tia i love you


Lauren called Tia to the park. She needed someone to take her home. When she arrived, Tia saw the tears in her eyes and sat her down. 

“What happened, Hon?” she asked, a gentle hand on her arm.

“if you had only heard the shit he said about you! I doubt you would have let it slide and I was not about to!” Lauren raved, tears sliding down her face. “You’re my best friend, Tia. And I love you,”

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Hi Holly! GlenCoco again. Will you post the love scenes with Jake and Quinn? TIA.

I so love your Anon name. You go, Glen Coco!

Yes, I will post all steamy ES scenes soon. Jake x MC had the most requests so I’ll post that first, in the next few hours. 🔥

Tia’s appreciation and Crew post ;D

((Special thanks to @hharukas for the gif & allowing me to use it! I needed my kaijou bbys in this special edition version :D))

So I’ve decided to do this differently for the end of the year post. Cause there’s so many of you who’ve made me happy these past few months, since I first joined the KNB fandom. A lot of you have inspired me to write, and it ended up making me so happy people enjoy my work. ((I’m still improving my work so…))

Honestly, so many of you have been amazing and crazy supportive. And when I first joined the fandom, I was such a chicken. KNB is the first sports anime I’ve watched, so it was a change from fandoms like Naruto & Bleach. But, I’m really glad I gave it a chance. 

This appreciation post will be split into a few different sections, so I guess let’s get this underway!

The waifu (& the first person to welcome me into the fandom with open arms)


The senpai: (& the one who deals with me on a regular basis *coughsinagherallthetimecoughs*)


The Crew: (Ones I talk to on a regular basis and got to know very well *bold are mutuals*)

@mistletoe-kise, @akayay-akaslay, @turnaboutdiana, @annalovesfiction, @aizens-bae, @seijuromikoshiba, @thecrazycyborggirl, @narubabe, @narootos, @ahonime, @anniecrow, @steivonnie, @gibbythesecond, @twilimidnaz, @allweneedisaokaga, @alwaysdrowninginfeels, @vies-et-reves, @msmakorra, @minghuaghazan, @murasakibaraaa, @veraxi, @aominedaigay, @akeiji, @kachimatsu, @kkeijis, @angie-bo-bangiee, @kasamatsu-yukios, @kasamatsuuuu, @4nimenut, @lovely-mettaton, @akaaschi, @skull-fracture, @miffythoughts, @mitskicchi, @incorrectknb, @haikyuunobasuke, @hyakurai649, @courtingstars, @blackstormbsvp, @ramenrulz8p, @official-sokka, @zuzuthecheerbender, @sammmtacular, @kyohrus, @shuu-nii, @talesofakat, @seijuus-bae

The Writers: (blogs I look up to and use for motivation)

@limitlessmonster, @kaijoskopycat, @kurokonoaskuburogu, @kisekinodrabbles, @kisekinodreams, @imagining-with-knb @basketbaes-imagines, @knb-side-dorks, @knb-writing, @proseandsongs, @volleybird-headcanons, @knb-inspirations, @teikovermybody, @storiesofknb, @kisekinoscenarios

The artists: (The ones who make graphics/fantastic art pieces :3)

@drawverylittle, @maosstuff, @seiirins, @fyeahsportsanime, @kaikazecchi, @snakeyhoho, @viria, @jetzui, @carolinahearts, @sabtastique, @sakimichan, @merysedits, @na-ruu, @kiiyoshi, @hharukas

Once again, thanks everyone for being so amazing and supportive! (Obviously several of you fall under more than one category, but I did it based off my knowledge xD. Also, I’m too lazy to actually alphabetize these lists. So..)

I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas and New Year!