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Titan Shifter List (Updated)

So here is the updated Titan Shifter list after chapter 93, I tried to use the last panels of them as best as I can.

1 &2. Founding Titan + Shingeki no Kyojin, aka Advancing Titan, aka Rogue Titan, inherited by Eren Jaeger

3. Beast Titan, inherited by Zeke Jaeger

4. Jaws, aka Dancing Titan, inherited by Galliard

5. Armored Titan, inherited by Reiner Braun

6. Colossal Titan, inherited by Armin Arlert

7. Female Titan, inherited by Annie Leonhardt

8. Cartwoman, aka Cargo Titan, inherited by Peak.

9. ???? Mysterious Shifter ????

It has always been a big trouble for me to understand the mental illness of Reiner. But after these chapters, I am capable of understanding him much better now.

A very broken mother raised him and filled him with her own dream, that if Reiner can become a Warrior, then they’ll live with his father who is hoping for a way to unite with them. And the first burden Reiner started to carry on his shoulders became his mother, and Marley made this weight even heavier for a child to carry, like using children to win a war against another country. But he believes in everything Marley and his mother says, despite everything was all lies. He believed that if he’ll get to choose as a Warrior and punish those evils on that island, he’ll finally have a happy family.

And when the first lie he believed in this much shattered down, we saw him having his first mental breakdown as well.

His father doesn’t want him and her mother. He is not praying for meeting them whatsoever. He thinks they are devils he needs to run away. It is all lies.

He hasn’t even realized a whole time passing, the next time Reiner regains his consciousness, they are about to set off the mainland.

But he still has lies to hold on, that he was chosen by Marley to inherit the Armored Titan, that he’ll be a hero and get rid of those devils on Paradis. But… He finds out that this also is nothing but a lie. 

And then he has another breakdown after that realization.

And next time he regains his consciousness again, everything is about to change for him. Once again, we see Marcel getting eaten by Ymir. Once again, Reiner is having a shit day.

And then he starts to run to only lie he has left to believe, that he’ll be the hero to save the world once he punishes those devils on that island.

And once again, a lie he believed in crushes him there.

RBA snick in to the walls they have come to break down and join Military there.

And there, Reiner realizes that these people are not the devils. They are not in fault. It is his fault that they are in pain. On that day, Reiner realizes that the devils living on that island is actually more human than many, even himself. They are not planning to take down Marley, they don’t even understand what is going on. They are innocent. And the final piece of mental health Reiner flies away at that moment.

And Reiner creates a new lie for himself. That he is a loyal soldier and his cause is to protect the Walls and humanity. 

I love how Ymir is right after all these time, Chapter 46.

Before these chapters, many of us, including me, thought that Reiner’s soldier personality is based on heroic big brother Marcel. Yes, it was true that Marcel was a big brother but the heroic one was Reiner there. If Marcel and Ymir have something in common, it is that they are both the characters fandom maybe put a little bit too much hope for. Both of them ended up being much simple than we thought they are.

Soldier Reiner was based on Reiner’s lies. Behind the walls, life was so peaceful for child Reiner who never had a chance to have his own dreams and his own interests. So he forgets why he is there, why he is there, and the burden of everything he carried from mainland to Paradis. Forgetting them must have been so peaceful for Reiner.

Chapter 42.

And the realization must hurt even more.

Chapter title for 95 can’t fit any better for him. And it fits even more, specially after seeing how he keeps lying.

From left to right; Reiner telling Bertl that he is not reliable in Chapter 77, Reiner telling the days he spent at Paradis in Chapter 94, Reiner interrupting Porco and protecting him from accidentally treason in Chapter 95, Reiner telling Falco that he needs to surpass Gabi in Chapter 93.

As he was growing up, he was telling himself the lies he believed in. After years, now he is telling people the lies he doesn’t believe anymore.

While I am waiting for official chapter release to write my actual chapter thoughts, there is something that breaks me harder and harder as I keep re-reading the chapter so this is something like an opening post, let’s say.

Let’s remember what Marley promised to families who are willing to give their children as Warrior candidates.

Chapter 86.

And then we learn how much our little Reiner put effort to be an honorary Marleyan to live with his mother and father as a family which shatters my heart in so many pieces. 

Then in the chapter, we witness all of Warriors are returning to Liberio with no exception.

Chapter 94.

Even shifters like Zeke, Pieck, Mr. Poko Galliard and Reiner who were promised to live like honorary Marleyans as free citizens with their families are returning to Liberio and keep living within the walls they all were born behind.

So everything Marley promised was all a lie to trick the poor Eldian families to built a brainwashed Eldian army.

So these poor children ripped their asses to pass to be a shifter is… For nothing but keep being Marley’s pawn.

So the term douchebag is not enough to describe Marley. 

In days like this… I miss Zackley.

Armin’s parent revealed!

And it is %100 canon!

Do you guys remember Volume 22′s fake spoilers? There, Isa actually revealed a huge plot point!

One of Armin’s parents! 

Look how Armin is wearing glasses like Zeke. That’s important. Isa was dropping clues to us that Armin is actually Zeke’s son!

Other similar things Armin and Zeke accidentally have o.O

  • They are both blond. This is important.
  • Both of them were raised by their grandparents.
  • Both of them wear glasses like their parents, though Armin wears it only at High School AU.
  • Armin is so smart like Zeke. Father like son.
  • Both are Titan shifters.

Zeke met with Armin’s mom when he was spying within the Walls and they fall in love. 

Remember this couple?

Yes, these are Zeke and Armin’s mom. Notice how man is flying away while woman is staying behind? That’s Armin’s mom, who gave birth to Armin in prison then died. Zeke manage to fly away to Marley, but failed to take his lover with him and didn’t know she was pregnant. That’s why Armin was raised by his grandpa and this is the story of how he got that book about ocean and outside world.

And not just that, Armin’s incredible similarities with his long distant uncle Uri is impossible not to notice.

And it is ironic that he grew up with his own uncle, Eren Jaeger and then met with his distant related cousin, Historia Reiss.

I wonder if they’ll ever solve the origins of Armin Fritz Reiss Jaeger Arlert.

This page have been memed to death, but now the time has come to analyze it.

All this time we were wondering how Zeke turned Ragako Vilage’s citizens to mindless titans, how the titan horde he used at Return to Shiganshina Arc suddenly appeared. Now, we got ourselves an answer. Like Eren did at Chapter 50, Zeke also uses his cry to turn Eldians to Mindless Titans. 

It hurts to see how Eldians are treated at the other side of ocean. It hurts to see what a Mid-East Union soldier saying to Falco right after Falco saved his life. It hurts to see how that Marley officer is laughing at them after Mid-East soldier’s words. It hurts to watch Eldian people plunging out from a plane like they are potato sacks and watch Zeke turning them to Mindless Titans so that they can win the war for Marley.

It hurts even more to see Eldians fighting in a war that was started 2000 years ago and being punished for the things their ancestors have done long before they were even born. 

But I am not the only one in pain. They are also hurt even more than I am.

Let’s look at the left side of the page.

Zophia is watching this with a stoned face. Udo closes his eyes and griefs.

Colt is sweating to death.

We can literally pinpoint the moment Gabi’s heart shatters to pieces.

And Falco is in pain, just look at his eyes.

The Eldians that was drugged and turned to Titans are their people and we can see how much the damage Marley Treatment™ done to them clearly. To all Warriors, with no exception.

The kids aren’t alright. ( x )

Just some random thoughts and theories about Ackerman Clan.

We do learn from Granda Ackerman that Ackermans used to be a close family to the royals, just like East Sea Clan. What made them different was that they were the shield and the sword of Royal Family. At Chapter 93, we also learn that they are a myth only royal family knows. 

At dark ages, Eldia Empire enslaved Marleyans and so told tried to etchnically erased them over 1700 years, of course as Kruger said so logically, this makes no sense.

What if like Eldians were trying to make humans more titan-like, what if they were making experiments on Marleyans like Titan Chemistry Research Society is doing on Eldians recently? And the conclusion of those experiments are Ackerman Clan? 

We don’t know much about Dark Ages where Eldia Empire ruled, what we do know is not reliable and changed by many people many times. But R.I.P Eldia Empire and Marley Empire are more alike than any Marley would be able to acknowledge.

Eldia defeated Ancient Marley Empire, relied too much on Titan powers and got defeated by Marley thanks to their super power human brain a hundred years ago.

And now, Marley is cornered at a close situation. They relied too much on Titan power that Mid-East Empire was nearly defeating them with their super power aka developed tech and they also know if they do not stop relying on Titan Power, they are done for.

It is really like a wheel that keeps turning endlessly, one time Marley is at top, one time Eldia.

If those who are at the top of it really did and are crush the ones at bottom, this would be just another piece to show how similar they actually are.

So what I am saying here is what if Ackermans actually Marleyans that somehow got injected with Titan powers? That would explain a lot. That would explain why King Fritz can’t control them even though they are not Eldians yet how monstrously strong they are even though they are humans. Not Marley, not Eldian, something in between. Outcasts that can’t be controlled other than one thing.

Their lieges.

I wonder if the actual reason Ackermans have lieges is to keep them under control. They can reach the great power that lies within them only if they choose a liege they are going to serve under. They gain a great control over their body and mind in order to be under control of that one person.

For a long amount of time, these people were chosen from royal family. After Ackermans rebelled to King with East Sea Clan, they also gained the freedom to choose their own liege yet they still are the slaves of their great strength and their lieges thanks to blood running through their veins. Yet again, they still have free will and they still can make individual choices. Maybe, the hanged Ackerman chose to give up on his life and the status Ackermans have within royals and chose to rebelled to gain this freedom. Even if it is just a little bit.

It would be fitting to learn that Ackermans are some kind of genetically changed Eldian - Marley hybrid instead of super mysterious magical winged ninth titan.

Just my two cents.


I love how dramatic Isayama can be sometimes. It is pretty obvious he set an antagonist/ opposite theme for Survey Corps and Warriors.. He 

Isayama sure must love “We are so opposite yet so similar” phrase.

In volume 23 cover, the sun is rising or about to go down so we have this orange background, meanwhile at volume 25 the sun has set and it is night time.

At the center of volume 23, we have Reiner and at 25 we have Eren. While their gang dressed up like they are going to same party, Reiner and Eren decided that they are 2cool4dis and Eren wears his comfy pajamas while Reiner is wearing a long brown coat, trousers and both of his shoes. While Survey Corps is looking at us, the readers, Warriors are looking at some somewhere we don’t know. And as obvious as it is, Survey Corps is wearing black while Warriors are unfortunately wearing white…

As pointed out, zeke and levi are showing us their backs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I can go on but it is pretty obvious Isayama has set an antagonist/opposite setting for Warriors and Survey Corps. Both sides are very different, yet so similar and unlike their character settings, both sides are so very grey.

Also one side has our good ol’ friend eren JAEGER and other has our creepy uncle zeke JAEGER so isa can you please give us the jaegertalk i am so eager for?? 

also isayama’s name is written white at volume 25 and black at volume 26

145th King Karl Fritz and Paradis’ History

745 - 100 years ago, Karl Fritz who grew tired of endless wars and slavery dreamt a dream of the perfect order and peace and thought if his nation wouldn’t have existed world would be a better place. He and Tybur family conspire to their empire that’s about to collapse and made this conspiracy look like it was thanks to Tybur family and Helos, the man so-suppose-to-kill The Devil of All Earth but actually a holllow statue that never existed.

So Eldia Empire falls, King Fritz takes as many Eldians as he could to Paradis Island. There he turns some of them to Wall Titans and brainwashes the rest. He gives Marleyan families authorities and sets a puppet Fritz Family while he acts like he is a another aristocrat and changes his name to Reiss. He also says that it is forbidden to wonder the outside world and go beyond the Walls, unless you’re a Survey Corps member. Survey Corps was a way to remind Walled People that outside world is a dangerous place you’ll get eaten if you go outside.

Ackerman Family and East Sea Clan members rebel against King and his ideologies and by doing so, their elimination begins. Head of Ackerman family offers his head to bring peace but it doesn’t help. With the fear of royal family, they do not pass any knowledge to their children fearing they might be a target too.

80 years pass while the Founding Titan changes hand but because of King Fritz’s vow to renounce war, none of the inheritors of Founding Titan could explain the truth of the lie they live in nor free their people from Titans. 

825 - Local school teacher Smith is smart enough to not to buy King’s bed time story about how the Walls they live behind are Paradise and tells this to his son. this blows his son Erwin’s mind away and he wants to tell this to his friends, his neighbours and local Military Police. Papa Smith goes missing, this causes a big trauma and an obsession in Erwin’s mind.

830 - Serial killer Kenny Ackerman listens his Grandpa’s story about the actual history and tracks the King down in intention to kill that person that’s stronger than him. With the help of one of aristocrats, he finds the recent king, Uri Reiss, and tries to murder him. He fails but Uri spares his life and Kenny choses him as his liege. Kenny becomes royal family’s #1 protector and hitman, Ackerman family were spared from the elimination order that has been chasing them over 80 years and Kenny finds his sister’s son, Levi, in the Underground City and takes care of him till a certain age he knows how to protect himself. After being sure of that, he leaves Levi on his own because you gotta throw a bird out of the nest if you want it to fly.

835 - Keith Shadis, a member of Survey Corps and future commander, finds a man named Grisha Jaeger outside of the Walls. Grisha lies by saying he doesn’t remember anything but his name. Keith takes Grisha to the tavern Carla is working, then gets cocblocked by Grisha. Eren Jaeger is born.

842 - Uri tells Kenny that the world will be soon perished and he wants to enjoy his Paradise, repeating King Karl’s words to Kenny. Frieda becomes next Queen of The Walls and the owner of Founding Titan.

844 - Levi Ackerman joines Survey Corps thanks to pressure of Erwin Smith. Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackerman murders Mikasa’s three kidnappers. Mikasa choses Eren as her liege.

845 - Fall of Wall Maria. Grisha Jaeger stoles the Founding Titan from Frieda Reiss by devouring her and murders rest of Reiss / Fritz family. He then passes his powers to his son, Eren. Historia Reiss’ mother gets slaughtered in front of her eyes by Kenny Ackerman, she was forced to change her name to Krista Lenz.

846 - Walled Government announces a retake mission for Wall Maria. %20 of population dies. 

847 - RBA are looking for Founding Titan inside the Walls, they discover that the government is ruled by a puppet family and decide to join the Military. Kenny Ackerman creates Anti-Personal squad.

848 - Ilse Langnar meets with a Titan that can speak. Titan salutes her and says “Ymir-sama” before losing it’s control and devouring her. Annie Leonhardt begins to give Eren hand-to-hand combat lessons.

849 - Levi Ackerman and Hange Zoe find Ilse’s journal.

850 - Trost and beyond.

Chapter 93 Thoughts.

Le writer is happy because this was such a good chapter.

I will be using Mangastream since it is on the point and Crunchyroll translation is not out yet. I will make corrections after I read Cruncyroll translation.

Ah, I am really living for chapters like this! Many things I learn, many things I crave. New info. Yay! To sum it up cursory, in this chapter we saw:

  • Isayama really did reversed the map, call it a brand new world and gave half of it Marley. Really, Marley is putting British, Mongols and Romans to shame while Alexander the Great is crying at background.
  • Marley is relying too much on Titan power, that is why they don’t have an advanced army and navy.
  • Mads Mikkelsen is their marshal.
  • Mid-East Union is now Fab-Kebab Union who lost the war but also got all the praises and that made Marley jealous.
  • Zeke can get even more interesting every month. He also has a Zekeret.
  • Marley is not aware that Zeke is royal blood. Bruh.
  • We found out how Zeke is able to control titans. With injecting his own spine fluid. Reasonable.
  • Cartman is actually a cartwoman and she stole my heart. Unlike roast master Galliard.
  • Reiner “I must protect the smol ones” Braun. Enough said.
  • The smol ones are also winning my heart more every chapter. Gabi, Falco, Udo and Zophia are 14 year old cutie pies.
  • Paradis is doing well, Paradis is doing great.
  • Ackermans are actually lab rats.
  • Ymir. Beautiful. Willful. Dead.
  • Le writer is wishing next month to be a Warrior chapter as well to get a Warrior volume and her chapter thoughts are under the cut.

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After 66 chapters, more than 5 years, Mr. Leonhardt finally made an appearance, this time we were able to get a full glance of him.

This was our first meeting with him.

Chapter 33.

After the basement reveal, first one, it didn’t took too much of an effort to figure out Annie’s father first wanted his daughter to be chosen as one of Warriors but then realized what he did was an awful, awful mistake after it was too late. So he asked his daughter one promise, that she’ll come back no matter what happens.

We thought he may be a Revolutionist, a kung-fu teacher and what else but he ended up being a an average looking sassy man that uses a walking stiff. 

Look how dissatisfied he looks when he sees Kalina and how the word “honor” is in commas. He is at Villi’s play because he is curious about what he is gonna reveal, not because he thinks this is an “honor” like Kalina does. 

He is quite sulk when Villi is telling the story of RBAM. 

Actually if you look at all his panels, the only time he is giving a different expression is that one panel he is talking about Annie. Like father like daughter, right?

Could it be that the only hope he’s holding onto is actually long gone or his daughter will be back to him and keep her promise?


Reason #1 Reiner wants Falco to inherit his Titan power is an obvious one: He doesn’t want his lil cousin to die because of the ignorance of their family.

And reason #2 is revealed after this chapter.

Gabi says Reiner that when she inherits the Armored Titan, then Reiner will keep living inside Gabi, then she will be able to understand why he’s in such pain and be able to help him and other Eldians. 

But that’s not what Reiner wants. 

Because if Gabi inherits the Armored Titan, then he won’t vanish, he won’t disappear, instead he’ll be remembered and be honored by someone. These are not things Reiner thinks he is worthy because he basically blames himself for everything happened. He doesn’t think he’s worth of all the effort and it hurts me personally so much…

This was probably pointed out before but there is something I really enjoy the way Isayama writes his arcs. They all have a main theme covering small ones.

Fall of Shiganshina Arc is where everything began, EMA lost their home when RBA attacked to Shiganshina and snitched to Walled People, in the background Ymir was crying under a sky because she was thankful to get a new chance by devouring Marcel and Historia was forced to change her name and live a different life right after her mother got killed. 

Trost Arc is about the causes our characters want to / will fight for. Jean joining Survey Corps to prevent deaths like Marco’s, Mikasa promising how she is not gonna give up and live to remember Eren when all she has is a tiny blade against a titan; Eren, his wish to be free and vengeance, Armin and outside world are the best examples for this.

Female Titan Arc is about loyalty, trust and sacrifice. Erwin make this clear at his speech in ceremony when he asks candidates to dedicate their hearts. He acts honest to them and asks them if they can sacrifice everything, even their lives for this cause. 

Clash of Titans Arc is about returning home. Connie, Sasha, Bertolt, Reiner, Hannes were all wishing to return their homes. Mikasa was trying to get her home, aka Eren, back and Ymir was trying to protect her home, aka Historia. When Ymir went with RB, she also acted out of the theme of this arc and we all know how it turned out. Hannes wanted to bring back something that is long gone and he got eaten. We see this quite clear that if you can’t keep moving on, then no mercy will be shown to you.

Uprising Arc is about facing with the dreams and / or lies our characters have hold on to. Eren realizing how wrong he was at Reiss Cave, Historia realizing what actually Rod is, Levi facing with Kenny, Erwin telling us his childhood are the examples I can think of right now. If you can’t let go of the past, like Kenny and Rod; if you can’t face the lies that were told to you, like Traute and Kenny Squad, you are done.

Return to Shiganshina Arc is about letting go. Hange summed this very well at chapter 84. Levi and Erwin, Hitch and Marlowe, Reiner and Bertolt, Historia and Ymir, Hange and well, so many… Every one of our characters have faced with the danger of something that is precious to them and many lost it.

Since our new arc, Truth of Marley, is quite new, it’s main themes are not quite clear yet. Maybe it is about the realization of how there is no good or bad sides in a war. We’ll see about that one.

I really love when Isa does this. Yes, he is not the best writer out there but he knows his story best. Even when he was a beginner, he  has chosen what he wants to teach us through his story. I am really thankful to him.

A very personal post for Erwin Smith

When I began to watch this series, I haven’t been attached to Erwin that much. Like many of us, I began this series with anime and at first season, I had no interest in Erwin, till the end.

To me, the series began at episode 25 of anime. I have fallen to SnK hell at that episode and since then I am happily craving there. Till that episode, characters were not interesting to me, can you believe?! But at that episode, I got hooked for characters like Annie, Eren, Levi and Erwin. And of course after that, Isayama made me swallow my words about his amazingly written characters. I remember the exact moment I got so impressed of Erwin.

 This, is it.

This is the moment I fell for Erwin Smith.

There’s even a fanart about the actual footages of me and Levi so I know I am not the only one

Of course then I read manga and find out that this moment is actually a filler etc but as I kept reading, my love for Erwin started to grow too. And then it became a strong tree with roots and branches.

The reason I love him this much is not because he is cool, handsome and a generous wonderful commander. These reasons do help, but I have loved characters with horrible, horrible attitudes too. I don’t need them to be perfect to be loveable, I need them to be relatable.

And I found Erwin a very relatable character, specially for grown ups.

I am saying he is specially relatable for adults, because I don’t think normal teenagers can relate to give up someone you love or the grief of losing a close one, teenagers are not that broken by Life™  that much, yet. But Erwin, like many of adults, has suffered by these.

But that’s not just it.

He also knows what it feels like to be a failure. What it feels like to be disappointed by self. What it feels like to have an unachieved, broken dream.

Yet he keeps trying to reach it, trying to find a way.

Have you ever met an accountant that doodles on his desk because he wanted to be an artist? Or that catlady that randomly dances even though her joints are hurting because she just loves to dance? Have you ever met with someone that has an unachieved, broken dream?

Those are my favorite kind of people, because the child in them never dies. They always find a way to keep it alive and it’s not like all of them still want to achieve that dream, they have mostly carried on yet that dream remained a part of them. You know what they say; the beautiful and enjoyable part is the journey, not the destination.

Erwin Smith is also a part of this crew.

That’s why I find him so relatable personally.

That’s also why I found his death so beautiful, too.

I mean it.

When his father died, he could have gone rogue and swore to get his revenge, but that was not what his father thought to him. Papa Smith thought Erwin to dream, to seek for answers and Erwin followed this till the end. Many people thought Erwin may be a monster, yet he was one of the most human characters. When he died, he was surrounded by the people that loved him, other than Flocke, he got his way of a funeral and Levi even picked some flowers for him. 

Before riding to death, he thanked Levi because he also understood that what matters is the journey, not the destination. He close his eyes without free from regrets and free from pain and not just that, probably for the first time in his life, someone understood him, too. Levi cared for him more than he cared about anything else at that moment. How amazing is that?

Look how soft his smile is.

This is not he smile of a man that is about to die, this is the smile of a man that is relieved.

So happy birthday Danchou Eyebrows Smith!


There have been times I got scared of Eren but this chapter is probably the winner for me. Damn it Eren.

First, he cuts his hand and by doing so, he threatens Reiner and hostages Falco + residents of the building so that Reiner won’t make a trouble for him.

He is absolutely brutal while Reiner is having the mental breakdown of his life in front of him. Reiner is having more than a thousand crisis and Eren calmly orders him to sit.

Reiner couldn’t even speak properly and Eren is the one that leads him. Reiner asks him “how” and Eren is like: “Bruh, you should ask what I come here to do. Same reason as you, I don’t have a choice.” And Reiner has totally lost it because he thinks he is gonna murder a lot of people like he did back at Paradis. 

There’re teardrops at Reiner’s eyes, he is about to cry.

Is Eren right about not having a choice? Yes, he couldn’t choose when his father passed his titan powers to him. But I don’t think anyone is forcing Eren to murder a big amount of people at festival. If something is gonna happen, it’ll be happen by his choice. 

I wonder, could Eren be getting a la First King treatment from Grisha and Kruger’s ideologies combined? Uri spoke with 145th King Karl Fritz’s words to Kenny back then.

Chapter 69 vs Chapter 99.

He seems quite in control though, more than ever. If he decides that he is gonna transform and cause a mess, this will be his choice.

Moving on.

Eren doesn’t stop throwing shades at Reiner.

Oh look the same quote from the reveal scene and Reiner making a Bertolt impression.

And then Villi reveals Marley’s new enemy, Eren Jaeger and he listens this with a straight face.

And on that moment, Falco realizes that, he fucked up.

Our protagonist Eren has become new antagonist of story and our antagonist Reiner has become new protaganist. It’s so enjoyable to watch the opposite roads these two similar characters are taking.

Isayama didn’t miss his chance to fangirl and changed his protag icon to Reiner and this also suggests us that Eren is our new antagonist. 

Next paragraph is my theory.

Since 98, I thought that Zeke, who works with Villi, was also working with Eren. Could it be their plan to antagonize Eren and give Marley nation a common enemy to unite them? Villi did said Marley needs another Helos but Helos is actually another hollow statue. Could he mean that to make a new beginning we need another lie? Whoever gets to stop Eren Jaeger will become our new beginning? If an Eldian would do that then Eldians will get the acknowledge as human beings, right? Am I even making sense right now?

I am shooketh and having chills after this chapter, ugh I need next on my desk tbf!

Eye Color Changes at Shifters

So far we have witnessed many eye color changes going on within shifters and this takes too much of my attention and confuses me a lot, let’s talk about this a bit.

To guess what is going on with Uri and Frieda is easy. When First King, or so called his will, is taking their control, their eye color is changing to a darker tone as you can see at middle up there but when it is their true selves, they are shifting back to their original eye colors which you can see at corners.

We don’t know Zeke’s official eye color in manga yet but thanks to anime and some official stuff, we can say that he is also a member of shifting eyes club. Shifting eyes club? Got it? Nvm.

I am not taking any questions about the flower crowned Beast Titan edit.

I think Zeke’s original eye color is the kind of green we see up there but when he is commanding his titans, his eye color is shifting to that yellow-ish one. Opposite might be happening too, though it seems more unlikely. In volume 22 pv, Zeke’s eyes were colored as some sort of yellow but I think Kodansha took that way as an artistic choice to portray his betrayal ™ . We are gonna get a SnK cover on Bessatsu Shonen this month so we might see his actual eye color there.

The actual troublemaker here is Grisha. Again.

When he was not the owner of Shingeki no Kyojin, aka Attack Titan, his eyes were a much darker color, brown(?). After he inherited Shingeki no Kyojin from Kruger, he also inherited his eye color and that color didn’t seem to change after he started to live within the Walls. So that makes you think, was it really Grisha lived within the Walls or was it Kruger? Did they co-existed together? Who married and fall in love with Carla? Both? Whose son Eren genetically is? If so, Eren must have his eyes from Kruger, his world view from Grisha and everything else from Carla.

And then, there is this.

Out of all panels at chapter 71, the one at left is the only panel that old Grisha’s eye color is close to young Grisha. And what he is saying there is not really relieving. That panel is right before he is about to take Eren to inject titan syringe. Maybe this is an artistic choice too? Maybe I overthink this too much I became color-blind?

I’d say the color changes are happening because of a royal shifter using the true power of their titan, like Zeke controlling titans or Uri using his titan powers to understand Kenny is an Ackerman, but Grisha is the killjoy of my theory. Maybe he and Kruger co-existed together and we gotta call start calling him Krusha after he inherited Attack Titan?

Other than the shifters I mentioned above, no pattern of eye color changing haven’t seen within shifters. Makes you wonder, why Eren didn’t have any eye color changes when he used Coordinate at chapter 50? Is it because he was not royal? Or was it because he inherits two titans in a row? 

I really don’t know, I am quite lost here. Let me know your thought about this.