Thyroid update for anyone who remembers what a pain in the ass this was after I moved: I’ve been on Thyroid-S for 6/7 months now and I am feeling the best I have in the 7 years since I was diagnosed! Better even than I felt on Armour which was my choice prescription. For whatever reason though it’s not being sold on Amazon UK anymore. :( So I bought it from Canada *peace sign emoji*

Don’t tell me I talk about my illness too much. Every movement. Every breath. Is a reminder that I’m not ok. That I may never succeed.That I can’t do things that normal people do. That everyday is a struggle. Never ever tell me I talk about it too much.

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[Batteries in various stages of power against yellow background. Title text: “Effects of Social Events on Spoonies.” Battery 1 is ¾ full with caption: “Getting ready.” Battery 2 is ½ full with caption: “Travel to event.” Battery 3 is ¼ full with caption: “1-3 hours at event.” Battery 4 is empty with caption: “Travel home.”]

The thing about chronic illness is that it’s CHRONIC. It’s not like a cough where you have to drink plenty of OJ on the weekend and you’re all better.
It’s there with you ever morning and every night for the rest of your life.
My chronic illness is never going away so stop acting all shocked when I have to go lay down from exhaustion, like this shouldn’t happen to me anymore.
I live with an illness for life, try and deal with that fact.

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Another name for someone with a chronic illness is, light seeker. Because that’s all we do. We look for the light in the darkness. The light at the end of the tunnel. The north star, anything. Anything to give us the faith to keep going. The hope, it will get better.
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