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Ah cool cool, you are a more direct old school taste to Metal, Rock and Punk, I appreciate that, I love Modern and Old School Metal/Rock myself, oh and if you love Doom, Death and Black Metal, check out the one man project "Mirrorthrone" by Vladimir Cochet, fuckin' amazing and underrated musician/composer \M/

Haha yes I am, mostly because my uncle and dad has been playing it for me since I was really tiny and all. Some new stuff is really cool tho. ^_^
Scene Kids need to STOP
Scene Kids are c0ncer...rawr ;3 Another round of my green screen experiments, except with more Franku material and taking the piss outta this old cringe vide...

I made another ITS TIME TO STOP green screen edit video…this time of the old cringey scene kid that loves BOTDF =P
A few months ago I had an idea for Five Nights At Freddy's and to make a sort of Deathcore/Metalcore song with the theme tune as a sample, so I decided to start on this song from last month. Ideas cam

Here’s my FNAF inspired Deathcore/Metalcore instrumental song, only with programmed/sequence drums, synths and samples but a good base for the track I’m trying to finish. I wanted to go for a typical oldschool Deathcore/Metalcore approach with the sample to snare intro but with my own twist of adding Synths and symphonic elements to make it that much more darker and creepy to fit the FNAF theme =]

Time Will Tell, when a Hypernova will Burn This World

A photo edit of mine combining a mix of The Browning’s album art, from Time Will Tell, Burn This World and their latest one, Hypernova! - ThyHarvesting

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“Changing History, Unchanging Heart.”

2013 opened up a rather unpredictable turn of events for me, with changes I had to accept to grasping new strengths as well as conquering old fears/anxieties. From an unfortunate loss in my family to finding new friends, it’s how life unravels itself, but in turn makes us stronger, wiser and teaches us to not take each second for granted but see for what it’s worth no matter how small it may be. I’ll forever hold onto the memories, emotions and experiences that truly made me feel alive and keep moving forward, with a progressive state of mind as I promised myself…and in turn hope others will do the same.

Happy New Year everyone!

- Picture edited by me (ThyHarvesting) =]

Finally finished this new design yesterday, had a major old Enter Shikari mood and found a cool design of a “hipster zombie” on tumblr so I got the idea to do something similar but in my own style. Using Enter Shikari and their “Take To The Skies” album as inspiration I created this piece! =D - ThyHarvesting

Full piece/picture:

Fail Emotions edited picture of my old picture with my custom made Fail Emotions plugs done by DeadFacePlugs =]

Fail Emotions:




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Ten facts about yourself, then pass it on to your ten favorite followers. \M/

  1. I’m addicted to coloring my hair.
  2. I listen to music almost the whole day through.
  3. I’m sad a lot for no reasons. 
  4. I love body modifications.
  5. I don’t know what to do tonight, like every other one.
  6. I can’t sleep, insomnia.
  7. I love the wrong people.
  8. I’m terrified of needing a person more than that person needs me.
  9. I’m lame.
  10. Star Wars.♥