My babies:

Kip Kinkel- The Baby Baby
Nikolas Cruz- The Autistic Baby
Adam Lanza- The Surprised Baby
Dylann Roof - The Racist Baby
T.j. Lane- The Bitchy Baby
Eric Harris- The Angry Baby
Dylan Klebold- The Large Kinky Baby

PS, this was made to be funny, don’t get a stick up your ass about it


“I feel like everyone is against me, but no one ever makes fun of me, mainly because they think I am a psycho. There is one kid above all others that I want to kill. I want nothing more than to put a hole in his head. The one reason I don’t: hope. That tomorrow will be better. As soon as my hope is gone, people die” -An excerpt from Kip Kinkel’s journal

Interrogation of Kip Kinkel
May 21, 1998
Interrogation of Kip Kinkel

[ This is not the full interrogation tape ]

Detective: Tell me what happens when you get home?
Kip Kinkel: I had no other choice… I couldn’t.
Detective: You were feeling really guilty?
Kip Kinkel: Yeah.
Detective: Okay, so was your dad… did he hit you or anything like that?
Kip Kinkel: No.
Detective: Okay, was he yelling or out of control or?
Kip Kinkel: I couldn’t, I couldn’t. I had no other choice, god. I don’t know I just I had no other choice - he was saying all this, I…
Detective:  Okay… he’s mad at you because you got caught in school with the gun, right?
Kip Kinkel: Right.
Detective: Okay.
Kip Kinkel: And I… all his friends and everything knew.
Detective: So he was feeling ashamed and embarrassed because you did something wrong, is that right?
Kip Kinkel: Right.
Detective: Okay.
Kip Kinkel: I didn’t want to… I loved my dad that’s why I had to.
Detective: You love him so that’s why you had to kill him?
Kip Kinkel: Yes… oh my god… my parents were good people! I didn’t know what to do because, oh my god… my mom was coming home and if she knew what I’d done she’d… oh my god.
Detective: So your mom comes home around six, is that right?
Kip Kinkel: Yes.
Detective: Okay… where are you at?
Kip Kinkel: I was waiting for her… I just want to die.
Detective: I know.
Kip Kinkel: Oh god.
Detective: So you told me that your mom gets out of the explorer and starts up the stairs from the garage or basement, is that right?
Kip Kinkel: Yes.
Detective: Do you say anything to her?
Kip Kinkel: Yes, I told her I loved her.
Detective: And then you shot-
Kip Kinkel: Yes… god damn it! These voices inside my head!
Detective: Alright, hey, Kip… Kip, settle down, settle down, it’s alright, it’s alright… just settle down, okay, just settle down.
Kip Kinkel: I had no other choice… I loved my mom… I just want to die… I didn’t know what else to do…
Detective: You didn’t know what else to do… why did you go to school and start shooting people?
Kip Kinkel: I had to - I had no other choice! I couldn’t do anything else… I had to, I had to, I had to!