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Any chance of getting the cuneiform script for the Akkadian incantation to Lamashtu, "her hands are stained with flesh and blood"? It's metal as hell, and I want to use it for a project if that's okay. (You're doing great work! I've already got some friends and family singing the Babylonian lullabye you translated to their children! Thanks!)

This note absolutely made my day — thank you so much!

The incantation (link to my translation here) is from the tablet TCL 06, 49; the CDLI has beautiful photos of the tablet and a line copy of the cuneiform available here.  (The incantation is the last part of the reverse side, i.e. lines R.13-29.)

Its primary treatment is in Thureau-Dangin’s “Rituel et amulettes contre Labartu"; Foster’s translation with some bibliography is online here.  Happy exorcising!