This photo physically hurts me. It was taken by Detective Al Warthen after the shooting at Thurston high school. You can see the pain in his eyes and all the hate he has for himself. He taped this bullet to his chest to reload his gun then kill himself, you can also see the level of regret he has for not doing this. I still find it so hard to believe that Kip was found sane.

The Thurston High School shooting took place on May 21, 1998. Expelled student Kip Kinkel first murdered his parents before engaging in a school shooting at Thurston High School  in Springfield,Oregon that left two students dead and 25 others wounded.Though he was 15, Kinkel was certified to be tried as an adult. He’d initiated an insanity defense, but dropped it and pled guilty to four counts of first-degree murder and twenty-five counts of attempted murder. He is serving a 111-year sentence without the possibility of parole.

Kip Kinkel collage

.22 caliber ammunition beside the living room coffee table; Faith Kinkel’s Ford Explorer; Kip’s bedroom window; magazines for the Ruger rifle and a holster for Kip’s Ruger pistol and other possessions on the Thurston High School cafeteria floor; Bill Kinkel’s body covered with a sheet in the family bathroom; the Kinkel A-frame house; front door of the home; Kip shortly after his arrest; surveillance footage of Kip in the high school parking lot; bloodstain from Ben Walker in the Thurston hallway; Faith Kinkel’s body found in the family garage; another view of the Kinkel front door on the day Kip was arrested.


Drawings by Kipland “Kip” Philip Kinkel, Thurston High School shooter.
May 20th, 1998
Kip was expelled for possession of a Beretta Model 90 .32-caliber pistol his friend had stolen from one of their friends father, and sold to Kip for $110. The father had not suspected Kip, but the school pulled him out of class for questioning. He immediately confessed, saying, “Look, I’m gonna be square with you guys; the gun’s in my locker.”
He was expelled that day. When Kip’s father learned of this, he threatened to send him to boarding school.
According to Kip, at around 3PM, he shot his dad in the back of the head with his .22 rifle. He then dragged his fathers body to the bathroom.
When his mother came home at roughly 6:30PM, he told her he loved her, before shooting her 6 times.
He covered both of their bodies with sheets.
A note left on the living room coffee table reads: “I just got two felonies on my record. My parents can’t take that! It would destroy them. The embarrassment would be too much for them. They couldn’t live with themselves. … My head just doesn’t work right. God damn these VOICES inside my head. … I have to kill people. I don’t know why. … I have no other choice.”

May 21st, 1998
Kip drove his mothers car two blocks away from Thurston High School, wearing a trench coat with five concealed weapons: two hunting knives, two pistols, and a semi-automatic rifle.
In the patio, Kip fired two shots, hitting one student and fatally wounding another. In the cafeteria, Kip fired the remaining 48 rounds in his rifle, and killed two students.
When his rifle ran out of ammo, he pulled out his Glock, but was tackled by 7 students, who disarmed him after he fired only one shot.

Kip Kinkel is currently serving the remainder of his 111 year prison sentence in the Oregon State Correctional Institution.


“A Springfield police detective leads Kipland P. Kinkel, then 15, on a walk-through of Thurston High School less than six hours after police had taken Kinkel into custody following the May 21, 1998, mass shooting.”


Kip Kinkel’s gear on May 21, 1998

Kip entered Thurston High School with a .22 LR Ruger 10/22 rifle, a .22 LR Ruger MK II pistol, a 9mm Glock 19 pistol, and two hunting knives. He was wearing a cream colored full length trenchcoat and a Nine Inch Nails hat (both pictured above). Kip was carrying a total of 1,127 rounds of ammunition.

Note: only one knife is pictured above - Kip was searched at Thurston High, but officers did not find the hunting knife that was taped to his leg. Later on, during a break in his interrogation at the police station, Kip was briefly left alone. When officer Al Warthen returned, Kip brandished the knife and lunged at Warthen, screaming “Shoot me! Kill me!”. Warthen retreated, locking Kip inside the room, at which point Kip attempted to cut his wrists. Warthen then subdued him with pepper spray.