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Maybe they're playing a game and it sounds really sexual. Like twister. And the family is like Wtf?

*Twister it is… only it’ll be Twister Hoopla, if you don’t know what that is, it’s like a 3D version of twister. If you thought 2D was bad enough, well… (Also I’ve never played the game, so I hope I get as close to the rules and whatnot, as possible). I’d put this scene somewhere just before Connor comes out*

Connor, Daria, Taylor, Jude and Mariana were all in the living room, trying to figure out the rules to the game. The game was Twister: Hoopla, a twisted version of the original game, which Taylor brought over.

Once they thought they figured it out, they divvied up the teams. Mariana was content with watching and being the game master, and Daria had decided it would be boys versus girls.

“We’re first, okay, start spinning!” Daria declared.

“Right foot red to left hand.” Mariana called out.

Daria and Taylor moved into position.

“Connor and Jude, you have –“she spun the wheel, “Right hand blue left shoulder.”

Several rounds later, everyone was giggling in the various positions they were getting themselves into, determined not to lose to the other team. In their enjoyment of the game, they hadn’t heard Lena come in through the back door. She was aware that they had people over so she went to go check on them. Needless to say, she was certainly taken aback.

“Umm, alright?” They all looked up at her, or as best they could anyway. Taylor had both of her hands busy holding a hoop in each hand connected to Daria’s shoulder and foot, meanwhile Connor’s right shoulder was holding a hoop on Jude’s waist.

Instead of asking questions, Lena turned back around the way she came.

The boys were in the lead by one round and wanted to keep it that way. They had developed a strategy, but it was just a matter of execution.

Jesus suddenly bounded through the front door, just as Connor was arguing with Jude, in how best to place their next hoop.

“No, we gotta put in there.” Connor explained.

“Woah, what did I just walk into?” Jesus called out, turning the corner into the living room to see four people contorted in an awkward position. He surveyed the situation. “Okay, at least it wasn’t what I was expecting…” He headed upstairs, chuckling at his own joke.

By the 8th round the four of them were getting pretty tired. Jude and Connor could barely stay standing with their hoops, and Daria and Taylor were trying hard not to fall with their own hoops.

Stef burst through the door, in the midst of talking to Brandon following right behind her. “And we should schedule that appointment on Thurday, next week since you’ll be free.” She nearly passed the living room without noticing the five others, but had to take a double take. Both teams were contorted in awkward positions. She looked at them in surprise, then at the TV, as though, expecting it to be on, tuned in to some Richard Simmons work out video. When she ruled that out, and to avoid further awkwardness she went to go find her wife.

“Seriously, you guys, this is the game you play?” Brandon commented, laughing.

In his embarrassment, Jude turned around, in so doing, accidentally dropping one of the hoops. In his desperation to catch it, he accidentally punched Connor in the crotch – still saving it from falling. However, Connor was bent double in pain, causing them to drop the other hoops. The girls cheered in victory as the final standing was now five games in their favour to the boys’ four. Brandon shook his head, as he headed to his room upstairs.

The girls kept celebrating, leaving Jude to tend to Connor. He profusely apologized several times.

Finished supper, and fully recovered, it was time for three of them to head home. Jude apologized to Connor again, they gave each other sheepish grins despite what had happened. Daria followed after her boyfriend, continually poking the girls’ victory in his face.

Taylor turned to leave as well, and sighed at Jude, “I tried…”