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i reblogged that post about valentines but i don’t know if the british detective fandom even has any of those !!! so i made some for endeavour XD

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Rec Thursday

IT’S A BIG DAY, ALL. In honor of the day we officially heard about season 11, I’m recommending my favorite David and Gillian projects!

1. THE X-FILES. I mean, well, this one doesn’t even need to be mentioned, except that it always needs to be mentioned. 

2. Alias - This is one of those rare shows that, at least in my opinion, doesn’t have a bad episode. It’s so action-packed, the relationships are heart wrenching, and Sydney Bristow is one of the best and most badass characters ever. 

3. Monk - Every episode of this show is so sad and funny at the same time. Adrian Monk is a beautiful character who you can’t help but fall in love with.

4. Friends - A comedy classic. It made me (and I think everyone else) long to live in a New York apartment (that was as nice as theirs) with a group of friends who were like family, with a coffee shop just downstairs.

5. Psych - The writing on this show was amazing. There are more pop culture  references than any one person can handle and the real MVP relationship is between Dule Hill and James Roday. Give me that allll day. Come on, son.

6. Westworld - This show is such a trip. It’s intense, for sure, and I’d suggest reading a little about it before you start. But it is done SO well. I’d expect nothing less from something JJ Abrams puts his name on.

7. The Fall - Gillian Anderson. Do I really need to say anything more? She has created one of the best, most quietly intense characters there is, and I love her even more because of it.

8. Madam Secretary - One of my favorite shows on t.v. currently. Tea Leoni is stunning in every way. I love the politics, but I love the family dynamics even more. PLEASE WATCH.

9. The Great British Bake Off - Okay, everybody. This show is the ultimate comfort program for me. I love to bake, but even if you don’t, I think you can enjoy it. Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, Mel and Sue, and cake. HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG? <3

10. Cheers - What a genius program. It practically all takes place in one setting but it never gets boring. There’s a pretty big transition that happens in the middle bit, but it stays good. It’s so funny and you’ll cry when it’s over. Oh, and you might as well go straight into Frasier when you’re done.

11. Fringe - An X-Files-inspired sic-fi JJ Abrams t.v. show. What could possibly be wrong with that?! Peter and Olivia are the otp you didn’t know you needed.

12. Newsroom - A smart show that ended too soon and didn’t give me enough episodes to watch. Jeff Daniels is crazy good

13. The West Wing - One of the smartest shows ever and the most perfectly cast show in history. Each member of this ensemble will make you fall in love with them and teach you something in the process.


here’s the last batch of endeavour valentines ! i totally thought i would do other british or australian detective fandoms (hence the vague tag, “detective valentines”) but nope they are ALL endeavour XD

feel free to use and share and stuff ! :D :D

Struck By Lightning

Read it on AO3

By Maknatuna

Castiel gets struck by lightning. It has a weird effect on him and he’s forced to speak out his thoughts, feelings, and desires aloud.

Words: 7502, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

It was a stormy night. The wind was howling and the rain was pouring down like a raging ocean. Castiel was flying near the black, ominous clouds when thunder rumbled and rolled. Something flashed. It was a white, blinding light and the angel closed his eyes for a few seconds. Instantly he felt that something hit him and sent electric sparks through his body. Castiel lost his balance and plummeted down with a terrifying speed.

The Winchester brothers were staying in a small town called Hemingford, which is a little place nestled in Nebraska. There had recently been killings there, caused by a shape shifter, but the hunters already took care of that. They were still at the hotel and planned to leave in the morning.

It was 4 am and the brothers were in a deep sleep when something crashed down in their room, knocking the nightstand over and breaking a lamp.

“The hell?” Dean muttered, immediately sitting up in his bed and grabbing Ruby’s knife, which he hid under his pillow while he slept, just in case.

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