I know its implied that the grit-shaka is fucking with Jim bc its made for trolls and not humans, but for me this ep confirms that Jim has anxiety. He seems so used to being constantly afraid and panicking about stuff and having no fear was such a relief but it was so fundamentally different than how he was used to living, he didn’t know how to handle it

Trollhunters Gem AU - School?

Needless to say, the Gem AU is going to differ greatly from the canon story where anything school related comes into play (pun not intended, but it is fitting since the whole Romeo & Juliet rehearsals and the play itself aren’t going to have any part at all in what the gems are doing)

- In the absence of mandatory school attendance, Jim and Toby are able to spend nearly all of their time focusing on training and learning. I say ‘nearly’ because there would be some time spent searching for a more permanent residence in or near the town, since at first they wouldn’t be permitted to make a home in Trollmarket. And even once they find a nearby gem structure that fits their needs, they still run into similar issues the canon SU team face, with corrupted Gems wandering into town and causing a ruckus. And Jim might sense another gem structure further away from town when he goes on his occasional flights, and the team would take time to investigate.

- Jim and Toby have walked through town, to observe the local humans and to see if they could figure out which ones might be one of those “Changeling” things Blinky warned them about. They can’t, of course, but they do learn about the school, and in all their infinite wisdom, they decide to sneak in.

- The first attempt at sneaking into the building, they were both shapeshifted to look like some form of animal. Jim was either a bird or a squirrel, and he was quickly chased out. Toby took the shape of a very fluffy cat and managed to charm his way into a few classrooms before he too was chased off with a broom.

- The next few attempts involved them shapeshifting to look like some form of authority and pretending that some sort of crisis was going on and they needed to be there. No one was fooled for more than a few seconds.

- Their final attempt was just them walking in, in their normal forms, and just acting like they belonged. They weren’t expecting that one to actually work, so when it did, they didn’t have a plan ready and had to make things up as they went. Once the bells rang for class to begin, they noticed all of the students filing into classrooms while school staff made warnings about being caught in the halls during class time, so they wandered into the nearest room and took seats near the back, hoping to go unnoticed.

- The room they enter happens to be Strickler’s class, and he does notice them. Not only that, he recognizes that they aren’t human. He isn’t entirely sure what they are, but he intends to find out, so instead of calling attention to them and risking scaring them off, he carries on as if nothing’s out of the ordinary.

- At the end of the class, Toby manages to escape with the crowd, but Strickler addresses Jim directly, and once everyone else has left he acknowledges that Jim isn’t human. He isn’t hostile or accusatory about it though, he’s just curious. Jim is sheepish about being caught, but since Strickler is being so calm and reasonable about it, he isn’t too upset. When Jim walks out of the room, Strickler takes note of his gem, and after viewing security footage from earlier that day he’s able to piece together what Jim is. (I’m not sure how much information of Gems the Gumm-Gumms and Changelings would have kept, but if they have any then Strickler turns to that once he’s gathered data he could on those extra ‘students’)

- At this point in the day most of the school has heard of Jim and Toby the ‘transfer students.’ They get some odd looks for their strange behavior, but they get away with it because they are masters of fake-it-til-you-make-it. They’re just wandering about now that the classes are over, and they follow a group of kids outside. Jim observes as Steve and his friends keep Eli trapped in a locker and mock him. Jim decides on the spot that he doesn’t like Steve, and he steps forward to intervene. Steve barely has the time to demand what Jim wants before he’s abruptly shoved out of the way. Jim opens the locker unchallenged (Steve’s friends backed away in shock when he was shoved) and he strikes up a friendly conversation with Eli, who is slightly confused but happy to be out. Steve lunges forward to attack Jim, but Jim just shoves a hand against his face and holds him at arms length without even breaking conversation. (the perks of being a Gem. he may look scrawny but he could fling you into the sun)

- Of course they don’t go back to the school the next day. Everyone is left wonder who the heck they were. (Maybe later on they decide to sneak in again just for fun, and to mess with people coughStevecough but they certainly aren’t going to waste time attending a human school every day)

(you’ll notice I left Claire out of this post. There’s a reason for that, but I’ll get to that at a later date)