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Diana Thoughts Pt. 1: Diana must have such complicated feelings about Shiny Chariot. She was bullied as a young child for being a witch. Since it seems like the witch population is incredibly low, she probably didn't have any friends (before she met H&B). And THEN... Shiny Chariot begins performing. Magic is COOL, and POPULAR, and WONDERFUL. All of the sudden, the very things she was bullied for make her special. Everyone wants to be her friend! And Shiny Chariot's shows are so beautiful!

Diana Thoughts Pt. 2: Diana LOVES Shiny Chariot. Sure the adults say that her magic is pointless, there’s no power in it, but Diana doesn’t care. Shiny Chariot makes everything better and so so happy. But then… she just disappears. No one knows anything, the shows stop and the popularity slowly fades. All of her new friends slowly start drifting away once they move past the Magic phase. The bullying starts again. It must have been so crushing, to lose everything that gave her such joy.

Diana Thoughts Pt. 3: Shiny Chariot betrayed her, she was just a sham like all the adults said. There was no power in her magic, she did nothing useful, she disgraced magic throughout the world. Diana would never forgive her. And thus, locking away her precious Complete Shiny Chariot card set, Diana begins her studies in earnest. SHE would learn REAL magic. SHE would show the world how good magic can TRULY be. Not empty entertainment, but all of its wonders. Diana Cavendish would prove it.

Diana Thoughts Pt 4?: But she still has those memories of the brightest time in her life.. Full of laughter and joy, friends and beauty. She still thinks of it from time to time… But shakes her head and returns to her studies, silly fantasies built off of a sham witch… And then one day, a girl with a spark in her eye, a jubilant cheer, and a very familiar staff literally explodes into the initiation ceremony… Diana Cavendish is in Trouble.

i need to know WHAT HER PAST IS LIKE



Your Love’s a Fucking Drag (But I Need it So Bad)

Summary: Dan likes black and leather jackets, Phil likes reading in solitude and playing video games. But they have one thing in common as new roommates at uni: They are both completely straight. Just because they like to get each other off every once in a while doesn’t make it any different.
Word Count: 1424
Warnings: Cussing, smoking, smut. Lots and lots of smut
Title: Nicotine - Panic! at the Disco

@whalefairyfandom12 writes Phil’s POV
@phansdick writes Dan’s POV



Chapter Three

Dan didn’t like her.

He didn’t know why, honestly, because he’d only uttered a few words to her before bursting out the door in a hurry to meet his lovely Cheryl. But there was something about Maria that made Dan’s lips press together and his skin crawl with disgust.

Maybe it was the height, he ventured, and how she was so small compared to Phil that he towered an entire foot over her, having to bend down to kiss her or even to embrace her. But that didn’t explain why Dan was so disgusted, so he decided it was because her eyes were a dull brown, framed in eyelashes that were too long that made her eyes look too big for her porcelain face. Or maybe it was her curly hair, springing in ringlets that were noticeably hard to tame.

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Fairy Tail - Cinderella
Other monsters on the field cannot be targeted by Spell effects. Once per turn: You can discard 1 Spell Card; equip 1 Equip Spell Card from your hand, Deck, or Graveyard to this card, but return that Equip Spell Card to the hand during the End Phase.
Can Be Found In: Raging Tempest (RATE-JP035)

While usually archetypes debut with enough cards to create a complete Deck right from the start, some take a very slow pacing to release their cards or even reveal their entire strategy. A good example are the Fairy Tails, a extremely small group of monsters with respectable ATK and the ability to keep control of the opponent actions. They have wonderful abilities to stand on their own despite the severe lack of options at this point, and once they have an build of their own will most likely stand out.

“Fairy Tail - Cinderella” is the most aggresive Fairy Tail of the three members available at the moment. While on the field, “Cinderella” will protect the rest of monsters in both fields from targetting Spell Cards, not only protecting our side but also restricting some benefits from the opponent’s. While is obvious that “Cinderella” is unprotected this is in part to work along her second effect, where in exchange of discarding a Spell Card we will be able to equip her a Equip Spell from anywhere in the game except banished. This ability lasts until our End Phase where the Equip Spell will go to our hand, but efficiently works to turn “Cinderella” in a powerful attacker and/or a searcher of Equip Spells to reuse later on. While Fairy Tail will take a long while to become a full archetype, “Cinderella” is probably the most menacing of the bunch as efficiently works in different roles.

Archetype or not, Fairy Tails are Spellcasters and thus gains a complete set of tools and support to be on the field as soon as possible. If we’re more interested in her potential as a searcher of Equip Spells, we can start a Duel with “Summoner Monk” summoning her from the Deck and use her ability despite being unable to attack. If you wanna stay on theme, “Fairy Tail - Talia” will offer her Flip effect to summon “Cinderella” and any other monsters resting in our hand. Since all Fairy Tails are Level four so far we can work along Pendulum Summon to bring them all at once, or work along monsters like “Goblindbergh” and “Tin Goldfish” to come in pairs. “Cinderella” and her partners have high stats on their own, so we can bring her during a Battle Phase with the help of “Magician’s Circle”. Finally, cards like “Magical Exemplar” or “Spellbook of Life” will bring them back to the field from the Graveyard.

“Cinderella” can easily become one of the most dangerous monsters in a Duel if played correctly. The protection against targetting Spells offered to the rest of monsters will make sure our field isn’t easily disrupted by all sorts of dangers, but be aware that this might also become favorable for the opponent. On the bright side, some Decks will be completely damaged by “Cinderella” protecting them from Spells, like being unable to use their own Equip Spells or archetypes like Metalfoes becoming severely restricted. If you don’t mind ignoring her second effect, getting two copies of this monster will protect each other and assure that no targetting Spells breaks our setup. Obviously “Cinderella” is the only one still affected by Spells, but that is to use her ability to use and even recycle Equip Spells. “Cinderella” can go from one of the strongest monsters on the field by immediately obtaining cards like “Mage Power” or “United We Stand”, or covering against certain circumstances by looking for cards such as “Moon Mirror Shield” and “Wonder Wand”. Not only that but “Cinderella” has the big potential of creating entire Decks of her own by this ability, like equipping “Broken Bamboo Sword” to use all the cards arround the Equip Spells, or the forgotten Guardian archetype easily meeting their summoning requeriments. Don’t forget that the Equip Spell will go back to our hand, which although returns “Cinderella” back to her default stats will let us use it later on on herself and other potential monsters.

While Fairy Tail still needs time to unleash all its potential, “Fairy Tail - Cinderella” is probably the most menacing of the bunch. Her protective ability has a small chance of backfiring depending of the opponent’s Deck, but while will defend our monsters there’s also a chance of completely damaging the opponent’s strategies. Equipping Equip Spells from nearly anywhere is even more threatening, as can go from “Cinderella” getting powerful stat boosts to working arround very specific setups with ease. While Fairy Tail might or might not become a full archetype in the future, “Cinderella” is clearly the member which could require a whole Deck of her own to take full advantage of her two abilities. But even if just works as a defensive options or to take care of certain scenarios, “Fairy Tail - Cinderella” is a wonderful monsters regardless or her purpose.

Personal Rating: A

+ Protects all other monsters from targetting Spells
+ Can obtain and activate on herself Equip Spells from nearly anywhere and go to our hand afterwards
+ Various setups and strategies to work arround with her abilities
+ Might disrupt some Decks relying on targetting Spells

- The opponent might benefit from her protective ability
- Could require a complete Deck of her own
- Still too early for Fairy Tail to become a full archetype



like, corrupted gems turn into monsters, and the big catbear things that jasper was collecting were directly contrasted with lion as battle mounts in crack the whip

and lion is completely incongruous within the setting thus far, in that we’ve got no explanation for what he is or how he exists except that he has something to do with rose, like not even pearl knows where he came from

and it was the weapon the diamonds used that corrupted the gems on earth into monsters, but what if rose found a way to use it to make something stable and loyal, or if it reacted differently to a diamond?


Why Yuri is going to win the gold tomorrow

Okay, so remember how in the free skate program in Russia, Yurio put six quads in his second half and everyone was astounded because this was the program he created to go beyond his limits? He landed his jumps out of pure adrenaline and rage at the fact that JJ was going to beat him. My guess is that seeing JJ collapse to the pressure in the short program is going to make Yurio feel like he has a cushion. He’s still young and his arrogance hasn’t faded completely. It couldn’t have in such a short amount of time. I’m not saying he won’t push himself to do the beyond his limits program like in Russia, but I’m saying that he’s probably not going to perform it as well without the added pressure of someone who is almost guaranteed to be better than him. And based on Yuuri’s short program, and Yurio’s conversation with Victor, the young and impressionable russian doesn’t see them as much of a challenge either. Yurio’s arrogance is going to cause minor mistakes that put him in second place.

That leaves Yuri and Phichit as the two most likely candidates to win the gold. Otabek, JJ, and Christophe are good, but here’s the thing with them. Otabek was introduced too recently to come in as the best. His storyline thus far has shown that he has been the underdog for quite some time and while he has improved, it hasn’t been enough to change skating in the way that Yuri and Phichit have. 

JJ had a rough short program. The pressure got to his head and he failed to lay down his usual performance. While he may show a stronger mentality and a better performance in the free skate, he’s still going to be recovering from the embarrassment and “failure” of the previous program. On top of that, JJ is Yuri’s opposite. Yuri walked into the season with practically no self confidence and has worked on building himself up to reach the level that he is at now. JJ on the other hand, began the season believing that he was the best in the world and that nothing would change that. In order to complete the foil process, JJ would have to have a similar result to Yuri’s in the last years Grand Prix Final while Yuri would find himself on top. 

Christophe is a great possibility for third. Here’s why. It’s been shown throughout the entire season that Christophe holds back his best until the end of the season. He could very easily go out and perform his best free skate yet and slide into the bronze medal position. I don’t see him going any higher though, based on his commentary in episode (either six or seven I can’t quite remember), when he said that Yuri may actually prove to be a worthy competitor this season. He won’t overcome Yurio because Yurio still has a point to prove and is following closely in Viktor’s footsteps.

As for Phichit, he could win third only to further his streak of making history, which at this point makes more sense. The theme of the show thus far has been improvement and fulfillment. Phichit’s goal was to be the first Thai skater to go to the Grand Prix Finals, which he did successfully. To complete his story arc, it would be greatly fulfilling for him to make it to the podium. That way he would be the first Thai skater in the finals as well as going home with a medal.  Yuri would be surrounded with the people he was closest to when he won, which is another plotline that has been developing throughout the season. 

Yuri started out by believing he was alone. He felt that while his family supported him and his coach taught him how to skate, he was fighting for himself and by himself. Throughout the episodes we’ve seen him grow into the love that is surrounding him. His family supports him tremendously, as do the Nishigori’s and Minako. His coach is now his fiancee and has told Yuri in no uncertain terms that he wants to stay with Yuri forever. Yurio has shared the pirozhki which doesn’t really seem as important as the other characters but it is. They’ve grown from Yuri being intimidated by Yurio to both supporting each other both on and off the rink. And then there’s Phichit, who has been his best friend throughout his skating career, with the exception of Yuuko. It would only make sense for this growth and support to be shown with Yuri in first place on the podium and his two closest friends in competitive skating on either side.

Additionally, there’s the fulfillment of Yuri’s free skate. As many other posts have pointed out, we’ve yet to see Yuri perform a perfect free skate. We’ve seen him develop Eros into something that broke several personal boundaries and was representative of his relationship with Victor. Once the relationship became more concrete though, Eros began to falter. The playboy and the most beautiful woman were in love. The story was complete. With the free skate, it’s the story of Yuri’s career. And his career isn’t over at least until the Grand Prix Final is. Yuri has been promising gold medals all throughout the series. I have no doubt in my mind that while he may be second guessing himself, he will fulfill (using that word again because really, it’s quite prominent in this show) his original expectations if not exceed them. 

Yuri briefly mentioned surpassing Victor on more than one occasion: Once with Takeshi and once during his free skate in episode seven. Subtle comments like that aren’t thrown into the series for nothing and as Kubo has shown us, nearly every individual part of the show counts towards the greater picture. I believe that he may break the record set by Victor and win, thus completing the theme of “Love” and tying up the loose ends of “Yuri on Ice”

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I asked this a long time ago but there have been some really good episodes since - fave CR eps?

Oh gosh. I’m not gonna try to limit this in any way, I’m just gonna go down the list and mention my top faves.

Episodes 18/19: Trial of the Take Part I/II

  • I really love the contagious enthusiasm from the guests, and one of my all-time favorite narrative thingies is getting to see the main characters from the perspective of outsiders. Just an exciting little adventure all around.

Episodes 24/25: The Feast/Crimson Diplomacy

  • So many iconic moments! Percy finally divulges his backstory to the group (and is genuinely touched by how quickly they leap to his defense), there’s an expedition to Gilmore’s, Grog develops a fear of water, Vax shaves his beard, and then there’s the whole first confrontation with the Briarwoods and Vax’s near-death experience, not to mention Vex’s double natural twenties when she rounds the corner and sees him unconscious on the ground. Good stuff, good stuff.

Episode 31: Gunpowder Plot

  • Tiny gnome bard alone versus a goliath and an entire mansion full of guards set up in ambush. Smash-cut to the mansion on fire with the goliath falling off the roof in a thunderstorm. Incredible.

Episode 36: Winter’s Crest in Whitestone

  • There is a ruleset for a pie-eating contest involving a bear polymorphed into a human. Enough said.

Episodes 39/40: Omens/Desperate Measures

  • Yes, it’s a rough and frustrating battle through the first half of 39, but oh man, what a payoff. It’s terrible enough to see the entire setting of the show thus far completely turned on its head in such a violent way, but to follow it up with an entire episode of the party slowly giving in to the incredible tension and even starting to turn on each other… wow.

Episodes 43/44: Return to Vasselheim/The Sunken Tomb

  • Adventure (and lots and lots of drinking) with Kashaw, Zahra, and Kima. What could be better? And then, wham, that ending of 44 completely changing the entire course of half the party’s character arcs based on one bad-luck dice roll.

Episode 49: A Name Is Earned

  • Great low-stakes battle that highlights everyone’s fighting style… followed by a very high-stakes puzzle that brings the Craven Edge arc to a head. So good.

Episode 52: The Kill Box

  • Slow-burn three-hour battle that just gets more and more tense until those impossibly mythic dice rolls at the end. I feel like you can generally explain the appeal of some of these other episodes to people who don’t watch the show or play the game because they’re based on character moments or cool plots, but this one is literally just watching a bunch of people roll dice for three hours, mainly out of character. And it’s so good.

Episodes 55/56: Umbrasyl/Hope

  • I mean, you could go, “Hey man, I’m gonna multiclass into Paladin now, cool?” or you could finally, reluctantly, embrace the gift of the goddess of death who took you up on your deal: your life for your sister’s. While free-falling after having cut your way out the side of an ancient black dragon. Liam has a flair for the dramatic. Add to that a fantastically funny follow-up episode with a ton of great character beats crammed in and you’ve got a winner.

Episodes 57/58: Duskmeadow/A Cycle of Vengeance

  • Vax at the Raven Queen’s temple, finding peace. Percy at the Raven Queen’s temple, finding… not that. A bajillion of everyone’s favorite NPCs, all in one place. Just a whole bunch of spectacular wham-moments: Vax getting stabbed at the end of 57, and everyone waking up when he raises the alarm at the start of 58… only to find that half of them aren’t alone in their rooms. Damn good storytelling all around.

Episode 60: Heredity and Hats

  • The live show idea was a little bit shaky for me, but I can’t deny how much I loved getting that glimpse into the twins’ backstory. The interactions with their father (Vex’s title!), the interactions with their half-sister. Add to that some very funny jokes and it’s a pretty great episode.

Episode 63: The Echo Tree

  • The first half is mainly just nervous stalling, but the second half has some of the best character beats we’ve ever had on this show. The conversation between Saundor and Vex worked so well because both Matt and Laura were 100% committed to the exchange. The gut-punch of Matt unexpectedly drawing ammunition from the short story Laura just published about Vex was so startling, too. I got to talk about this one a whole lot because of the podcast, and I still feel like I barely scratched the surface. Great stuff.

Episode 65: The Streets of Ank’harel

  • Do you spice?

Episodes 67/68/69: The Chase to Glintshore/Cloak and Dagger/Passed Through Fire

  • These episodes are just spectacular, and actually kind of work as a standalone trilogy. Big heroic battle (with people, they’re all just people and (mostly) not demons or dragons) goes horribly, horribly wrong. I spent most of the week after 68 aired feeling physically ill with stress. Gorgeous character moments all around. And the damn twist ending to top everything off.

Episode 72 (untitled right now)

  • All the joys of looting neat magic stuff, followed by hey-we’re-not-dead character moments aplenty.

A+++ good show