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Prompt: Andreil using pet names when they’re on the court, when they’re still with the foxes, and then when they’re on opposing teams. But they sound really aggressive and threatening.

For the ever so lovely @theravenhunters 

I’m already crying \

  • you might think that im gonna go the “Sweetheart!”, “Darling!” or “Love!” route
    • no
  • you might think im gonna go the “Fucker!”, “Shithead”, or “ Dickwad!” route
    • no
  • I’m gonna go the “Josten!”, “Abram!”, “Minyard” and “Drew!” route
  • That is not to say they don’t use more traditional pet names, but for the sake of appearances, they use their surnames and nicknames as pet names disguised as insults 
  • Confused? Me too. Kinda, Not really. Hear me out  
  • Think Andrew at his usual goalie spot at a game, Neil makes an impossible goal, he gets within hearing distance of Andrew, who proceeds to sneer something along the lines of, “What? Is that all you got, Josten?” 
    • And Neil freezes, bc the only time Andrew’s called him that was on the roof, alone, without an audience, hushed, intimate, and he’s thrown for a loop bc what does that mean??
    • Andrew’s got a look in his eyes and Neil gets it, Andrew’s not being mean, he’s telling him he did a good job, that he’s proud of him, but anyone listening in wouldn’t have a clue 
  • And so it begins 
  • With the Foxes, it only took a few months for them to catch on 
    • when Andrew would glare at any of them for calling Neil “Josten”
    • or when Neil would freeze when Andrew called him “Nate” softly
    • or the way Andrew’s shoulders would slowly fall when Neil called him “Drew” 
  • When they’re on their own teams, it’s a little different. It becomes known as the “Minyard-Josten Rivalry” 
  • Everyone just thinks they really hate each other, and them being the little shits they are, know exactly what they’re doing 
    • “Can’t even make a goal to save your life, can you Josten
    • “You’re one to talk Minyard, you couldn’t save a goal if your life depended on it.”
    • “I’m gonna make you regret your words, Nate.” (Oh, he will)
    • “Bring it, Drew” (He knows full well Andrew’s gonna keep his promise) 
  • Worse? Better? still, when they’re on the same team 
    • “Minyard, would you be a dear, and actually do your damn job!?”
    • “Careful, darling, you piss me off any more, I might have to.” (no not that job) 
  • Howww about 
    • “What the shit was that Drew!?” (Andrew’s cradling a bloody fist from a fight with an opposing striker)
    • “Mind your own goddamned business, Josten.” 
      • Translation: 
        • “Are you alright, love?” 
        • “I’ll be ok, babe” 

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Tia had to start from scratch on her school project, but she was lucky enough that Ollie decided to drop in, and agreed to help her out. Ollie was good with her hands, good at fixing things, and always managed to produce the best projects in their grade.

“How come I always seem to be roped into your projects?” she asked Tia, who grinned.

“Because I am your best friend and you love me and would do anything for me, right?”

Ollie rolled her eyes.

Aspen had forced Matty to help her as well, as punishment for ruining Tia’s project in the first place, and the three of them worked for the most part of Saturday afternoon to get it finished before they were able to hit the city for the evening.

Rules: Use the prompt to write a scene or short story. 

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Prompt: “I’ll shoot. I mean, you thought I actually loved you?”


“I’ll shoot.” 

Kay froze in place, stiff as a statue but for the locks of dark hair that slipped out from behind her over-sized ears. Her outstretched arm trembled, but she did not dare pull it back. “Ya woul’na. Ya - ya took me in! Ya gave me clothes and foods an’ - an’ –” She stumbled over the words until they collapsed in her mouth.

“You… you thought I loved you?” Tia scoffed. The tip of her long barreled gun lifted the fell the slightest bit. “You? A slimy little, filthy-fingered thief! I took you as an experiment, to see which of my prized treasures you would decide to filch. And now – now I know.” Her finger tightened around the trigger. “Step away from the cookie jar.”

This was it. Now or never.

Kay drew in a sharp breath. “Ya gotsa kill me for you’ll take my chocola’e chip!” She shoved her hand into the jar.

The marshmallow gun whirled to life, put-put-put’s sounding as the extra large white balls of sugar smacked into Kay’s body. She shrieked with glee, shielding her face with a plate-sized chocolate chip cookie. 

Tia laughed malevolently. Tossing the gun on the counter, she scooped up Kay and wiggled her fingers into the girl’s stomach, distracting her just long enough to snatch the cookie away and set it off to the side. “I love you, but those are for after diner.” 

Kay grumbled. “Wha’ bou’ Marshmallows?” 

“… You can have two.”

thecodekeeper  asked:

pirates of the caribbean

     TIA DALMA / CALYPSO. I don’t think that I have to explain to anyone who follows this blog why Tia Dalma is one of the best characters in the entire POTC franchise, but a few of my favorite things about her are her charm, wit and wisdom. ( I also want her to step on me. ) Despite the rage inside of her that we see more clearly at the end of the trilogy, she remains humble, magnetic and helpful, until Barbossa locks her in the brig of the Pearl after being a Supremely Creepy Fuckboi, as usual. She’s just as emotional as Davy Jones, though perhaps not as openly. Even in her state of being bound to a human form, the only time that she shows true heartache is when Will reveals to her that Jones was the one who taught the Brethren Court how to imprison her.

     I would love to explore pre-film interactions with her, especially with Jack and Barbossa, as well as Davy Jones while still in her goddess form.     

     SAO FENG. I say this literally all of the time, but why does nobody currently write Sao Feng? He was terrifying in every appearance he made in At World’s End, but for some reason, no one seems to feel the burning desire to flesh out this menacing, long-nailed guy. Not only is he a well-respected captain, but also an apparently skilled businessman, able to build an empire in Singapore while securing a legendary reputation for his ruthlessness. I don’t know about anyone else, but this gives me major ideas for a Modern Business Mogul AU. Again, I would love to explore pre-film interactions and relationships, and also explore an alternate storyline where he survived the attack on the Empress. I would also love an excuse to meta or drabble about his relationship with his father or his brother Liang Dao, and play out the gap in canon between when he traveled with Jack to find the Deep Sea Opal / Shadow Gold and the events of At World’s End. He’s definitely another one that I would absolutely put on a multi, had I the time and energy to make one.


Finally, MY Tia…I love her so much…

Thank you @kotiij for your help, inspiration, and kindness (and that list lol), thank you to @catsblob for the poses and generally just being cool. thank you to @abundanceofpixels for you aop lookbook challenge that inspired me in the first place, thank you to @smellslikepixeldolls for the inspiration ( God you’re good lol), Thank you to @acoldcoffeebean for your kindness, thank you to @pralinesims, I’m pretty sure your make up and accessories are all I ever really need. Over all, thank you to the simblr community that has been so welcoming, friendly and inspirational. 

jimin; stay with you

❝jimin makes you feel better just by being here with you
►655 words // mini scenario, sugardaddy!jimin
♡ for my love @sinnamonleader whom i scream at most of the time but deep down i love her (shh you didn’t read that tia)

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When Jimin steps through the door, he’s greeted with a familiar sight. It enters his line of vision with an oversized sweater and messy hair; a figure sprawled on the sofa with a blanket following your movements and it rests over your hips. Not only that, the abundance of used tissues along with a couple of boxes by the coffee table, a tub of ice cream emptied because Jimin knows you’re able to finish a pint on one go as a substitute for dinner - ah… Jimin knows how to deal with this.

He sets his things aside, careful as the keys create a clink when met with the glass surface. His wallet and briefcase accompanies his belongings before he strips his coat off and tosses it to the rack, well-aware after numerous observations, it doesn’t make much of a noise. Before he approaches you, he decides to make a turn to the bedroom; ridding of his dress up shirt for a loose tee that he notices you fancy snuggling against him when he has it on along with his boxers lining his waist.

With a light hair ruffle he gives himself, something about being home, in comfort, he stalks out of the room and into the one where you’re in. Occupying the sofa on your own, Jimin gets to his knees and hesitates to wake you up but he knows, you’d be twice as grumpy if he doesn’t. 

Pressing his lips together, he places one hand by the arm rest beside your head, the other smoothening over the blanket wrapping your lower half and he subconsciously pushes it away so he can crawl his fingers underneath, meeting your skin when you opt for a pair of shorts. Giving your thigh a soft squeeze, he coos your name, and it’s only two times before you grunt to a wake with the calling of his name.

That’s when Jimin starts to smile again, especially when you know it’s him on the get-go (well, it is his house but hey he won’t say anything now) and the way you move without any hesitations. Jimin prepares himself by finding leverage with his legs folded under him and he spreads his legs a bit more to make it easier for you to crawl on him when you slide from the sofa. Automatically, you’ve mould yourself against him, thighs encasing his own, tired limbs spiraling around his neck and you’ve locked it tight when your wrists cross over one another and your face presses to the junction between his jawline and his shoulder.

“Had a bad day?” Jimin murmurs, kissing the side of your head gently as his hand threads through your hair, the other wrapped around your figure to keep you close to him despite already being so. “Mm…” You hum, and Jimin heaves your weight on him effortlessly, standing on his feet but not quite moving as he questions, “Want to talk about it?”

All you do is shake your head and hug him tighter, to which he obliges when you answer in a cracked whisper, “Just stay with me,”

He tucks you closer to him as he heads back to the bedroom and doesn’t say a thing. Everything you could possibly need for him to make you feel better is already being done without him being told. He lays you down on ‘your’ side of the bed and he follows in, not leaving you wait for too long because then you’d start to make grabby hands with a whine of Jiminie

Not going to lie, he does it sometimes just to see that but he finds today shouldn’t be one of those days. He sighs upon letting his back meet the soft mattress and it coaxes to his sore muscles. But nothing compares to the way you slot yourself in his embrace and smoothly slip your arms around his waist, pressing your face to his chest.

Writer appreciation post

I’m on mobile, so this is probably going to be small, and I may forget people because I’m a dumbass . But I wanted to give a shout out to those people I know who are amazing and talented writers.

You guys have inspired me as well as many others to keep on writing, and it’s a blessing to have met you lovely people! Thank you for being super sweet and awesome! Don’t ever change okay ?

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All of you are amazing and I just can’t express my gratitude enough. Thank you !

listen to me

tsukishima is a little shit. yamaguchi is a little shit. they are little shits together and i could not be more pleased. friends that you can safely be a little assholey with together are the best ok? those are the friends that stay together forever.