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tuxedo ami reins supreme remember when ami almost went to germany BUT DIDNT remember when mamoru went to america AND WAS FUCKING KILLED THUS FOREVER ALTERING THE PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE?????? who do we really want to lead crystal tokyo with usagi bc im not voting for the one who gets kidnapped every season and breaks usagis heart

(2/2) tuxedo ami would solve everything like in sailor stars where seiya tries to date usagi?? that shit gets shut down when goldcard starlight fanmember 25 mizuno ami is also platinum diamond status tsukino usagi gf number 1 bye boring unnecessary plotline

complete list of things Ami would never do:

make fun of Usagi for her grades

get brainwashed by the dark kindgom

send threatening nightmares to her past self (who DOES that anyway)

break up with her girlfriend without telling her why

fail to acknowledge mirror shard in eye (dangerous medical condition)

get kidnapped 

die without putting up a solid fight first

wear lavendar