thx bryke

oh MAN people are pissed off about kya and aiwei being queer and the rage is not limited to makorra fans this time

i literally have one half of my dashboard like “bryke’s pulling a dumbledore!!” while the other side is “PARTY IN THE BACKSEAT MORE REPRESENTATION FOR US THX BRYKE”

on the one hand, yes, they probably didn’t have the flexibility to show kya and aiwei’s partners, but not even a hint? idk just spilling the beans like “oh, yeah, we thought on this and just….never put this on paper” sounds a little like the shit jk rowling said about dumbledore

and it sucks, but hey, the show’s over and there’s always fanon and we got korrasami. can we stop throwing tantrums and threatening to pull out of the fandom because of something that, to my knowledge, hasn’t even been really confirmed yet? that post had no sources