Ponkuno’s Dojo - Fashion Collab 

“I eat ass on Thursday”

Hey there peeps who got chosen for the “I eat ass on Thursday” raffle follower draw thing. I finally finished!~ It’s hard juggling work, school, and art all at the same time so sorry if it take so long~ But I really hope you enjoy it. I also want to thank all of my followers again. Thanks for all the support and attention you have given me~ You guys really make my day sometime with your compliments and interactions~

@maruz-panteno (vintage modern Japanese street fashion)

@soundslikesuty (casual dapper fashion)

@surprisebitch (pastel dapper & street fashion)

anonymous asked:

what... exactly is... a... meat raffle...?

From my understanding, everyone at the bar got a free raffle ticket, and if your ticket was picked in the drawing… you won meat??? idk dude I live in minnesota this shit just happens sometimes.