Ponkuno’s Dojo - Fashion Collab 

“I eat ass on Thursday”

Hey there peeps who got chosen for the “I eat ass on Thursday” raffle follower draw thing. I finally finished!~ It’s hard juggling work, school, and art all at the same time so sorry if it take so long~ But I really hope you enjoy it. I also want to thank all of my followers again. Thanks for all the support and attention you have given me~ You guys really make my day sometime with your compliments and interactions~

@maruz-panteno (vintage modern Japanese street fashion)

@soundslikesuty (casual dapper fashion)

@surprisebitch (pastel dapper & street fashion)


WHOOOAAAA 777 FOLLOWERS?!?! Ohohoho thanks everyone! Now that I’ve reached the sacred number, I’ve decided to hold my first art raffle!!!! Instead of dragons, I’ll be letting a bunch of chibis on the loose!! ^Q^// Doubt many people will join but meh


  • Must be following this blog.
  • Both reblogs and likes count. Theres no limit, but be mindful of your followers.
  • No giveaway blogs mhm.


  • 1 full body coloured chibi of a character of your choice.
  • Full body coloured chibis of your OTP
  • 1 full body coloured chibi of your OC. Stick to one please!
  • For those without an OC, feel free to request any other character! 
  • So thats a total of four chibis for the winner, which can be made TRANSPARENT which are great for TUMBLR PAGE DOLLS too! Examples here and here.


  • 1 full body coloured chibi of a character of your choice.


  • Raffle ends Thursday, 20 November UTC 1pm (UTC+10)
  • One winner and two runner ups will be selected by a random number generator.
  • Winner and runner ups will be notified via ask box, so please keep those open.
  • Given 48 hours to respond with prize details, or someone else will be selected. Sorry!

Thank you for all the support on this blog and for those joining, good luck!! \o/