thursday night raw


“We haven’t known each other as long as me and the Usos but we’ve known each other, what 5 years now? But with all the memories that we’ve stacked up we could fill thirty years, you know what I’m saying? We’ve traveled the world, we’ve had a lot of great fights together, we’ve even fought each other right? And that’s why you’re my brother.

- Roman Reigns on Dean Ambrose [03/12/15]


People can think what they want of me. It’s all dust off my shoulder. At the end of the day, to succeed in this business, you have to believe that you’re the best to ever do it. You have to know in your heart that no one can outshine you. If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else?”

Sasha Banks as the NXT Women’s Champion.

February 11th, 2015 – August 22nd, 2015

Please don’t let all of Jonathan Good’s hard work go to waste.

“We know each other so well, we’ve had so many battles over the years, that it’s like this really complicated game of chess by this point. Because we know moves… counters to each other’s counters. // There’s just some people you get in the ring with and there’s some sort of strange electricity that really hits the spot. Wrestling soulmates, if you will.”

- Seth Rollins on Dean Ambrose    


One versus all, that’s who you are right? That’s a lie. The real Roman Reigns has too many people that he loves, too many people that he cares for. And it makes you weak.

I’m gonna make you a promise. Everything that you love in this world, I’m gonna burn it all down around you until there is nothing left.


It always comes back to family don’t it. Luke Harper would go to hell and back for me. Hell he already has. But Roman Reigns, I tried to warn him that this was only the beginning and as you all know I am not a liar. Roman Reigns claims that Dean Ambrose is his brother and that he cares for Dean Ambrose. And I say nah ah because if he truly cares for Dean Ambrose he would tell Dean Ambrose that he is in danger and that Dean Ambrose should stay out of our business, turn his back, walk away and never look back again because Roman Reigns this is your burden to bear, this is your heel to die on. I Bray Wyatt will seal your fate. Roman Reigns, we’re here.