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Okay but I wanted to say thank you for creating posts about similarities between characters and how they could bond without immediately going "THEY WILL END UP TOGETHER". You acknowledge how they could grow together, but don't completely shut down the possibility of romance OR friendship. You leave it ambiguous, because that's what everything IS right now, and I just wanted to say thanks for that 💖

yeah i just think these ship wars are kinda silly !!! like i don’t want my posts to be read as ‘this is how xyz-ship is GONNA WIN’ it’s just like ‘guys i dunno what this means or where the story is gonna go with this, but look at how this parallels that !!! isn’t that wild, isn’t that rad, like what does it mean !!!! aaa !!!’

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Ok so I've been following you for a long time now and honestly, you're amazing. Like seriously, I've been reading your metas and evaluations, and I love how you're able to respond to these nasty "ship wars" or whatever in a mature way (which no one else seems able to do like wtf). Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you for not stooping to other people's levels in this fandom.

i appreciate the feedback lol T.T

sometimes i feel like by responding at all i’m being just as hive-minded & childish but it’s so damn prevalent in the tags and whatnot and i’ll look in my own tag and see people saying i’m a ‘klancer’ or a ’kallura shipper’ like those are the two fronts in this ridiculous war & it’s like yall please i’m not playing this weird game okay i’m just tryin to stan the show lmao