thursday kinda love

there aren’t a lot of good feelings in my life rn, but by god am i enjoying these comfy couches in the library holy shit

Fic Rec Thursday ✿

thank you to all of the lovely people who were super supportive of me during my recent episode with anonymous hate regarding this fic rec (and super special thanks to @huxblush​ who’s such a sweetheart ♡)

–> Ascension (WIP) by @plinys
Ben Solo in hiding on Kashyyk, meets General Hux, this is one of my favourite WIPS in the fandom, the plot is just so unique and interesting that I seriously recommend you read this one, it’s amazing and so underrated

–> Catharsis by krispys_can
Hux/Finalizer, mechanophilia, and it’s hot as hell, Kylo is such a tease

–> Sought by Many, Found by One by @lady–starkiller
bounty hunter!Hux, one of the tags is “Ben Solo’s ‘Han Solo’-isms” and it’s so accurate, it’s really brilliant

–> Take Our Hands Out Of Control by @stereobone
♡ Hux working out his feelings towards Kylo, a stunning piece with highs and tragically sad lows about the evolution of Kylo’s and Hux’s relationship

–> A Satisfactory Report by @saltandlimes
♡ Kylo rides Hux whilst giving him interrogation report, pure sin, pure gold

–> How Vulnerable You Are by crystallineink
♡ post-Starkiller rescue, very sweet, lots of banter between them at the start

–> Bodies, Can’t You See? by sual
♡ omega Hux, mpreg, soft Kylux, lots of protective mama Hux, if you like mpreg then this is definitely worth it!!

–> Noah’s Ark (WIP) by graspthesanity
♡ AU, mafia baby!Hux & musician!Kylo, a super sweet first chapter introducing the primary characters, excited to see where it’s headed!

Under Glittering Chandeliers by @amndarose
♡ Kylo Amidala AU, fake relationship, BEAUTIFUL, Hux and Kylo are secretly protective of one another, greeeeat

–> There’s No Escape From My Authority (WIP) by @the-marron
♡ Emperor Hux and Kylux slow burn, Hux’s character is extremely well written and I’m super eager for more updates

–> Over, Under by @snaxo
♡ Hux braids Kylo’s hair and your teeth will rot from the adorable fluff

–> Oops, Engaged by JulieCox
♡ Accidental engagement, embarrassed Hux is cute, really adorable and has some super hot smut scenes in

–> Glowing Gold by @squire-reblogs                                                    ♡ post-TFA, Hux being reluctant to admit his feelings is reeeeeally cute, really engaging writing

–> Tug And War by @jonstarks                                                              ♡ power bottom Hux coaching virgin Kylo on fucking, EXCELLENT SMUT 

–> where the wild things go by @jonstarks                                           ♡ follow-up to and lead us not into temptation which is one of my all-time favourite kylux fics, my heart just can’t take how stupendous this work is

–> Ambitions by dentigerous                                                                 sequel to The Corruption of Ben Solo, which I just absolutely adored, and this piece is just as amazing, the writing is really immersive and its a really unique and vibrant take on Ben’s struggle with finding his place, super brilliant work

–> Tension by @mssdare                                                                       ♡ PWP, sub!Hux has a hungry desperation to get his release and its so hot, awesome smut

–> Homeostasis by @rex-luscus                                                               ♡ Bed-sharing, so cute, pre-Kylux 

–> All That You Left Behind (WIP) by @infinitelykylo                            ♡ Kylo dies and Hux doesn’t cope, fucking hell my heart was ripped out and smashed on the floor with this one, the tears were so real 

–> a change of plan by @poedatemeron                                                ♡ BDSM, bottom!Hux, a+++ smut holy hell 

–> The Slave With No Name (WIP) by @the-dead-play-witness             ♡ Slave!Hux, lovely characterisation of Hux, super interesting opening with the promise of only getting better with updates 

–> Space Cupcakes by @novasalt                                                         ♡ Tumblr AU, tooth-rotting fluff! 

–> find my way back to you by @bracefacefreak                                  ♡ redeemed!AU, Hux sensing that Kylo is in danger, fluff, hurt/comfort, protective!Hux is suuuuper cute

–> Heartless Machine by @the-cookie-of-doom                                     ♡ Droid!Hux, oh fuck my heart just breaks for Hux, the writing is super heartfelt and emotional 

–> Bloodsoaked Lullabies by @ficlet-machine                                      ♡ MafiaAU, sheer brilliance, the setting is really immersive and Kylo’s characterisation is extremely intriguing, definitely read this!

–> Fairway Gallows by @the-fluff-awakens                                            ♡ Teen Wolf AU, crackfic

That’s all for this week!