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I just need to post this to tell you guys that I currently hate my living situation.

I have thin af walls and you can basically hear people whisper in the room over.

So I normally wait until my house is empty.

For about six months it’s been every Tuesday Thursday and Friday.

For some reason these past two weeks everyone’s been home at some point when they’re usually not

So I haven’t been able to record. I am so sorry guys.

Guess Who’s Back

Me. It’s me. 

I’m finally back. I’m really sorry for the long hiatus friends - I’ve been extremely sick for a while (and in the hospital), and for the past week and a half I’ve been working 14hr days to catch up with my work. 

I promise I haven’t abandoned you (like everyone seems to be speculating) and I never would. I’m not ‘procrastinating’ either. I’m also sorry if it’s been ‘annoying’ that I haven’t posted. I’m trying my best, I swear. 

((I’ve had a lot of chapter 25 finished for a while now, but haven’t posted it because I’ve been getting messages this last month telling me that I should just not post chapters if they’re ‘too short’?))


I’m planning to get chapter 25 out either Thursday or Friday, and then we’ll be back to a normal schedule. I should be able to get you a preview tomorrow as well. (I’m hoping there’s still some interest in YCPfE.)

I will also do my best to catch up with messages and everything else. Thanks for sticking with me. ❤️💕 

Some people make Alycia their “woman crush wednesday”, but I have this bish as my...

“Marry me Monday”

“Total package Tuesday”

“Woman crush Wednesday”

“That jawline Thursday”

“Fealty Friday”

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“Sit on my face Saturday”

“She’s special Sunday”

The Hourly Events of the Passion
  • 7pm: Jesus washes the feet of the Apostles.
  • 8pm: Last Supper and institution of the Holy Eucharist.
  • 9pm: Jesus preaches his last discourse of love and makes His prayer for the union of His disciples
  • 10pm: Prayer in Gethsemani. The Agony.
  • 11pm: Jesus is arrested and brought to Jesusalem.
  • 12am: Before Annas and Caiphas. First trial before the Sanhedrin.
  • 1am: The denial of Peter. Jesus is imprisoned until morning.
  • 5am: Jesus is struck and insulted in prison
  • 6am: Jesus placed before false witnesses; affirms His Divinity. He is condemned as a blasphemer - worthy of death.
  • 7am: Jesus in the Pretorium. He declares to Pontius Pilate that He is a King.
  • 8am: Jesus in the palace of Herod. He is treated like a fool and is despised.
  • 9am: Barabbas is preferred over Jesus. The scourging.
  • 10am: Jesus is crowned with thorns and is condemned to death.
  • 11am: Jesus carries His Cross to Calvary.
  • 12pm: Jesus is stripped of His garments and nailed to the Cross which is raised and set in place.
  • 1pm: Jesus forgives His enemies and opens the Gates of Paradise to the Good Thief.
  • 2pm: Jesus leaves His Mother to be our Mother.
  • 3pm: Jesus dies on the Cross.
  • 4pm: The Heart of Jesus is pierced by a spear.
  • 5pm: Jesus is put in the arms of His Mother, and is buried.
  • 6pm: The desolation and solitude of the Mother of God.

does anyone else with a fucked time perception feel like its friday the entire week, but as soon as it gets to thursday-friday you cant register that the week is almost over 

Tarot Spell for Self Empowerment

This spell is helpful for those wishing to become empowered and bursting with charisma, to bring new projects to fruition, or to transform brilliant ideas into real goals. As always, feel free to modify this spell to suit your own desires and your own resources. 

1. Lay down a red altar cloth.

2. Dress two red or orange candles with Bergamot oil, and place them in the East and West of the altar and light them. 

3. Place the Emperor card in the center of the altar, and place a diamond or crystal on top of it. These stones are formed under massive pressure deep in the earth, and represent the process by which creation of real value takes place. Think of how you are like this stone. Through adversity and pressure of opposing forces in your life, you too have become a being of value. 

4. Lay the 5, 3, and 7 of Wands in the North of the altar. Reflect on the struggles you have been through, the battles you have won, and the battles you have lost. Conjure in your mind all these lost opportunities, setbacks, and scenarios of disempowerment. As they appear, imagine that they turn into a liquid, and flow down from your mind, along your spine, into your left hand. 

5. Hold your left hand over the Wand cards, and picture these images flowing into them. These cards act as a valve, allowing negativity to enter them, but letting nothing back out. 

6. Recite: “I stand here, at this point of my life, understanding why certain events have transpired the way they have. Now I am ready to move forward, may the unseen forces of good grant that I am now worthy and ready to enter this new phase of life.”

7. Carry the diamond or crystal with you as an amulet. 

Spell from Terry Donaldson’s The Tarot Spellcaster

The nonsense continued throughout Thursday night and Friday morning. Matt K. Lewis, the Daily Beast writer and CNN personality, took note of the references to God in Trump’s statement on the airstrikes and salivated over the president’s moral seriousness. Even worse was Mark Landler’s “news analysis” in the New York Times on why Trump, who has shown a strong affinity for dictators and little concern for suffering, greenlit the attack. Failing to mention that the president was in the process of banning refugees from America, Landler painted a laughable picture of a man consumed with grief because of images of children dying. ("On Syria Attack, Trump’s Heart Came First,” the Times tweeted.) Not only does coverage like this badly distort an important issue like Syria, but it serves as a reminder (as if one were needed) of exactly the boost—not to mention the political capital—Trump would gain in the case of a national emergency or terrorist attack. As if a Trump with normal powers wasn’t horrifying enough.