ti girls

literally just taking out the love triangle plot and putting in more yousana development and girl squad scenes would have fixed like a significant amount of the problems this season

Episode 183
  • Astra : Who are you guys ? Gregor Hartway and, Markus, where do you come from ? What, what's your job ?
  • Markus : Oh !
  • Gregor : We are, a family friendly, restaurant bar,
  • Thog : NIce nice work the family angle--
  • Markus : Slash adventuring agency !
  • Astra : Oh, oh, I think I see what you guys are doing, you've got like a whole,
  • Rings her finger around
  • Astra : Good adventurer bad adventurer thing going on.
  • Gregor : That depends on who is what.
  • Markus, whispering : Nonono Gregor, Gregor nonono hey hey buddy perk up perk up c'mon, we need some of your Lawful Good action right now, I'll be bad adventurer.
  • Gregor : I am all that is good in the world !
  • Markus : And I take bribes !