thye art

it’s day 2, which was also done more than a fuckign month ago but WHO CARES it’s Mom Lalonde, fave guardian

bro’s design is cool but he’s a dick, and john’s dad is also cool but. Rose’s mom? hello

jade’s grandpa wasnt even in the running sorry


This week’s nails were inspired by the great new book by @lbardugo, Six of Crows!

I tried to represent all the main characters and the cover, which I personally think is one of the most beautiful book covers I own.

All free-handed with nail polish. If you are curious, you can also check my previous mani inspired by the Grishaverse, which perfectly shows how much you can improve if you actually learn how to use you brushes and camera, ha.

Friend asked for some GameGrumps cutes in my chibi style, and I just couldn’t say no because… They are awesome and give me many laughs