but me, i’d rather be with you [bnha fic]


“I think we should try it.”

“…What?” Midoriya’s staring at him like a deer in headlights, slightly crumpled newspaper front page still clutched in his fist, and if Todoroki leans over he can read the headline: Former #1 Hero All Might and #2 Hero Endeavor Prodigé’s Secret Romance?!

“A date.” Todoroki says, more calmly and collected than he thought was humanly possible.

(or, in which Todoroki learns a little bit about his friends, himself, and his long time crush on Midoriya Izuku, not necessarily in that order)

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(it’s over 28k, so just the first scene is here on tumbles!)

It all starts with one phone call, a crooked tie, and a misunderstood bouquet of flowers.

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