Drew the Cardamom Thyme from @loverofpiggies future comic, Lucidia~

IDK I put a few of my personal headcanons in here, but Ahhh. I can’t wait to see what she’s like in the real deal.

Headcanons being:

  • She enjoys green teas, especially those with ginseng or honey.
  • She likes sweets, but particularly loves cheesecake or desserts with a “smooth” texture.
  • She enjoys reading books about magic theory, especially ones written by humans. She finds them really funny when it’s completely wrong, but she has found several theories and practices that she agrees with or finds interesting.

My Happy Home spell bottle!

If you know me then you’ll know that over the past few years I’ve had a series of not-so-ideal living situations. I’ve had the room next to the kitchen, I’ve had incredibly messy roommates, and just all around bad situations that have left me with a lot of bad feelings. That’s where this little guy comes in.

I created this little spell bottle to dispel any bad feelings that I may be holding on to and to help create a happy environment, for not only myself but my housemates to live in. As I added each herb, I said aloud the purpose and job that herb had in creating a peaceful living space.

This bottle (starting from the bottom) contains:
- Rosemary: for cleansing and creating a clean slate
- Bay leaves: purification and removing my negative feelings
- Cloves: protection from negative energy
- Salt: protection and safety
- Cinnamon: energy for myself and my housemates
- Thyme: happiness for anyone who enters our home
- Basil: harmony and pathways of communication
- Coriander: love and friendship

- Sealed with the wax of a lavender scented candle made by and given to me by one of my current housemates