thursdays rock

I didn’t chose my favorite band member… My favorite band member chose me.

This picture surfaced about a week after my 2016 concert, which is when Sav knelt down in front of me and serenaded me… I’m pretty sure this is actually that moment because I had to stand on the guard rail in order to see over the end of the ramp. Consequently, my head was above everyone else’s. I’d hunch down a little when they got closer.

This was one of several beautiful moments that night, but by far my favorite. Hysteria now has a special place in my heart because of it… Sav had already been there, and now forever will be.

I hope he realizes he made a kid’s dream come true that night.


#tbt Some music to get your day started - #robzombie #thelifeandtimesofateenagerockgod - ENJOY! Happy Thursday! It’s almost the weekend! Yay!

Hello, Evander here! I’m currently going by he/him pronouns, but sometimes I prefer they/them.

Things that make me happy are making other people happy, Thomas Sanders, and when people like the things I write. I also really like when people give me compliments on anything that makes me cjffnjsf so, yeah. There’s probably a couple more things, but that’s all I remember right now!
black horse and the cherry tree
kt tunstall
black horse and the cherry tree

black horse and the cherry tree - kt tunstall

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