more and looked at her, “She’s tiny” He commented

I nodded, “Davi this is your little sister now” Neymar said

Davi turned to look at him, “What’s her name?”


“Talia” Davi repeated

We all kept our eyes on Natalia, she had her eyes opened looking up. After a while, Rafaella took Davi back to the house while Neymar stayed with me.

You know I think he thought I was sleeping because, when Natalia woke up he went to her. Picking her up and cradling her in his arms, making sure she wouldn’t cry. “You know Natalia, Pai’s going to be gone a lot when you get older. I’m not leaving, I’m just going to work. Pai play’s futebol it’s one of the best things in my life, besides Mae and Davi”

I smiled, listening to him. “You’re going to love your Mae and Davi, and your Tia Rafa. I know they already love you more than anything, I know I do. So much that I don’t ever want to let you go”

“When you get older, Pai’s going to take you and Davi all over the place. I promise, and we’ll have lot’s and lot’s of fun together”

And this continued for another hour. Neymar explaining everything to our daughter, and showing her that we really do love her.

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Celestia and Discord. Who confessed to who? By the way: YOU ARE AMAZING *uses royal cantelot voice to emphasize amazingness*

Discord of course! The lord of Chaos has a reputation to keep, after all (and his little sister-in-law wouldn’t miss the opportunity if such happened).

We all know Discord isn’t the kind of guy that likes to do simple things, no, he must always do a flamboyant spectacle. And his confession to Celestia was no different. So, one day he made up his mind about telling the princess his feelings for her. He dressed his most…extravagant (and eye-bleeding colorful) outfit and waltzed into her study room in the most awkwardly sexy manner you can imagine. He approached the princess’s table, said “Hey ‘Tia, I have something important to tell you.”, and with a snap of his fingers fireworks were shot all over the room and formed the words “I love you, Tia. Wanna go out on a date?”. Celestia, of course was very confused, and thought this was another of his bad humor jokes. But when Discord bent over her table and whispered, “I’m serious, princess.” with a firm tone she realized it wasn’t a joke and leaned up unexpectedly to give him a kiss.

T-Thank you very much! I think I’m deaf right now but thank you! XD