herbs in witchcraft

almonds: wisdom, money, prosperity
basil: luck, protection from evil + mental illness
bay leaf: purification, fortune, psychic energy
black pepper: banishment, exorcism
cardamom: love, warming
chamomile: love, healing, reducing, stress
cilantro: love, protection, longevity
coffee: dispels nightmares/negativity, grounding
cinnamon: spirituality, success, healing, strength
cloves: gaining what is sought
cumin: fidelity, protection against theft
dill: money, protection, lust, luck
ginger: sexuality, confidence, new experiences
honey: love, preservation, prosperity, binding
lavender: love, protection, healing, sleep
maple: love, wealth, longevity, luck
mint: energy, communication, prosperity
nutmeg: money, prosperity, luck, hex-breaking
oregano: joy, energy, vitality, strength
parsley: home protection, prosperity, health
poppy seeds: pleasure, invisibility, awareness
rose: domestic happiness, self-defence
rosemary: anxiety relief, memory, calming
sage: memory, cleansing, psychic protection
thyme: money, dispels nightmares, health

herb garden

a guide for witches who need a more herbal garden for healing, tea crafting, and growing plants in their practice.

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anise : helps find happiness, and is good for psychic abilities.

basil : anything pertaining to love, wealth, protection. dispels fears and weaknesses, drives off evil spirits, and confusion.

cat nip : brings forth beauty, happiness, good luck, good spirits, and a great high for a kitten.

borage : courage and psychic powers.

bergamot : corresponds with money, provides protection from evil and illness, and promotes a restful sleep.

chamomile : love, healing, and sleep. also known to reduce stress.

dill : corresponds with money, protection, lust and luck.

coriander : corresponds with love, health, and protection.

thyme : attracts loyalty, and good opinions from others.

sage : used for self purification and promotes dealing with grief.

rosemary : protects, cleanses, and aids in memory.

oregano : corresponds with joy, strength, and vitality. 

mint : promotes energy and communication.

lemon balm : corresponds with love, success, healing, and psychic/spiritual development. 

Slytherin Things (Part Three)

Dark sunglasses, black purses, blank canvases because of fear of parents discovering your art, tiny decorative notebooks, sarcastic Typo notebooks, hand-drawn bookmarks, thyme leaves in little bags, rose petals, beautiful shells, green glitter, leather jackets…


Updates on the balcony garden. Thyme ‘Silver Queen’ is a new addition to the sunny corner - the few hours of direct sun it gets might not be enough for it to thrive, but it’s worth a shot. Primroses are doing well in the acer pot, and the heuchera ‘Plum Pudding’ is the happiest I’ve ever seen, sending up new flower stalks almost every week. 

Lemon Sage Honey!
Great for sore throats, coughs, and colds.
Honey is my go to for medicine. It’s sweet, it’s wholesome, and it’s so beneficial!
Lemon and sage are a great combo to add to make it tasty and healthy and help you fight the nasties!
1c honey
1/2c lemon juice
2 tsp fresh sage or 4 tsp dried
Bring to a simmer.
Put a lid on it!
Take off heat and let sit 10min.
Label and date!
Store in fridge up to a month or so.
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To help improve your intuition & psychic powers

(requsted by @angelsdoom )


  • purple bag
  • black or dark purple ribbon
  • amethyst to connect with your intuition and psychic powers
  • clear quartz to inhence the energy
  • a holey stone to penetrate the mysteries of the future
  • bay leaf for psychic powers
  • lavender for clairvoyance
  • thyme to clear your mind
  • cinnamon for psychic powers
  • a copy of the High Priestess card


  • jasmine for divination
  • dry apple slices for knowledge
  • silver canldes

When to do it:

 New Moon.


Light candles if you wish, and then take the time to focus on your intent (developping your intuition and psychic powers, helping your divinatory practice, etc).

Put all the ingredients in the fabric, crystals first, focus on your intent for each of them, say it out loud if it helps;  then close it with the ribbon. While you do so, be sure to stay focus on your objective and to visualize yourself drawing cards, using your psychic powers, etc

Once this done, keep the charm bag near your practice area (for example, a tarot box if you use it for divination with the cards), and pull it out every time you want to use your psychic powers/work on your intuition/do divination.

You can also carry the bag with you if you wish!

And remember to recharge it regularily under the New Moon!