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@complicite - my soulfriend, the artist of my icon, the plum to my bob. i love u and u deserve all the followers in the world.
@faireisims - ur sims are so gorgeous i don’t understand how u don’t have a million notes bc quality content my friend
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Hello and welcome new blog! I thought I’d send in a request for some HC. Basically how would the RFA + V & Saeran react to MC having a close male friend who flirts with them. I’m a sucker for jealous RFA lol!

Aaah thank you, anon!  This was extremely fun to write! Thank you again for sending in your request! ~Admin Mazz

Omg our first request!!! I was super super excited to write this because let’s be honest we all like it when they get jealous, m’kay? Enjoy, anon! (thx for being our first :3) ~Admin Lily


  • Seven knew that he was a close friend of yours
  • When he first met him he seemed okay?
  • But after the second meeting the guy said something pretty promiscuous.
  • Um, no sir she’s taken.
  • He would gradually indirectly insult the guy, trying to make a point that he wasn’t okay with his flirting.
  • You would brush it off, already used to his flirting, but it can get a little annoying after time
  • Once you kindly sassily said goodbye to your friend, you parted ways with seven
  • You can feel his grip tighten the whole way home, and you constantly ask if he’s okay.
  • Of course he’s fine, it’s just a friend.
  • Your mind says otherwise Seven.
  • When returning home he was more sulky and clingy to you.
  • I only love you Seven okay? Chill out.
  • You take him into a cuddle session and wait until he explains whats wrong.
  • When he finally gives in, he tells you he feels like that guy is after you.
  • “Oh, don’t worry he’s gay. He does that everytime we’re in front of someone.” You laughed at his worriment.
  • Oh, he didn’t see that coming.
  • He ends up laughing it off, and returns back to his normal self.
  • Though he knows that you love him, it still nags him every time situations like these appear.
  • To get rid of the bitter thoughts out of him, he’ll begin to give you a bunch of sloppy kisses to you, and it won’t stop until he’s gotten rid of any thoughts of you being gone.


  • Yoosung was definitely thrown off guard when he first met him
  • You had never mentioned him before, so he wondered how long you’d known him
  • He seemed like a decent guy, but Yoosung just couldn’t get himself to like him
  • Once he left, Yoosung began to bombard you with questions about him
  • “What’s his name? Is he always like that? How do you know each other?”
  • Yoosung calm down you’re talking to fast
  • You explain he’s just a friend from work that you’ve known for a long time and that he shouldn’t get jealous over someone like him
  • “Pfft! I’m not jealous!” Notorious Yoosung blush
  • The next encounter got a little more heated
  • He noticed your “friendly coworker” had made an attempt at flirting
  • Um what? He knows that you’re his, right?
  • He’s about to let out his yandere boyfriend-mode when he notices you push the flirtation aside and wave goodbye
  • You grab his hand and give him that smile he loves and he immediately melts
  • Of course, he can’t help but give the guy a cold glare as they walk away
  • “This isn’t over. I’m watching you.”
  • You began to tell Yoosung you loved him a little more than usual that night to get the point across “you are my one and only, Yoosung, I promise!”
  • “Aww, I love you so much. But, if he ever flirts with you again, you let me know.”


  • Being the level-headed angel that she is, Jaehee thinks nothing of this male friend since, ya know… you’re gay
  • But, even still when she realized that he seemed to be flirting with you, she was just like… “?”
  • Isn’t that kinda pointless?
  • But when she looked at the way you smiled at him, she couldn’t help but start to worry
  • “You are gay right?”
  • “Jaehee, aren’t we both?”
  • “Except for Zen. We’re both straight for Zen”
  • You reassure her that nothing is going on and that you aren’t even remotely interested
  • “He’s just a nice guy that I’ve known for a while.”
  • “Maybe a little too nice?” She would reply but you would laugh it off
  • Later on, the same thing would happen again and Jaehee would immediately begin to worry again
  • You just look so happy with him and she begins to feel insecure about it
  • You realize her discomfort quickly and immediately stop your conversation with your friend
  • “Babe, are you okay?”
  • “Oh, fine. It’s just that…”
  • You slowly smile, your cheeks becoming a rosy pink, before you explain: “Jaehee thinks you’re flirting with me, so she’s getting a little jealous~”
  • The guy immediately apologizes and explains that he’s just known you for a while, and that it’s all just fun in games, especially since he’s already married dropped his ring in the sink a week ago
  • “The only kind of women I’m allowed to flirt with are lesbians, so it’s just an inside joke, don’t worry.”
  • Jaehee is instantly relieved and began to apologize for the misunderstanding
  • “I told you so~” you would tease
  • She would smile and admit “you told me so”
  • “I love you so much, you’re such an angel”


  • You guys were out on a date  at a cafe when you ran into your good friend.
  • The guy takes you into a bear hug, and you can feel the icy stare being borne down onto your friend.
  • Poor guy, you started off on the wrong base already.
  • Before you can introduce your friend, Zen confidently introduces himself as your boyfriend.
  • It was a casual conversation until the guy  says a funny pickup line he heard from  someone.
  • Or so he says.
  • You laugh it off, and Zen didn’t think it was funny one bit.
  • “Hey you should use those to flirt with someone else.” Zen would tell your friend.
  • The guy would reply “I’m not flirting, I’m just being extra nice to someone attractive as myself.”
  • It seems you’re into being around narcissistic people huh?
  • You can feel the tension between the two become as hot as your drinks, and you needed to think fast before one of the two decides to play king-of-the-hill.
  • You take Zen’s hand, pointing out that you two will miss the movies if you don’t leave soon.
  • “Well, it was nice seeing you! We’ll see you later!”
  • Zen gives his other hand out to give firm death grip handshake to your friend, before pulling you towards him, and leaving the cafe.
  • “I don’t like him, babe.” Zen says to you while walking.
  • “You don’t like any guy I talk to Zen.”
  • “Well he was flirting with you and-”
  • “Zen, don’t worry, he’s been like that forever, and plus I love you.”
  • He would pull you into a kiss, realizing that he was being petty over nothing really.
  • You loved him, not some egotistic friend of yours.
  • Are you sure you’re not talking about yourself, Zen?


  • You two are hosting a dinner party together and having a blast when all of the sudden this buddy of yours decides to come along and ruin Jumin’s fun
  • You introduce this man to Jumin as an old friend from highschool that became a rather successful C.E.O.
  • “Oh! What company do you run?”
  • “My company is the top company in our market.”
  • “And, it is?” “Just answer the question, it’s not like I want to talk to you”
  • “My company makes delicious dog treats for adorable little puppies and dogs!”
  • Dog treats!? This man can not be trusted
  • You explain that this guy is  actually one of your closest friends
  • Him? Out of all people
  • The guy starts telling stories about you when you were young and mentions how much more attractive you’ve become since then.  Uh, oh.
  • “Excuse me?” Jumin will not tolerate those kind of comments
  • The guy doesn’t back down. He adds another comment on how “beautiful your eyes looked”
  • He is flirting, isn’t he?
  • Jumin immediately tells this guy that you are engaged and that you aren’t interested in him in any romantic way “if that’s what you’re implying”
  • You awkwardly tell Jumin that there’s no need for him to get so defensive over you even though you kinda like it don’t lie
  • The guy suddenly apologizes for offending Jumin in any way and leaves, telling you that he’d see you later
  • Offended? I’m not offended
  • You give Jumin a look before asking, “Jumin, do you have to get so jealous?”
  • “I’m not jealous.”
  • “Yes you are,” you’d chuckle.
  • “Am not.”
  • “Well, if you were jealous, I’d tell you not to worry because you’re the only man I’m interested in.”
  • Jumin would smile, feeling that deep love for you that he’s always felt before pulling you in for a passionate kiss, for that little friend of yours especially to see
  • “If he tries flirting again, I’m going to kick him out of Korea.”
  • “Jumin, no”
  • “Jumin, yes”


  • This precious bean wouldn’t say anything about this guy.
  • He’s not exactly the jealous type, so he wouldn’t start to worry until your friend made any inappropriate moves on you.
  • V had taken you out to take some photos at a local park, but V you can’t SEE, when you ran into a close friend from high school.
  • Your friend was… Well, he was a little intense when it came to you.
  • You specifically introduce V as your boyfriend to your friend, hoping that your guy-friend would take the hint of not trying anything.
  • You can be discrete as hell, but it ain’t gonna happen.
  • Everything started off nice, you three were having a casual conversation until how you two met came a part of the conversation.
  • We meet during high school, and when I saw her it was like love had blinded me.”
  • Are you insulting him? Or are you insulting me?
  • You laughed it off awkwardly, and looked to see V just smiling and nodding along.
  • He continued on with his previous statement, talking about how he tried to get with you, and you kept denying his attempts.
  • Yeah, I wonder why.
  • During all of this, V would slyly pull you closer to him, giving subtle hints that you were his.
  • Your buddy just seemed to almost ignore the fact you were taken.
  • “If only you would understand, maybe we could have a bit of fun, huh?” Your friend would ask flirtatiously, winking at you.
  • “Why would you even say that? That’s  disgusting.”
  • You and V would both feel uncomfortable after that comment, and he would tug on your hand, indicating you should both leave.
  • Turning towards your friend, you’d say that you are leaving.
  • Are you sure you wanna leave already? I was gonna ask you out to some drinks.”
  • “We’re both busy, if  you’ll excuse us.” V would say before grabbing his stuff, and taking you with him.
  • After escaping from your overly-flirtatious friend,  V would be eerily silent for majority of your outing for the day.
  • Every time you asked if he was alright, you’d would get, “I’m fine, love.”
  • He’s been thinking about maybe you’d be better off with someone else, so you could say in a sense he wasn’t fine.
  • By the time you two returned home, you had enough of his silent treatment.
  • “V, darling, are you jealous of my friend?”
  • “Of course not.” He would immediately reply with, but his thoughts have been saying otherwise.
  • You would be the one to take inessive and sit him down to talk to him.
  • “Well, I want you to know that I love you more than him.”
  • It still shocks him every time you say ‘I love you’ to him, but he pulls you into his embrace as he sits quietly with you for a few minutes.
  • “He’s way too intense.” You say to break the silence. “You wanna know why I always turn him down?”
  • “Why?”
  • “Because, he has an Oedipus complex.”
  • That gets both of you to laugh, and it reminds him why he loves you so much, and he should take your judgement on this.


  • You’ve told him about all your friends beforehand to help him adjust easier, but this guy… this guy he knew he wasn’t going to like at all
  • Still, you tried to explain that your guy-friend wasn’t a bad guy
  • “I’ve known him for a while and he’s very nice! You gave me a chance, why can’t you give him one?” Guilt-trip professional
  • He’ll try to be nice for your sake.
  • You three meet up at your apartment for a bit of a reunion between you and your friend, as well as an introduction for Saeran.
  • Your friend enters your house giving you an intense hug, and an awkward handshake to your boyfriend.
  • You introduce your friend to Saeran while slipping out the proud title of boyfriend
  • The friend gave Saeran an awakened glance as he mumbled, “boyfriend, huh?”
  • Wtf is that supposed to mean??
  • Well this was starting off great, but you were gonna try to make this work.
  • But you began to think these two are not gonna be compatible for friendship.
  • You brought the two into the living room, and tried to create a conversation that they could engage in.
  • Just when Saeran thought things couldn’t get any worse, he started to notice that your friend was always touching you in some shape or form when he talked (and it was you he was talking to, not Saeran)
  • “Can you try to keep you hands to yourself?” Saeran would ask, passive-aggressively
  • You would immediately look at your friend with an awkward glance, “I-uh…”
  • Your friend would remove his hands from you, only to make a crude comment about the your relationship with Saeran, and that you should’ve picked “someone like him.”
  • You seemed to be oblivious to his comment, which made Saeran glare at your friend,menacingly.
  • Didn’t you notice what he said?? He’s flirting with you!
  • You begin to notice the tension get bigger between the two and you begin to think that your attempt at bringing them together was probably a mistake
  • “Look at the time!” You said, awkwardly, “Saeran, we forgot we have to-to uh… get your brother that thing, remember?” Please, Saeran just go along with it
  • Trust me he’s happy to
  • You nicely explain to your friend that they had some very important things to do, and that this reunion will have to be postponed
  • Oml the smile Saeran had on his face as he tauntingly waved his fingers at your friend “bye bye~”
  • Of course, you held in your laugh until after you had closed the door
  • “You don’t have to get so jealous, you know?”
  • “Who said I was jealous?”
  • “I did,” you smirked, “anyways, let’s go get your brother that thing.” Notorious Saeran eye roll
  • “Hey, Saeran? I love you.” You smiled before batting your eyes playfully
  • Of course, he can’t help but smile, “good.”

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hey you are rad, thx for being cool! also we should be friends?? like, more? if that makes sense? also if you want/if this isnt too creepy?

um, yes!! i’d love that! not creepy at all, thanks, ur super rad too and i am totally down for being better friends

I was stalking some instagrams that “exposed” fitness models/insta famous girls for using photoshop and also for promoting bogus products. It makes me glad that I concentrate my fitness social media efforts on tumblr because I feel like this site is way more real - not only do I post selfies, but I basically journal about the way that I feel and it’s a great outlet for me. I also follow lots of wonderful people who have the same vibe as I do, and as an end result my dashboard feels very organic. So thank you guys for being you 😌

On another note, it made me realize that Instagram followers (or tumblr followers for that matter) aren’t important. My end goal is not to get a sponsorship, launch a brand, get paid to post about detox tea when I can drink prune juice to the same effect, etc. I started this blog so that I could have a support system to talk about my gym adventures as I learned to lift, and I keep it now for the bad ass community of lifting ladies that has developed through the years. I’ve made some great friends through this site, connect by our love for working out, and that’s been really positive for me because most of my friends don’t lift. I think it’s easy to lose sight of this when you get caught up in the notes and followers.

Here’s a promise to myself to keep this blog real af and to a 2016 filled with joy and opportunity ✌🏻️