thyroid cartoon

Dear Thyroid Freinds!

Thanks for all your sweet messages and sorry for the dely! I’ve been having a hard time the last couple of weeks because I’ve been sick and I was going to begin an internship as a graphic designer this fall, but it fell through. So now I’m having crisis where I don’t know what to do with my life + I’m sick and tired so things are not good right now. But I’m trying to find a job or another inernship and I try to get healthier. But yeah, right now things suck and it’s hard to find inspiration and energy, but I haven’t forgotten about the Typical Thyroid. It feels nice to know that I at least do something good with this blog and that I get to use my graphic skills to reach out to people. That makes me happy.

I want to talk about something that has to do with having hypothyroidism. And it’s about energy. Several years ago I took my energy and health for granted, and I never worried about not having enough energy to do things. I could do things nonstop for hours. But now I feel like I am running on a battery that’s low, and I have to use it only when necessary, otherwise I’ll crash. So if I have choir practice one evening, and I go to the gym before, my energy will be all used up so I don’t have any energy to go to my choir practice, this has happened several times. So basically I try to plan things so my energy will last. So I will probably only work out if I don’t have any other plans that day. It’s a lot like having a mobile phone, your phone won’t last all day if you play a lot of games on it, right? That’s exactly how I feel. It’s not just about being fatigue, because I can feel like I have energy, and then suddenly I don’t have any, it’s been all used up.

Of course this has become better with the right amount of medication and a healthy lifestyle. I have more energy, and I can do more things, like cleaning my house and going to the gym regularly. But I do feel like I have to be careful and not push myself to do too much, because I will and I have crashed and then I don’t have energy to do anything. 

Do you feel the same? If not, then you’re lucky I guess.

Take care of your Thyroids! XOXO