ti dead and gone

Everything is more beautiful
Because we are doomed.
Doomed to an inevitable fate.
Doomed to a fate
That will claw on us
Imprison us
Make us feel like a burning candle
In which the fire is fading into embers.

Beauty is a temporary thing.
And we are all temporary.
Tragedy is a thing of beauty,
A spark that only shines once.

You will never be lovelier than you were before.
So please, oh gods, let the day before the storm be immortalised.
For I still want to kiss his lips
And press his cheeks to mine
And embrace his body

But not like this.

Not when his eyes are closed.
Not when his body will inevitably burn.
Not when he will never show his smile again.
Not when I will never see him alive.

Oh gods.
This was all my fault.
I'msorryi'msorryi'msorry i’m SORRY


I have never asked for anything else
so please
Let his eyelids open once more
Let his eyes shine like it always does
Let me drown in all that is him
All soft and all beautiful and all bright
Or let me drown in my black sorrow.

But i always thought the gods were amused by mortals.
Are you amused now?
As i scream and beg for him,
Are you amused?
As i slaughter for him,
As i injure your kind,
As i kill your children,
Are you amused?

Let the world not remember me for my rage
But for the grief that I had shown
For the hollow husk i had become
For the heartless war machine i became because my heart and soul burned along with him.

Oh how it hurts.
It hurts so much.
For when I always wake up
I think everything was a nightmare
And that
I could change the course of fate
And sail back home
And he and I could grow old together.
And when I turn to him,
To embrace him,
He feels cold.
He feels stiff.
Why is he cold?
Why? Did i hog the blankets like I do all the ti-


Is gone.
Is dead.
And i am weak
To the hands of death.
Let him take me,
Let him take me to where he is.
Oh please, Hades.
End me.
For I am nothing without him
For I am a machine without him
For I am everything I do not want to be without him.


Let me end in a beautiful, tragic way.
And let everyone know that I followed him.
That I am with my heart once again.

—  I am sorry, My Heart. | G.B.

all my nightmares escaped my head
bar the door, please don’t let them in

The Signs As Rap Songs (#1s from the 2000s)

Aries: Hot in Herre by Nelly
Taurus: Good Life by Kanye West ft. T-Pain
Gemini: Drop It Like It’s Hot by Snoop Dogg ft. Pharrel
Cancer: Soul Survivor by Young Jeezy ft. Akon
Leo: Gold Digger by Kanye West ft. Jamie Foxx
Virgo: We Fly High by Jim Jones
Libra: I’m a Flirt by R. Kelly ft. TI and T-Pain
Scorpio: Dead and Gone by TI ft. Justin Timberlake
Sagittarius: Tipsy by J-Kwon
Capricorn: 21 Questions by 50 Cent
Aquarius: Best I Ever Had by Drake
Pisces: Candy Shop by 50-Cent ft. Olivia
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Blooming alone

A/N: So this is a fic I wrote while I was alone one day something just compelled me to write something about what happens when you leave your friends and move on with your life. I started to think about what it would be like to look back to your past years later and see your friends. As many of you know the poem ‘Tis the last rose of summer’ is a favorite of mine so it’s based on that. Without giving too much away I’ll leave you guys to my short fic about loss.

Written by: Redlittlefox 

Master list 

Dean x Reader, Sam X Reader, Cas X reader

Word count:1230

Sum: The reader comes back to see Sam and Dean after years of being away from them. 

Warnings: None. 

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The bunker seemed empty without you somehow. You hadn’t always been there. Far from it. You had only been a part of the history for a few short years. Years that you wanted so desperately to get back seemed so far away now. The laughter, anger, and sadness that had filled the halls were something you never thought that you would miss.

Your boys, on the other hand, you knew you would.

So many memories coursed through the place, it was a wonder that you had time to remember them all. Sam and Dean were long behind you miles, moments, and years.

“Tis the last rose of summer.” You said to yourself, as you walked through the halls in your mind. Though it had been years, you knew that the halls you walked never changed. Sam and Dean’s rooms were miles apart so that one wouldn’t disturb the other and your old room was somewhere in between.

Opening your eyes, you saw that nothing had changed in your present life. You still sat on the park bench in the middle of the large green area, and you still felt alone despite all the warm bodies around you. Pushing yourself up from the bench, you moved forward, not fully knowing where you were going.

You shoved your hands in your pocket and found your keys still pressed tight against your leg. Fumbling around for a bit you felt every key. Slowly , your hand found the one that mattered. The one that opened your old home.

“Left blooming all alone.” You spoke silently, as you heard angel wings flapping behind you. Not sparing a glance over your shoulder, you walked the rest of the way to your car before unlocking it.

“Y/N.” The voice sounded like gravel, rough and course. Yet there was still something sweet in it that told you who it was.

“Cas.” You pulled open the door to your car, and finally looked back at the angel. His face was sadder than it had been the last time you saw him. The lines in his face more prominent and his eyes darker.

“You got my message, yes?” His tone wasn’t happy. Instead,  it was filled with pain.

“Yes… I’m on my way over to see Sam and Dean now… They shouldn’t have to do it themselves.” You looked at the ground as you clenched the handle of the door so hard your knuckles turned white and you began to lose feeling. You slowly let go.

“Thank you, Y/N… You know I wouldn’t have asked unless they didn’t ask me directly to tell you.” He took a few steps towards you and grasped your hand. “I’m sorry.”

You forced a smile on your lips and used your free hand to cup his face. “It’s fine, Cas. I know this is hard for you too. Come on… I’ll give you a ride.” You pulled your hand free and looked into his cold blue eyes. “I know you can just pop in anywhere you want, but I need someone by my side right now… Or I’ll never have the courage to go back in there.”

“Alright Y/N, I’ll go with you.”

He began walking to the other side but was stopped by your hand clutching his sleeve. He looked at your hand and back at you as tears welled up in your eyes. His brow knitted together as if he was in pain, and he wrapped you in a warm embrace that you wished would last forever. It didn’t take long before your hot tears were staining his coat and your shaking started.

“I never should have left them, Cas… They needed me and I got scared and now… now… “

Cas stroked your hair calming you down slightly. “It’s fine, Y/N… They’re fine.”

“I haven’t seen them in years… and to go back because of this doesn’t seem right.” He pulled away from you and you saw that it was now his turn to force a smile on his lips.

“They understand. You wanted a normal life and found a way to get it. They were happy for you.”

You used the heel of your hand to wipe the tears from your eyes knowing that the action would cause your eyes to puff up and become redder.

“I know.” With that, you turned and sat down in the car. “Come on, Cas,  we’re burning daylight.”

Cas smiled and made the long walk to the passenger side when you slammed your door. “All her lovely companions…” You said, as Cas opened the door and fell in beside you.

“What did you say?”

“I said hurry up, Cas.” You lied, as you pushed your key into the ignition and started your car. It didn’t take long before you were speeding down the road and making your way to the bunker that was only a few hours away. You began to reminisce with Cas about small little memories.

Each story did little to help your pain. Dean’s heroics. Sam’s deductions. A story or two about how you and Dean had that one night stand that lasted throughout the years and became something much more.

In no time, you were at the bunker doors parked and staring at the large looming door ahead of you. Scared and nervous.

“I’ll go in first.”

“No, Cas… I need to see them. Alone. Please just give me a few minutes and then come in.”

Cas hesitated before he answered you. You could tell that he wanted to go with you at least. He knew how much pain was behind that door and you knew that all he wanted was to protect you from that pain.

“It’s just Sam and Dean.” You said as you swallowed hard. “They can’t hurt me.”

He nodded, signaling for you to go ahead of him. You opened your door and pulled your keyring from the ignition, fumbling to find the single key that unlocked your past.

You walked to the door and shoved the key in slowly. Turning it so you could hear every noise that the inner lock made as you heard the last switch unlock. Your heart dropped as you opened the door and felt stale air hit you in the face and familiar smells danced in your nose.

It took every bit of strength you had to push the door open and walk inside. “Library.” You said as you walked into the room and around to see that nothing had changed. “I should have never left.”

You walked down the halls silently looking for Sam and Dean. It wasn’t until you smelled something foul that you knew you had found them.

Taking a deep breath and trying to swallow down the lump in your throat you rounded the corner to find them. They looked the same, despite some new scars, and even smelled the same under the foul smell that was coming from the room.

Tears started to well up in your eyes and you sank to the floor weeping hysterically. They looked the same. But that didn’t hide the fact that they both were lying dead in front of you. Blood pooled from their lips and noses. They were dead and gone.

“Tis the last rose of summer *sob* Left blooming all alone.” You sucked in cold air. “All her lovely companions… are dead and gone.”  

Jon x Sansa - Hocus Pocus AU

Sansa doesn’t understand why she feels compelled to bring Billy Butcherson’s great-great-great-grandson back to life. It’s not guilt, she thinks to herself. After all, she doesn’t have any of it. Ever. And it’s certainly not out of revenge because, well, she’s not Winifred. Oh devil, Winifred. Winifred would probably sew her mouth shut if she knew what her youngest sister was about to do.

She moves closer to his lifeless body laying on the table. Sansa had been flying north over a dreary-looking castle when she crashed right into an enormous white wall in front of her. She hid behind a crate as two men dressed in black spoke of a dead man on the courtyard, a descendant of Billy the Butcher. Jon Snow, she heard one of them say.

Once the men had gone inside, Sansa tied the dead body to her broomstick and flew to an abandoned cottage, about 400 miles south. Here, the leaves were still crunchy underneath her boots, her favorite sound in the world - and a fact she’d never share with any of her sisters or she’ll never hear the end of it. Satan himself would agree that is quite a long time.

With her gloves off, she runs his fingers slowly through his hair. She smiles as one of his curls wrap around her finger. She lowers her eyes to his deeply wounded body and traces one of them, the one on his chest, lightly with her fingertips. She gasps and pulls her hand back in shock. Every man she has ever touched had been a monster. But somehow, Sansa knew this man - this, this Jon as they called him - was a good man. And for the first time in three centuries, or more accurately the first time in her life, she wants to  know what it feels to love and be loved in return. Whatever that is.

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If you're still taking request? Carol pulls a Titanic scene ("Dawson. Rose Dawson.") when they ask for her name at ASZ. Hopefully that makes sense?

Carol had barely set her bag down in the living room of thelittle house…her house now…when there was a knock on the door. It had been nearly two years since she’d heard a knock on a door…or since she’d had a door for anyone to knock on. She stood there staring at the door for a long moment, until the person on the other side knocked again.

Starting slightly, Carol crossed over to the door, peeking through the peephole in the middle of it. A dark skinned woman with darker freckles covering her face and a plume of wavy brown hair stood on the other side with a clipboard. Carol swallowed and opened the door.

The woman looked up and smiled. “Hi…Carol?”

“Yes,” Carol replied, uncertain.

“I’m Brenda. It’s nice to meet you,” the woman said, extending a hand.

Carol took her hand and shook it absently. “Can I…help you?”

“Yeah! I was just making my way around the newcomers in your group,” Brenda explained. “We took a headcount when you guys arrived, and we wanted to let you get a settled a bit before we got to brass tax.”


“We keep a manifest,” Brenda clarified. “We keep track of everybody here in Alexandria. It’s mostly general stuff: names, ages, genders, special skills to contribute, any medical conditions that need attention.”

“Oh,” Carol blinked. “That…that makes sense.”

“It’s assumed that everybody in your group knows how to use weapons, drive vehicles, basic first aid, stuff like that,” Brenda was already scribbling on the paper on her clipboard, where Carol could see “Carol” written on the name line. “We’re more looking for skills like medical training, wildlife and plant life expertise, universal blood donation types…which I just realized isn’t a skill…but…you know what I mean.”

“I’m…” Carol cleared her throat, feeling overwhelmed by Brenda’s rapidfire talk. “I have general first aid skills…We had someone with formal medical education; he taught me some things…everything else I’ve just…picked up.”

“Okay,” Brenda bobbed her head. “I know it seems like a lot, but we’ll just start with the first question and work our way down. Yeah?”

Carol nodded and took a step backward. “Come on in.”

“Oh, thank you,” Brenda said, coming inside and following Carol into the sparsely furnished living room. “First one is easy: full name.”

That wasn’t easy at all.

Carol hadn’t thought of herself as a Peletier since Sophia’s death. With her daughter gone and Ed dead, she felt no ties to that name. She felt so far removed from her maiden name that that didn’t sound right either. How relevant were last names anymore, anyway? It could be whatever she wanted: Peletier, Mason, Johnson, Purple, McAwesome…

“Dixon,” she found herself blurting. “Carol Dixon.”

Brenda nodded, writing her answer on the top line. “Well, welcome to Alexandria, Carol Dixon.”

Storm wraps himself in his cape, coming to the realization that The Swarm isn’t coming back.

He failed his duty to the gods. He failed as a king…

… And now he has no mate, son, or home. Below rock bottom, unable to get past the new heavy ceiling.

He never really had much, did he? Just somebody else’s army working in his name, a son, and… Nothing else.

It’s too dangerous to go get their potential spy.

It’s too dangerous to get tied up in this war.

His child is gone, probably dead, at Storm’s own fault. His beloved, only son… He’s a terrible father, a terrible mate, and a terrible ruler. Absolutely pathetic!

He curls up, and silently accepts defeat.