This amp is a big deal. 200 watts from 4 6550s. Marketed as a dual purpose guitar or bass amp. Sounds perfect for a baritone right? Well almost…
This thing obviously has a ton of power and stays as clean as you want it to as loud as you want.
There are 2 channels. Channel A has the standard bass/mid/treble controls along with gain and volume while channel Bs only tone control is a “shape” knob. This control is extremely useful. All the way to the left is a very mid-range vintage orange tone. As you roll it clockwise more bass and treble are added. At 12:00 the mids start to scoop and fully clockwise you get a very mid scooped metal tone. I use it generally around 11:00 and its got a very balanced sound through the whole frequency range.
Channel A on the other hand is not very usable with a baritone. The mid and treble controls are voiced too high in the frequency range to be even a little bit usable. The mid acts as more of a treble control while the treble is more in the range of an ampeg V4s “ultra hi”.
Running my Jaguar baritone custom through channel B with moderate gain and the volume cranked with the attenuator off through a V30 loaded fender tonemaster 4x12 cab gives a really chunky tone in the lower register with loads of attack. Playing in the higher registers of the baritone I get a really nice chimey or jangly tone still with a tight bottom end. It takes drive pedals really well and doesn’t fart out in the low end when you hit it with a boost pedal as many amps do.
I can not say enough good things about this amp with a baritone guitar (when using channel B)


Sounding gnarly as fuck! #orange #thunderverb200 #schecter #staysick #thecounterarmada