cel x ttr headcanons

ok so cel x ttr is like my FAVORITE addeve so have some head canons

•add LOVES playing with her hair, even being the one who put a strand of her hair into a braid, he often runs his hands theough her hair

•cel and ttr cuddle A LOT due to her in my headcanon being the eve that shows most emotion. she’s often soft to him

•she still occasionally slaps him for trying anythin

•when ttr was working on his time travel cel found out, she never told him she knew but she tried secretly to help him

• nsfw- they usually have lazy soft sex, though sometimes cel likes dominating over him more

•before cel became cbs, she knew she was going to completely regret it, and cbs felt the tiniest bit of hurt when add became de.


End of the night antics by 5sos

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