thursday band

Can’t decide which one to listen too ;; #poppunkproblems

This band has given me everything. I really haven’t had time to vent about Thursday. Full Collapse was the turning point in my life. Every song brings out an emotion in me that is otherwise distracted and suppressed. Understanding still never fails to give me chills. It’s sad that in all my years of loving them, all these late night of lying in my bed listening to them until I fell asleep, putting on their album when ever I felt alone, owing my very life to each and every member; I’ve only seen them once. The Full Collapse tour was my first time. It was perfect. It was the era I always wanted to see them in. I’ve never felt so attached to a band at a show. 
My sister’s best friend gave me Full Collapse and A City By the Light when I was thirteen. I’m nineteen now and just six when Thursday formed. My grandmother had just passed and my sister’s friend told me that I’d like this band. To be honest, at first I didn’t. Geoff’s voice is very rugged and raw. But I kept listening. There was something about it. I new I needed to listen. I began to look up the lyrics and felt attached. The imagery was the beautiful. It was unlike anything I’ve ever read. I fell in love. I later found out that Standing on The Edge of Summer was written about Geoff’s grandmother. I’ve always had such a connection with that song.

I cried when they announced their split. I was sitting in my car in the parking lot of Shoprite and I cried. I got that tattoo over the summer. It’s my first, and so far only. That band gave me life and hope. The dove symbolizes freedom. I’ve undergone a huge change in my life an I am finally happy with who I am. I beat an addiction and depression. I’m free from the past that won’t ever haunt me.

Thank you for everything.     


Finally posting my wonderful iPhone photos from Anthony Green and Geoff Rickly’s show last weekend. It was dream come true to see my two favorite people playing together. Before the show, Anthony Green was doing a meet and greet. He was only supposed to stay until 8:30, but he didn’t turn anyone away. I got a picture with him and had him sign my Lush bag. I’ve seen both guys playing solo shows before and they never disappoint. After the show, I told my friend Julie I wasn’t leaving the building until I spoke to Geoff RIckly, but I only had to wait about 15 minutes for him to come out. I met him for the first time at Warped Tour this year and I have to say he is one of the nicest guys. He made sure to have a conversation with each fan. There were a million and one things I wanted to tell him/ ask him and I did what I do best, and completely froze up. We did, however, talk about the Jurassic Park video game that used to be in arcades. I finally got my picture with him and also had him sign my bag. Best night!

As we turn the pages we call out the sounds of nothing.
The sounds of a vanishing alphabet. Standing here waiting.

I shut my eyes when you’re around. I hold my breath to kill the sound.
I’m falling down. I’m falling down. And you’re not here to catch my fall.
-Full Collapse

On New Years Day we will change back to ourselves in the flame.
We are cured. We are cured. We are cured.
-War All the Time

Our leaves will fall. And so will you. When you do, bury me under them too.
Seconds pass. We’ll make it through. Eventually we all are going home.
-A City by the Light Divided

You were the cancer in my life. You were the cancer all the time.
You were the cancer. That’s all you’ll ever be.
-Common Existence

Disregard your fear of death. We’ve all got a lot to lose.
Whatever else you do: Stay True.
-No Devolucion