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Falling for the Enemy

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Robb Stark x reader

Sorry this took so long, dolls! you know how writers block hits ya. But here it is! Hope you enjoy!

You were terrified. The men that captured you beat against the bars of your cage with sticks, laughing and calling out to you with words that stung you to your very core. Your arms were bound to a post behind you and you’d long stopped trying to wiggle yourself free - it was no use, it only bloodied your wrists further.

“S’ Kingslayer fucking you too?,” a man taunted from the shadows. “Couldn’t much blame him if he was with that pretty face ya got. Better than your sister’s, that’s for sure.”

Jaime had threatened the man’s life, only for the man to lunge toward him with clenched fists. Jaime’s head snapped back with the harsh blows to his face, and you begged the man to stop. You begged your brother to stop, too. Just let them say what they will, you had told him, they were only words. Your tears had long been cried out, and now you simply sat slumped against the wooden post up your back.

“What are we going to do?” You asked, looking at your brother’s bruising face. “They’ll kill us, Jaime.”

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• the idea of Minkowski and Eiffel being tied together by the string of fate, being made for each other - not necessarily in a romantic way, but in a way that suggests the universe neatly attracts them to each other explains so much about their dynamic, and allows for exploration for what a ‘soulmate’ is
•Minkowski doesn’t remember how long it has been there, but she can recall the first time she felt the string tied to her rib cage tug violently so clearly; when Eiffel spun out of control fixing the ship, when his suit filled with water and her soul started being stretched out towards him and almost missed, and she felt it almost be ripped right out of her
• it’s stuck in her lungs, like she is ensnared with a barbed arrow, a life lodged in her flesh that pulls her towards a new centre of gravity- something full of laughter and quick thinking and a sort of abstract love. If removed she would bleed internally, black blood of grief
• Minkowski worries that this is Love. She hasn’t fallen in love for a very long time.
• Eiffel is less concerned ; he doesn’t like labels.
• feeling the invisible tether pang and tug like a spider’s web when either of them are in danger, slowly realising the importance of one another
• a warmth when they’re close, a transcendence when they hold hands, each other, wrapped up in all the circumstances and misfortune, tangled up in woe. A barrier.
• Minkowski feels like home, but that’s not always a good thing
• sometimes it feels like chains. Sometimes she feels like an anchor. Sometimes he feels like a balloon.
• when Eiffel vanishes into space, it’s like Minkowski has lost an organ. She sees visions of him, like a phantom limb, feels for his presence in the pit of her chest and finds nothing.
• Eiffel floating further and further out to sea; in the stars, in his mind, in his whiskey glasses, tethered to the present by the sound of his name when she says it
• she’s still in love with her husband back home, Eiffel swoons at the sight of any pretty face - to consider this at all romantic is somewhat offensive to them
• 'don’t go far from me.’ / 'how about to the moon and back?’ / 'be home for dinner; I’ll know if you’re late.’

Our Cloud

Prompt: Guardian

Seated in the plush red seat across from Don Pecora, Tsuna listened to his angered rant. He kept particular attention on the overweight man’s tone and body language, but he did not have concerns over Pecora attempting to harm him. At least, not by his own hands. Tsuna didn’t miss how he was placed rather neatly in front of a large plate-glass window, his back facing the scenery displayed outside. He also knew how enraged Pecora was over his continuous refusal to integrate their Families a little more closely together. Doing so would ensure a surge in business transactions, which Pecora was lacking. But the Vongola worked alone, and the Family Alliance was mostly a truce between dozens of other Mafia Families with the Vongola—to keep in their good graces.

Pecora didn’t seem to understand the role of the Family Alliance, but that wasn’t surprising. He was incredibly stupid, especially considering why he had lured Tsuna to his mansion (with rather strict instructions that Pecora preferred he come alone). Pecora seemed a bit taken aback that Tsuna had agreed but had taken it in stride. He was seeing this as a rare opportunity to rid himself of a pest, an uncooperative rival, and probably had unattainable visions of usurping the Vongola throne for himself after the assassination was completed.

He clearly did not get what ‘most powerful Mafia Family in the world’ encompassed.

Tsuna waited calmly, discretely shifting his gaze between Pecora and the watch strapped around his wrist. Pecora did not notice his divided attention, no doubt believing this was his chance to call the Vongola Don every name under the sun before he was disposed of.

Obviously delusional.

The seconds ticked down and in the moment a bullet was meant to pass through the glass and into the back of his head, the heavy oak door flew off its hinges. Pecora halted, words dying in his throat at the figure that loomed in the doorway.

Tonfas in hand, flickering with Cloud Flames, Hibari turned a murderous stare on the petrified Pecora. Tsuna stood, stretching his arms over his head and moving aside as Hibari strode forwards. He grabbed the stammering man by his neck, bones cracking beneath his fingertips, and threw him through the broken doorway.

Pecora found himself sprawled out against blood-stained hardwood, his Mafioso prone and moving, scattered down the corridor. A gasp escaped his lips when a foot pressed down against the base of his spine with deadly pressure.

Tsuna crossed his arms over his chest, expression unimpressed. “It’s very insulting, for you to think I would be so moronic as to walk obliviously to my own death. I am not quite sure what you hoped to accomplish here, other than an impulsive grab for power and notoriety. I do not tolerate those who attempt to harm me or my family. This is your doing.”

There was a sickening crack and the man fell limp on the floor. Tsuna let out a quiet sigh and turned his chin, looking down the corridor. He did not like to kill, he despised it. But he knew it could not be helped, not when they were people like Pecora who would like nothing more to destroy him and everyone he loved.

“You didn’t kill all of them, did you?” he asked his Cloud, taking in the carnage properly for the first time.

Hibari turned to face Tsuna with a flat gaze. “What do you think?”

A quiet moan sounded from the other end of the hall, and a beaten Mafioso turned over in agony. Tsuna glanced at Hibari in amusement. “Pretty sure he got the hint after the first couple of blows.”

“Herbivores like these are imbeciles. Only a strong demonstration will teach them the full lesson,” returned Hibari. “They will be scrambling like ants to restore order to their broken hierarchy. Pecora did not get around to choosing an heir. It will be entertaining.”

“Have I ever told you how glad I am you’re on my side?”

“For now.”

There was a smirk on his lips as Hibari turned and stepped over stirring bodies, Tsuna walking beside him. Hibari had taken care of every possible threat to Tsuna’s life, all before the time the plan was meant to be executed. Tsuna knew that Hibari would never fail to protect him or the others, a barrier between them and the enemy.

Gray eyes roaming over the mission file splayed out on the glass café table, Hibari swirled the water around his glass with the straw, the ice clinking together. Ensuring that everything was in order, he closed the beige folder and slipped it into his black leather messenger bag. He shifted his stare to scan the bustling street, his ire increasing when he did not spot the two illusionists amongst an otherwise faceless crowd.

They had arranged to meet him so they could hand over their reports and finish the mission file. Hibari had finished his component of the job two hours ago, and he knew Mukuro and Chrome had already wrapped up their loose ties. They had no reasons to be late.

Hibari was just about to leave when a flash of blue caught his peripheral vision. Mukuro strode down the sidewalk, a lazy expression on his features. He caught the punch Hibari aimed at his face and said, “I’m only ten minutes late.”

“It’s disrespectful to be even a minute late,” snapped Hibari. “I should have left nine minutes ago.”

Mukuro smirked. “Am I that vexing that you would leave Chrome behind to spite me?”

Hibari stared, eyes narrowing. “What is that supposed to mean?”

It was Mukuro’s turn to become confused. He had noticed Chrome was not around when he arrived, but assumed she was either in the bathroom or ordering food from inside the restaurant. “She left before me. I couldn’t locate my portion of papers, so I had to search for them. She’s not here?”

“No. When only you arrived I thought you were delivering her report as well.”

Hibari did not feel any negative emotions from Chrome, but he was not going to rule out foul play completely. He pulled his cell phone from his pocket, dialling the girl’s number. When she did not answer, he scowled and hung up. Mukuro frowned, brow furrowed. “She’s not responding to my mental summons either.”

Activating the app that let him track other cell phones, Hibari entered Chrome’s number. Immediately a blue dot appeared, a few blocks away from where they were. Mukuro peered over his shoulder and said, “Let’s go.”

Slipping a hand beneath Hibari’s arm, Mukuro transported them to the location. When they rematerialized, they found themselves outside of an animal shelter. Children and adults were playing with the dogs and cats tied to their cages. Sitting against the building, an armful of fluffy white, black and brown kittens in her arms, was a blissful Chrome.

Mukuro stared for a moment, his tense muscles loosening with relief. “Kufufufufu. Should have known.”

Hibari strolled across the street and Chrome looked up. Her eye widened at the sight of him, suddenly realizing where she should be. “I’m sorry—”

Her apology was cut off by a quiet yip when Hibari threaded his fingers through her hair, pulling sharply and craning her neck at an uncomfortable angle. “When you’re not holding fragile baby cats, you’re getting bitten to death. Be where you’re supposed to be and if you’re taking a detour, tell someone. Why didn’t you answer your cell phone?”

“I might have forgotten to turn on the ringer,” said Chrome sheepishly.

At the glower he directed at her, Mukuro strode forwards. “Relax, Kyoya. She got a little sidetracked—”

Hibari’s other hand shot out and planted against Mukuro’s chest. “You need to stop wasting my time and learn punctuality.”

His annoyance was clear, but beneath Chrome could feel subtle concern. She tugged on his pant leg. “I’m sorry. I should have let you know where I was. But I saw all the animals and I got so excited that I completely forgot.”

“Explains why you didn’t answer my mental summons. It’s never good to let yourself get so distracted,” said Mukuro, tone holding a rebuke.

“I’m really sorry.” Hibari did not seem completely appeased (considering he still had a grip on her short ponytail) Chrome extended a black kitten. “Would you like to hold a kitty?”

The kitten pawed at Hibari’s shirt and the Cloud gathered it into his arms with little hesitation. Chrome and Mukuro exchanged a grin, which Hibari did not miss. Running his fingers through the kitten’s fur, he glared at the two illusionists. “You’re both useless.”

“We love you too,” sang Chrome.

“Take out your reports. We’re getting the paperwork done now.”

“Here?” asked Mukuro, slightly incredulous as Hibari lowered to sit on the concrete beside Chrome.

“Yes. Get your sorry backside down here.”

Chrome was sure no other Mafioso had ever completed mission reports sitting on the ground, covered with kittens. But she was also certain there was no other Mafioso who could accomplish a feat while still looking menacing and threatening like Hibari.

The alley was narrow, and mostly dark with the exception of the pinpricks of dirty yellow light flickering feebly from streetlights, the bulbs most likely haven’t been replaced in years and miraculously still functioning. Footsteps pounded against the cracked concrete, curses and shouts echoing in the night air. The sounds were promptly cut off, one by one, until the alley was once again silent.

Stepping over the bald, tattooed body in front of him, Hibari scanned the area. There were no more thugs charging at him and he continued forwards. His gray eyes were focussed on the bent, rusted steel door at the end of the alley. When he was close enough he raised his foot and it look very little effort to dislodge it from its hinges.

After the dust had settled from the impact of the door striking against a concrete floor, he found himself in the middle of an abandoned warehouse. The four thugs lounging around hollered in shock and anger, immediately charging forwards. Hibari flicked them aside like ants, not breaking his stride.

“Ha ha, I’m glad to see you.”

Hibari did not respond, gray eyes critically studying Yamamoto’s condition. He used his tonfas to break the chains holding his wrists to a half-destroyed metal shelving unit and Yamamoto flexed them to get the feeling back. There were dark red marks indicating where the chains had restrained him, and his right eye was swollen shut, black and purple. There was a cut on his upper lip, dried blood creating a trail on his chin.

“What the hell happened?” demanded Hibari.

Yamamoto stood, rubbing the back of his neck. “Well, I was in my car, getting ready to go home, when there was a knock on my window. There was a guy asking for directions so I rolled it down so I could help him. Next thing I know I wake up in this warehouse.”

“You opened up your car to a disgusting herbivore like this,” snapped Hibari, angrily kicking a prone piercing-laden punk in the side.

Yamamoto shrugged. “I didn’t open my car—just put down the window. He looked he needed help. I wasn’t in a bad part of town, anyway.”

Hibari shook his head in disgust. “You let your guard down.”

“I did,” admitted Yamamoto. His tone made it clear he was displeased with his inability to handle a simple situation and Hibari knew he had no doubt been humiliated by the thugs. Yamamoto’s turned more sincere and sheepish as he said, “Thanks for coming to get me.”

“Don’t be stupid. Let’s get out of here.”

Yamamoto retrieved his katana, which had been thrown carelessly aside after his assaulters had tied him up. The two walked out of the warehouse and down the alley. Hibari caught sight of a cut on the back of Yamamoto’s neck. It was most likely caused by the shelving he was chained to and Hibari said, “Are you up to date on your tetanus shot?”

“Yeah. Why, am I bleeding somewhere?”

Hibari caught Yamamoto’s fingers as they reached back to search for the injury that had prompted his question. “No, but there it is a wound. Don’t touch it or you’ll infect it.”

“Right. Hey, did you see my car?”

“Across the street, in a parking lot. Found the keys in one of the herbivores’ pockets.”

They reached Yamamoto’s car, which was relatively unscathed. Hibari removed the keys and slid into the driver’s seat. Having no protests, Yamamoto lowered into the passenger seat. “I guess they wanted my car to use for parts or money,” he mused.

“Or they were hoping to get some money out of you,” drawled Hibari, pointedly pulling on Yamamoto’s designer shirt, the logo stitched perfectly onto the right breast. “It’s almost ten thirty. What are you doing out here so late?”

“Oh—I wanted some chips, but we didn’t have any.” Yamamoto reached behind him and removed a plastic bag, where a jumbo bag of potato chips was nestled. “Want some?”

Hibari stared at him blankly before starting the car. He inched to the exit of the parking lot, rolling down his window slightly. He nimbly plucked the chips from Yamamoto’s grasp and tossed it out into the trash bin they passed on the edge of the sidewalk. Putting the window back up he pulled onto the street, smirking at Yamamoto’s rather scandalized expression.

“You shouldn’t put garbage like that into your body, herbivore.”

There was a light drizzle, raindrops gently pelting the world below. Ryohei tugged his gray hood further over his head to block the water, eyes roaming the empty park. Hibari was a few feet away, leaning against the metal pole of a broken lamppost. They were shrouded in shadows, only detectable by those who were paying close attention to their surroundings.

There had been news reports of a sexual harasser prowling parks at night, targeting young women out for evening strolls or returning home from work. As the police were having trouble pinpointing the location of his next attack, Ryohei and Hibari were tasked by Tsuna to bring this creep down.

The always talkative boxer was quiet, his body tense and senses on high alert. Hibari knew Ryohei was thinking of the girls in their household, of how they could be just as much at risk of being assaulted. It was a possibility that disturbed Hibari as well, of course, but instead of worrying about the what-ifs, he focussed his attention on finding and eliminating the threat.

After about an hour, Ryohei finally spoke. “Are you sure this is the right park?”

“There’s five he hasn’t staked out yet,” replied Hibari. “It’s the closest to the one he committed his last assault in.”

Ryohei nodded, though his expression remained uncertain. It was another hour before a scream sounded throughout the vast space. It was abrupt, so short that it could have been easily missed if they were not listening for such a sign. Hibari’s ears immediately pinpointed the direction the cry had come from and the two were running, charging down the path and into a small section of trees and bushes.

Halfway through the thicket there was a thick, burly man, kneeling on top of a thrashing brunette female, his hand firmly covering her mouth. He was wearing a baggy hoodie and one hand was working to undo his pants.

The man’s head snapped upwards at the sound of crunching branches, but he did not get a chance to react. Ryohei launched into a flying tackle and brought the man off of the girl. The Sun expressed his disgust with the man’s utter repulsive actions with his fists and a string of curse-laden insults.

Hibari strode forwards, hooking an arm around the sobbing female’s shoulders and bringing her to her feet. Her shirt was torn and she was covered in bruises and dirt, but they had gotten there in time. She choked out words of gratitude and Hibari made a noise of acknowledgement, watching Ryohei unleash his aggression.

When the assaulter was properly bloody Hibari acted, grabbing Ryohei by the back of his sweater and hauling him up. “You made your point,” he said quietly, feeling his back heave with hard breaths.

“Yeah…yeah,” managed Ryohei, struggling to see past his furious haze. The crying of the terrified girl snapped him out of it completely and he hurried to her side, setting a hand on her shoulder in a soothing manner. “It’s okay. It’s okay. You’re okay.”

Hibari removed his cell phone and called the police, relaying their location. He took a moment to break the criminal’s arm, his screams music to his ears. The cops arrived and took the beaten and blood-soaked man into custody. The girl refused to get into the ambulance without her two rescuers, so Hibari and Ryohei found themselves waiting into the hospital waiting room at one in the morning.

When his adrenaline died down and his mind was clear, Ryohei realized that Hibari only intervened to tell him that he had done enough. He studied the Cloud, expression speculative. Eyes locked on the newspaper, aware of Ryohei’s intent gazing, Hibari spoke up. “What?”

“You hate it when someone takes your prey away from you. Why did you let me do the brunt of the damage?”

“You needed it. Fighting is a thrill, a sport, an activity, a release, therapeutic. It can be all of these at once or only one. Depends on the person, on the fight. You were tightly wound up. If you did not fight the object of your agitation, your aggression, your anger, your emotions would remain bottled up.”

Ryohei was stunned for a brief moment by Hibari’s observation. Eventually he smiled and said, “You’re an interesting character. Thanks to the extreme, Kyoya.”

Warm affection flooded through his bonds and Hibari finally looked up from the newspaper, regarding the white-haired man. “This won’t become a habit,” he warned.

“I know. I just…I couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t stop thinking about the girls, about how awful it would be if this happened to them.”

“There’s a stark difference between our girls and this one,” said Hibari, gesturing in the direction where the injured female was being treated.

“What?” asked Ryohei.

“They have me.”

“Don’t you mean us?”


But Hibari’s lips turned upwards and Ryohei rolled his eyes good-naturedly, feeling better than he had all night.

The country roads snaked across sprawling green fields, seemingly endless. Gokudera’s tinted shades protected his pale green eyes from the afternoon rays. The car was silent and the radio would have been on if he had a desire to be bitten to death while he was driving. He shifted his gaze to the rear-view mirror, adjusting it so he could glance into the backseat. Hibari had his head leaning back, eyes closed and arms crossed over his chest.

Gokudera let his gaze linger before returning his attention to the road. The bright blue sky and emerald scenery was blurred by a scene flashing through his mind, replaying as if on a loop.

Finishing his meeting with Don Gemelli, he was walking down the corridor. He paused upon hearing loud voices around the corner, his name being mentioned. Being referred to as bastard spawn. Brief, obnoxious laughter followed and before he could confront them there was the familiar sound of metal hitting bone. Then there was quiet. He stayed rooted in place for a moment before venturing around the corner, where the two Mafioso were on the ground, unconscious, and Hibari disappearing out the door.

“That was a pretty ballsy move,” he said at last, his mind returning to the present. “One of those guys you clocked is the Don’s son.”

“You woke me up.”

Gokudera rolled his eyes. “You weren’t even sleeping. I could tell by the pattern of your breathing.”

“…I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You knew I was in the next corridor. I could have handled those jerks myself.”

“You were too slow.”

There was a solid smack to the back of his head and Gokudera nearly drove off of the road. “Are you trying to kill us?” he snapped. “What’s your problem?”

“The second you start believing such asinine remarks is the moment I bite you to death.”

His serious tone caused Gokudera to shift his gaze briefly over his shoulder. “I don’t,” he returned. “Not anymore. It was hard, when I was younger. I never properly knew my mother, and my life up until that was a lie. I didn’t know who I was.”

“You are who you choose to be. Your past does not have to define you.”

“I know that, now. But thanks.”

Hibari made a hum of acknowledgement, Gokudera’s contentment and affection humming through their bonds. It wasn’t the first time the Cloud had punished those for slandering the Storm’s heritage, and it wouldn’t be the last.

The warm spray of the shower coated his aching muscles, Lambo leaned against the shower wall for support. As much as he wanted to spend eternity underneath the water, he finally unfurled himself and turned off the tap. He stumbled out of the stall and used a towel to pat himself dry. He flinched at the pain that tore through his limbs as he pulled on his pajamas.

He had just finished a hard, intense workout, as well as a session in utilizing and perfecting his Lightning Flames. His body wasn’t used to such physical exertion and it was furious with him. Every fiber of his being was in agony.

Lambo walked sluggishly to his room across the hall, dropping almost weightlessly into his bed. Through the haze of his exhaustion, he managed to process that there was a glass of milk on his nightstand table. With a great amount of effort, he reached for it and chugged the lukewarm contents. The glass clattered back into place and his arm fell to his side, eyes falling shut.

He was half-asleep when footsteps crossed the threshold. Cracking one eye open slightly, he saw Hibari move over to the edge of his bed. His fingers smoothed through his raven curls and the soothing action caused Lambo to let his eye fall shut again. He felt the blankets jerk and shift as Hibari covered his body and then arranged his arms and legs into a more comfortable position.

“You did well, small animal,” said Hibari softly.

The words sent a sharp flare of pride through Lambo and he tried to say thanks, but his tongue would not cooperate. He soon fell asleep completely, and when he awoke the next morning with his muscles stiff and sore, there was a bottle of pain-relieving cream waiting for him.

Hibari was cold, aloof, violent, distant and indifferent. But those who knew him best, those he allowed to be an intimate part of his life, knew there was much more to him. He was reliable and there was never any doubt if he would always be able to come through. He was protective of those he considered his own and fought for them, sometimes subtly and sometimes obviously. He did not let his family think negatively about themselves and gave his advice when he believed it was needed.

He was their Cloud Guardian, the one who would always watch over them.

Shut the fuck up, Parker (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Can you do an imagine where spiderman and the reader are enemies when they’re “working” but in the day, they’re mutual and one day spidey has to get her out of trouble because she gets drugged and taken sry for English it’s not my main language :(

A/N: This is like 1800 words and pretty angsty, so you can get popcorn if you’d like hahaha! Hope you like it!

‘’Have you finished the Chemistry project?’’ Peter asks as he sits next to you on top of a building.
‘’I’ll do it when I get home’’ you say, trying to find somebody doing something bad, bored of waiting.
‘’I can help-shit, look over there’’ he says quickly, putting on his mask and pointing at your left.
Turning your head, you see a group of 6 men surrounding a boy around 18, a gun in one of the man’s hand. Just as you are about to go over there with Peter, the radio on your waist makes a sound.
‘’NYCPD, we have a robbery with hostages at the bank in front of Central Park. Robbery with hostages at the bank in front of Central Park. At least 20 men with guns’’ a voice says.
You look at Peter, knowing what he wants to do.
‘’We don’t have time, Peter’’ you whisper. ‘’We have to make it to the bank now.’’
‘’What about the boy? He is going to get beaten’’ he says, looking at him. ‘’You can take care of the bank.’’
‘’Peter, there are 20 men at the bank. The boy will have to make his way out of it’’ you hiss, mad at your best friend for always wanting to save everyone. ‘’There are hostages, Peter.’’
‘’Well, then wait for me to help the boy and we’ll go together!’’ he says, getting nervous. ‘’Stop being so damn selfish and doing only what you want! It doesn’t even look as if you tried to save people, only get a good reputation! Not helping that guy makes you as responsible for what happens to him as the people who do it!’’
‘’You know what? Forget it. I’ll go alone. Good luck saving that stupid boy’’ you say, extremely mad, before using your powers to teleport to the rooftop of the bank. Getting inside really quietly, you look around and see around 30 men -more than what the police expected. You already know you aren’t going to make it out unharmed if Spiderman doesn’t arrive soon, but you can’t wait. There are at least 20 people being held as hostages while the robbers take everything they can, searching for even more information on the computers.
You teleport behind a man and hit him in the back of his head, making him pass out, and you take his gun while putting a finger to your lips telling everyone to remain silence. You teleport back to where you were before, trying to decide what to do. Just as you are about to leave your hiding spot, somebody grabs you from behind and kicks you on your back, making you fall to the ground. You groan and cough, blood leaving your mouth. You try to teleport, but the man hits your side one second before you do it. You try to breathe slowly, then, but you know you have to rush if you want to save the hostages.
Regaining strength, you manage to take down 13 men in 5 minutes, teleporting constantly from place to place and surprising them from behind. You are tired and you wait for Peter to arrive, but he doesn’t, and that also makes you worry.
As you take down other 2 men, Spiderman swings inside the bulding, kicking 3 men on his way. Between the both of you, the robbers are quickly on the ground and the police enters the building, helping the hostages.
You know one of your ribs is broken, and you can feel a huge bruise beginning to form on your side. You are still spitting blood, and after teleporting for so long, you know you are gonna pass out in a few minutes.
‘’Hey, [Y/N], I’m sorry I didn’t-‘’ Peter says, pulling you apart from the crowd around the hostages and the police. People are taking pictures of the two of you, and before even giving him a chance to finish his sentence, you teleport back to your house, passing out just as you touch the ground.

The next morning, you wake up sore, your body hurting everywhere. You get ready for school, putting a bandage around your whole body to help the rib and applying some ice to the bruise. You notice a huge bruise covering the whole side of your face, already purple. You decide to wear a hood to school that day, knowing no matter how much foundation you apply, it will still show through.
Saying a quick bye to your parents, you make your way to school, walking slowly as your legs are still sore, not wanting to teleport in fear of passing out again. You tend to get Peter to help you when you get more beaten up than usual, but you are still mad at him for leaving you alone and being rude to you the night before.
Right as you reach your locker, you feel a hand on your shoulder, making you flinch. Turning around, you see Peter, a worried look on his face.
‘’Are you okay?’’ he says, trying to find your eyes under your hood.
‘’Well, I have a broken rib, a bruise covering half of my body and probably a broken nose,’’ you say with a fake laugh ‘’so no.’’
‘’What?’’ he exclaims, removing your hood before you can stop him. He takes a step behind, surprised at what he sees. ‘’How did you -oh my God, I’m so sorry’’ he whispers. You put your hood back on before anybody else sees you and walk to class, Peter by your side. ‘’Are you mad?’’ You don’t answer and keep walking, saying hi to some of your friends, eyes on the ground. ‘’Look, I understand that I should have gone earlier, but I had to help that guy. It’s not my fault that they beat you up.’’
‘’Shut the fuck up, Parker’’ you hiss. ‘’It’s not that. I don’t care about my face. I care about you being an asshole. That boy probably deserved what was coming to him. Let me guess -he bought drug and didn’t pay for it’’ you say. When he doesn’t answer, you know you are right and scoff. ‘’And while he was being stupid and you were helping him and I was fighting and getting my ass kicked, I was hoping that somebody who had practically called me a horrible person wouldn’t be in danger. You didn’t even apologize.’’
You make your way through the crowded hallways, leaving Peter standing there, and walk straight to class, avoiding him for the rest of the day.

Leaving school and not waiting for Peter to walk with you, you start your way home. You start to hear footsteps behind you, and before you can even teleport, something hits the back of your head and makes you pass out.

Opening your eyes, you find yourself inside of a cage and tied to a chair. There is a man right in front of you, and as he walks closer to him, you find him to be the man that kicked you the day before.
‘’Hello, sweetheart. You remember me, right?’’ he asks, his voice rough. You try to teleport, but your powers aren’t working. You start to panic, fearing you will be stuck in there forever. ‘’Nice cage, huh? It retains your powers so that they don’t work -although you have probably guessed it by now’’ he laughs. ‘’You should wear a better mask, by the way. It fell so easily when I hit you last night -such a shame to have such a pretty face ruined. I didn’t think you’d be so young.’’
You look around, trying to find an escape and finding none.
‘’Where am I and what do you want from me?’’ you ask, trying to untie the knots securing your hands.
‘’You are still in Queens. I hope your friend will come and save you, since he would be a nice addition to my new collection. And as for what I want from you -I only want to know how you got your powers’’ he says, looking directly at you.
‘’I was born with them’’ you whisper, realizing there is no way Peter is going to find you. Fear is starting to run through your veins as you realize you are probably going to die that day.
‘’That I do not believe, pretty girl’’ the man says, entering the cage. He slowly runs a finger down your face, pressing on the bruise and making you flinch.
‘’Take your hand off of me, weirdo’’ you say, trying to sound sure and serious.
‘’Talk to me with respect’’ he says, and just as his hand is about to hit the bruised side of your face, a web is stuck to it, stopping it.
‘’The lady said to take your hands off of her’’ Peter says, as he swings inside the building.
You let out a strangled breath you didn’t know you were holding and Peter quickly defeats the man, rushing over to you and untying your hands.
‘’Hey, hey, [Y/N], are you okay?’’ he whispers, holding your face in his hands with so much carefulness, it almost makes you cry. He takes off his mask, his eyes full of worry as he looks at you. ‘’I’m so sorry. I-I thought you were gone and I hadn’t apologized for being a dick and I-I thought I would never see you again and I was so scared’’ he says, a few tears in his eyes. You press your forehead softly to his, tears in your eyes as well. ‘’I understand you. I understand that you work for the big cause and that sometimes you need to leave something behind to do it. I may not think that is the right way, but I understand. I’m sorry I didn’t before. Please forgive me.’’
You put your hands on his cheeks, caressing them with your thumbs.
‘’I forgive you, Peter. It’s fine’’ you say softly. ‘’I thought I was gonna die -I was so scared, and the only thing I could think about was that you thought I was mad and that you didn’t know I love you and I-I don’t want to hide it anymore’’ you say before kissing him, him kissing you back.
It is a short kiss, since Peter doesn’t want to hurt you, and when you pull apart he smiles softly, his cheeks red.
‘’I have always wanted to do that’’ he whispers, his breath against your lips. ‘’And now let me take you home, you are way too tired to teleport right now’’ he says before wrapping his arms carefully around your waist and swinging off the building, leaving the man webbed up to the ground for the police to arrest him.

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Can I request the NDRV3 guys as the type of yanderes who try to keep their S/O "safe" by locking her up against her will? With either the gilded cage treatment, tied up in the basement, or anything in between? (That is a yandere thing right? I think I've seen yandere do that)

I’m no yandere expert but that sounds about right haha

NDRV3 Boys as Yanderes who keep their S/O “safe” by locking her up against her will

Shuuichi Saihara:

- Huh? You want to go out? Why?

- You’re safe in here with him…

- You ask him why he won’t let you leave but he simply smiles innocently and replies with “Because I love you S/O!”

- When he catches you trying to leave he once again just smiles and takes a hold of your wrists

- “Oh S/O~ Why would you run from me~”

- You don’t really remember what happened next but you wake up tied to a chair in… A basement? Must be, there’s no windows

- Saihara is just simply sitting opposite you that innocent smile never leaving his face

- “Now you won’t even have to leave! I can get you anything you want, because I love you~!”

Kaito Momota:

- He doesn’t want his precious star to get lost somewhere…

- “S/O! Look, I made you a rocket ship!”

- “… But that’s just a room”

- Yes. Now stay in this room :)

- You ask him to let you out multiple times

- “Haha! You’re so funny S/O, why do you want to leave this safe place?”


- At first he doesn’t keep you locked up

- He’s monitoring your movements after all

- But then… He’d like to keep you closer

- “Kiibo - kun? I can’t open the door but.. There’s no handle either”

- He place his hands on your shoulders and smiles

- “Of course! I locked them! Now you can stay with me here forever!”

- “U-Um”

- “Oh and don’t worry! No one can come and steal you from me either! ^_^”

Rantaro Amami:

- He would make subtle jokes such as “Haha I won’t let anyone else touch you though!”

- You just kind of laugh them off until one day he brings… Handcuffs?…

- “Handcuffs? No, no they’re not handcuffs they’re friendship bracelets!”

- He’s smiling as he cuffs one of your wrists to his

- “W-Why?”

- He pulls you into a hug and whispers “Because the safest place is right by my side S/O”

Kokichi Ouma:

- He makes sure that you’re always with him and if there is literally no possibility of him being with you, a member of his organisation is accompanying you

- When one day you make the mistake of trying to go out for a walk he instantly pins you to the wall with a knife at your throat

- “S/O - chan~ Where do you think you’re going?~”

- Huh? A walk? But would you want to go for a walk? There’s so many people that will target you out there!

- The knife is a bit too close now

- “O-Ouma - k-”

- “You’re staying.”

Gonta Gokuhara:

- Gonta just wants to keep you safe

- Gonta means no harm

- Gonta doesn’t understand why you don’t want to stay in the glass exhibit he made for you

- “I just want… To walk around freely Gonta - kun!”

- “But Gonta collects the prettiest insects… But he’ll make an exception and collect you too”

Korekiyo Shinguji:

- He keeps telling you how beautiful you are

- “Beauty such as yours has to be saved my love”

- He would occasionally just play with your hair and do his little kukukuku laugh

- “Will you let me keep your beauty forever?”

- Huh? 

- Before you know it he’s holding a knife

- You quickly try to run away but… Ah… That’s right the door is locked

- The last thing you feel is getting stabbed in the back

- “Kukukuku now you’ll be mine forever~”

Ryoma Hoshi:

- Honestly he’d just use the old fashioned way

- “You want to stay here right?”

- “Going outside is so pointless”

- “You don’t actually need to see anyone other than me right?”

- If you do try to leave, he’ll just tie you to a chair and keep repeating these over and over and over again

- Until you finally learn 

(I hope this was okay, I tried my best haha)

‘you’re okay?’ ‘i am now’ (bellamy blake one-shot)

Request: An imagine maybe where you and bellamy blake are in love but then you get separated and you end up in mount weather with the others. Then Bell is out to safe you and when he finds monty and some others he gets told what happens in the mountain. While they then get on a rescue mission Bell finds you in one of the cages but you dont respond cause you’re too weak and he thinks you’re dead. In the end he can free you and outside he just holds you until you whisper his name :) I hope it is okay :)

Prompt: You & your boyfriend Bellamy get separated after the last fight against the Grounders. Bellamy comes to Mount Weather on a rescue mission with a couple other people and they manage to bring a few of you back to camp. My “imagines” always turn into one-shots, I’m so sorry! I hope you like this & I’m sorry it took so long! Sorry if it sucks xox

Pairing: Bellamy x Reader

Warnings: blood, mentions of violence, fluff

Bellamy’s POV

Y/N had been gone for about a month now, and until recently, no one knew where to start looking for her. Just last night, Clarke showed up outside Camp Jaha and told us about Mount Weather. The supposed “protectors of humankind” who tortured Grounders and our people alike. Clarke just told me that she say Y/N there at first, but couldn’t find her later on.

“What do you mean you couldn’t find her? Did she manage to escape like you did? Clarke what the hell does that mean?” I growled, yelling at her accidentally.

“It means that they probably took her somewhere. Our blood is useful to them, Bellamy. They took Anya, tied her away in a cage and used her blood. There were so many cages, Bellamy. So many people like Anya tied up in cages,” Clarke rambled on and I put a hand up to stop her.

“I don’t want to hear about Anya. I want to hear about Y/N. Please tell me she’s alive,” I whispered, desperate to hear Clarke say yes.

“I-I don’t know, Bellamy. I really don’t,” Clarke sighed dejectedly and looked down. “If she is, she doesn’t have much time. We need a search party. We need to organize a rescue mission. My mom can help.”

Clarke quickly makes her way to Abby as I sit there, stumped. I can’t go by myself, I don’t even know where Mount Weather is. But if Abby doesn’t okay the rescue mission, I wouldn’t have any other choice. Y/N might be taking her last breaths at that hell-hole and here I am, not being able to do anything. Clarke came back about an hour later with a not-so-happy Abby. She looked over at me, face somber but understanding.

“You want to go on a rescue mission? Fine, but Kane has to be with you at all times. You, Kane, and a few members of the guard. No one else.” Clarke begins to protest as Abby finishes talking, but I give her a look.

“I need to find Y/N, Clarke. You just got back. Get some rest and we’ll find our way, just draw us a map,” I pleaded and Clarke nodded in understanding before walking out. Abby nodded and walked out, leaving me standing by myself. I’m finally gonna get to see Y/N.

Third Person POV

You lay there, groaning and half-dead. You’ve lost all track of time and all traces of energy. You’d only been here for a week, but it felt like months. The people of Mount Weather had drained you of your blood and drugged you to keep you from making any noise, you saw no hope of ever seeing the others again, you wouldn’t ever get to see Bellamy. At the thought of him, your heart wrenched and you coughed quietly. You held your arms close to you and breathed heavily. You slowly laid your head back against the cold wall of the metal cages, ready to die. As you closed your eyes, you heard a door open. But it couldn’t be Dr. Tsing, this door opened on the other side of the room. You tried to open your eyes, but no longer had the energy to.

Bellamy slowly walked in and he gulped as he saw all the cages. He took a breath and walked over to them, praying that you weren’t locked up. He looked through a few of them and his breath caught in his throat when he finally laid eyes on you. He motioned Kane and the guards over as he hurriedly worked on opening your cage.

“We need to get a few of them out today. We’ll come back with more guards and get the rest of them out tomorrow,” Kane whispered as he managed to open a lock and went towards another cage.

“Got it,” Bellamy nodded and finally opened your cage, only to find your limp body laying against the floor of the cage. “No,” he whispered and pulled you out.

“We have to leave now. They’ll be around any minute,” Kane hurriedly whispered and carried out two of your people. The guards followed suit, and Bellamy grabbed you and ran out.

A few hours later

You guys finally made it back to Camp Jaha. The gates opened, and before Kane could say a word, Bellamy ran inside and yelled. “Y/N needs medical attention. Now!” He ran with you to medical and just as he laid you down on the examining table, Clarke and Abby made their way inside.

“Y/N,” Clarke whispered and made her way over to you and Bellamy. “What happened, where was she?”

“In a cage,” Bellamy whispered and gulped as he looked up at Abby. “Help her, please.”

“I will, Bellamy,” Abby nodded as Jackson ran inside. “Clarke, take Bellamy out until I’m done here. It looks like she has some fractured ribs and there’s something inside her chest, we need to operate now. She’s barely alive.”

Clarke pulled out a screaming Bellamy as Abby began her procedure. Hours later, Bellamy was pacing back and forth outside the room as Abby walked out with a soft smile.

“Bellamy?” He looked up as Abby spoke. Bellamy ran to the room and Abby held up a hand. “She’s alive, but barely. Her lungs were punctured and she had two broken ribs on the right side. Let her heal, Bellamy.” WIth that, she walks off.

“Y/N,” Bellamy breathes out and walks over, pulling a chair to sit next to you. “I’m so sorry,” he whispers as his eyes fill with tears. He lays his head near your stomach and cries himself to sleep.

The next morning, you slowly opened your eyes. It took you a few blinks to get the fuzziness out of your eyes, but eventually you succeed. You yawn softly and look around confused, not knowing where you were. You looked down and saw that you had been bandaged, you had to do a double take as you saw a mess of curls over to your side. “Bell?” You whispered. “Bell?” You rubbed his head and he looked up, confused before he saw you.

“Y/N?” He sits up, rubbing his teary eyes. “Y/N!” He yells out your name and stands, calling for Abby. He looks down at you and leans down to kiss your head. “You’re okay?” Bellamy whispers, his eyes searching yours.

“I am now,” you whisper, feeling okay for the first time in a while.

Missing: Part Seven

Previous Part

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Virgil and Aubrey were sitting silently in the darkness as they had been for most of their stay. Distortion hadn’t interacted with them at all since Virgil’s arrival. This both relieved and frightened the two prisoners. But then she decided it was time to check up on them. And she had a surprise.

A dim flickered on, causing Virgil and Aubrey to have to squint until their eyes could adjust to the sudden break from the darkness. Once they did, they could see Distortion standing in front of the cage with an impish smirk of her face.

“Hello, Virgil, Aubrey,” she said. “You seem so sad. So… lonely.” She started to glitch, vanishing from her spot and reappearing inside the cage. She got on one knee in front of Virgil and lifted his chin with her pointer finger. He stared at her blankly.

“Why such sad eyes?” she said. He gave her no answer. She stood up again and made her way over to Aubrey.

“You know, Aubrey, I’m feeling a little bored,” she said, squatting down to look her in the eyes. “Why don’t you entertain me a little. You like singing, don’t you?”

“I’d never sing for you,” Aubrey growled. Distortion smiled and straightened up, glitching back out of the cage.

“Well, if you won’t sing for me… how about her?” Distortion gestured behind her, where another light, brighter than the other, turned on. Aubrey gasped and ran toward the edge of the cage when the light illuminated Pansy, tied up and gagged.

“Release her!” Aubrey demanded, wishing she had her sword.

“Feeling left out Virgil? Don’t worry, I have a friend for you, too,” Distortion said, ignoring Aubrey. Another light flickered on, revealing Patton in the same situation as Pansy. Fear flooded over Virgil when he saw his captured friend.

Distortion chuckled upon seeing his reaction, then snapped both her fingers. Pansy and Patton appeared in the cage, still tied up.

“Bye bye,” Distortion said before vanishing.

“Pansy!” Aubrey exclaimed, rushing over to the emotional trait. She quickly untied her friend and removed the gag. As soon as she was free, Pansy threw herself onto Aubrey, sobbing into her chest.

“It’s okay, Pansy, I’m here. You’re okay,” Aubrey assured her, soothingly rubbing circles on her back.

While Aubrey was busy with Pansy, Virgil untied Patton, who was just as shaken as Pansy. Knowing Virgil didn’t like a lot of physical contact, however, he kept to himself. But Virgil opened his arms, welcoming Patton into a comforting hug.

After the two emotional traits had calmed down a bit, the four sat in a circle, trying to form some sort of plan.

“This is hopeless,” Virgil said. “We don’t know enough about Distortion to form any sort of plan. And even if we did have a plan, she’s probably been able to know about it.”

“Then what do we do?” Patton asked.

“We wait,” Aubrey said, still holding a frightened Pansy. “We wait and see what happens. We may be stuck now, but I doubt Distortion will just leave us here. She wants us for something. We just have to wait until whatever that thing is comes.”

The trait in her arms whimpered softly. Aubrey smiled warmly down at her.

“She was right about one thing,” she said. “I won’t sing for her, but…”

“Please,” Pansy said, sitting up. “Your songs are so calming.” Aubrey nodded, stood up, and cleared her throat.

“Healthy is the heart that goes on, even when everything feels so wrong,” she began. “Turn off your senses and let go of all those defenses you built up so strong. Lucky’s the one who breaks free—free from himself and his hopes and his fears.” Aubrey walked slowly over to Patton, playfully pulling him up by the sleeves of the cardigan around his neck. “Take from your shoulders the weight that you don’t need to hold anymore cause I’m here. I’ll be your protection, darling.”

“Nothing will harm you tonight,” Aubrey sang, leading Patton in a little dance with the intention of putting a smile on his fearful face. “All of your darkness will turn into light. Your shadows will fly away. Your ships will sail away.” The smile she hoped for grew on his face and she spun him around. He even let out a small laugh. “No, nothing will harm you tonight.”

“Happy is the heart that holds on—onto the knowledge that it won’t be long,” she continued, letting go of Patton and making her way over to Pansy. She took her hands and pulled her to her feet. “Until I’m back in your arms and you’ll make like a guardian through till the dawn. You’ll be my protection, darling.”

“Nothing will harm you tonight. All of your darkness will turn into light,” Aubrey sang, twirling Pansy around as she did with Patton until a smile appeared on the other’s face. “Your shadows will fly away. Your ships will sail away. No, nothing will harm you tonight.”

Virgil hadn’t realized he had zoned out until he was pulled back to reality when Aubrey took his hand and pulled him up as she did with the others. He knew very well it was Aubrey in front of him, but for some reason, he wanted so badly to believe it was Roman serenading him instead.

Although his eyes showed him Aubrielle, his mind told him it was Roman. The dramatic trait seemed to vanish, replaced by Roman. The song she was singing also sounded like it was in his voice.

“Crumble like ashes away from the fire. I’m here to catch you and hold you a while. I’ll just hold you a while,” “Roman” sang, leading him in a slow dance. “Nothing will harm you tonight. All of your darkness will turn into light. Your shadows will fly away. Your ships will sail away. No, nothing will harm you tonight.”

As “Roman” let go of his hands, Aubrey returned. She stood in the middle of the room to finish her song.

“Nothing will harm you tonight. No, nothing will harm you tonight.”

It had been a while since the incident with Distortion. Roman, Sawyer, Logan, and Piper were back on their way to where the first two knew Distortion had their friends captured.

“Look, I’m really sorry about earlier,” Roman said to Sawyer.

“It’s fine,” they mumbled, then after a few moments of silence added, “I may have overreacted, slightly, I guess.”

“And… and I’m also sorry for everything else. For not listening to you when you told me to stop. I almost got us both killed. We probably would be dead if it weren’t for Piper and Logan,” Roman continued.

“Drop it,” Sawyer said.

“No, really,” Roman insisted. “I should have—”

“No, seriously, shut up.”

“Look, I’m trying to be sincere here and you’re—”

“No, you idiot, we’re here!” Sawyer said, pointing to the large castle in front of them.


The next chapter will be better and songless, I promise!

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