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there's this website called topsy and its basically an archive of twitter. you can analyze trends and figure out when a trend was first started and by who by changing the search dates. we'll be able to see when and who started it (if they didnt delete their original tweet that is). ppl think the cancel engmnt tweet was started by mgmt. thx

Hi Anon,

Thanks for messaging. Good website which I’ll make a better job of utilising properly when I’m not half dopey.  Had a quick look at the cancelyourengagementzayn trend.

This is the website:  x

And I did a quick search of the #cancelyourengagementzayn trend

Here are some pics:

According to the website, there were 139,551 tweets in this trend as above.

I went back to the oldest one as you can see from the pic above and according to the website, the oldest tweet was from an account called evilzayn (as if!)

So I looked on twitter.

History and experience have taught me to wary of the ‘egg’ on twitter.  Also ones that only have 7 tweets, 5 of which are all about that trend and look at their bio too.

There’s also a facility to check for ‘influencers’ on that website, again not really looked at it but according to that these were the top ones (am a bit sceptical about this)

So that’s just from a quick 5 minute check, the problem is how do you ever find the key source, say for example if it IS this evilzayn account, how do you ever proof they’re Modest?  You don’t or its difficult at best but it was weird nevertheless and most of us side-eye anything zerrie related particularly given that while there’s been triggers since for hating on it (for those that don’t hate on it 24/7 that is) there wasn’t as much on the face of it when the trend started.

So I wouldn’t be surprised if Evil Zayn was actually Richard Griffiths or some poor Modest intern but its hard to prove.   Thank you again for this website, its just a shame that on the face of it I can’t see if it proves where or what app each tweet was posted on as well.