This photo physically hurts me. It was taken by Detective Al Warthen after the shooting at Thurston high school. You can see the pain in his eyes and all the hate he has for himself. He taped this bullet to his chest to reload his gun then kill himself, you can also see the level of regret he has for not doing this. I still find it so hard to believe that Kip was found sane.

The Thurston High School shooting took place on May 21, 1998. Expelled student Kip Kinkel first murdered his parents before engaging in a school shooting at Thurston High School  in Springfield,Oregon that left two students dead and 25 others wounded.Though he was 15, Kinkel was certified to be tried as an adult. He’d initiated an insanity defense, but dropped it and pled guilty to four counts of first-degree murder and twenty-five counts of attempted murder. He is serving a 111-year sentence without the possibility of parole.


"A Springfield police detective leads Kipland P. Kinkel, then 15, on a walk-through of Thurston High School less than six hours after police had taken Kinkel into custody following the May 21, 1998, mass shooting."

My eyes hurt. They hurt so bad. They feel like they are trying to crawl out of my head. Why aren’t I normal? Help me. No one will. I will kill every last motherfucking one of you. The thought of you is still racing in my head. I am too drunk to make sense.
—  Kip Kinkel