Speaker Cabinets.
I have come to realize that speakers/cabinets are one of the most crucial aspects of guitar tone. Putting a $3000 amp through a shitty speaker cabinet isn’t going to sound like a $3000 amp.

Fender tonemaster 4x12 - vintage 30s
This was my first 4x12 and I love it to death. The vintage 30s do have that midrange spike that some don’t like but to me it adds a ton of punch to the overall tone. They really bring out your pick attack and when your amp is cranked you feel it in your gut. It’s got a really tight low end that doesn’t overwhelm.
I generally use this cab with my thunderverb 200.
Highly recommended.

Fender MH400st - g12k-100
This is the cabinet intended to mate with the fender MH(metal head) amp. It’s big and deep (size and tone). The celestion speakers were made especially for this cab as the g12k-100 normally only comes in 8ohms. These ones are 16ohms for a total of 4ohms/400watts. What this means is I can stop worrying about blowing speakers! It’s about time!
This cabinet is very balanced through the whole tonal range. Big bottom, smooth mids, crystal clear highs. It sounds incredible with my ampeg V4 (and anything else I’ve tried it with).
Probably my favorite cabinet I’ve tried with a baritone guitar.
Highly recommended.

Current setup.
I’ve been using the previous 2 cabs together to get the biggest most crushing tone I’ve been able to get yet. My thunderverb into the tonemaster and my V4 into the MH split with a radial twin city ABY pedal. It’s super important to make sure the phase is correct when using 2 amps and the radial does a tremendous job.

Other cabs I’ve tried.
Sunn 610L
This will always be one of my favorite cabs. It has 6 ten inch speakers with each set of three angled towards eachother. This tames the treble and “beaming” that is common with guitar speakers. It is also ported in the bottom. The tone is big and clear. My only problem with it is the cabinet is only rated at 200 watts and the speakers (sunn) are pretty low sensitivity (probably around 95db). I’ve blown/repaired 5 of its 6 speakers. I’ve been using the MH412st instead of this since its speakers can handle the power and have a sensitivity of 99db.

Marshall 1965b
This is a little 4x10 from the 80s. Sounds great for ten inch speakers (celestion g10l-35). I use this as my more portable cabinet for jams and laziness.

Marshall 8412.
The cab made for the valvestate series. Smaller than a 1960. Made of MDF. DO NOT USE THIS CAB WITH A BARITONE. The entire cabinet rattles when you hit lower notes or power chords anywhere on the neck. The budget celestions fart out constantly. STAY AWAY.

IMPORTANT If possible always always buy used cabinets. They don’t hold their value as well as amps so they can be found pretty cheap. Buying new cabs is tough because no guitar shop I’ve ever been in will let a guy actually crank an amp loud enough to really tell what it’s gonna sound like at gig levels. Plus new speakers sound totally different than a set of used, already broken in speakers. Save yourself some money and buy used.

Have a nice day.


Level up! Today is day three of geetaring, and Rikard has geetared a lot. Most of the geetar is very very fast.

As you can see from the pictures above, we spent quite a lot of time with the microphones and amplifiers. In the end we decided to go with placing the microphones in front of the speakers, and using moderate amounts of distortion on the amps. The Coles 4038 is once again doing a grand job in the far corner of the room. This is going to be a pretty wicked album.

The best part about tracking guitar is that we are not tracking drums, which is a pain in the arse.

We had trouble with the Orange amp acting up on us on the Friday night - but before we could spell “service” on saturday morning - it was back to normal, and has been performing swell since.

Very positive we will finish up most, if not all, of the guitars tonight.

/Will and the Gadgeteers.

anonymous asked:

What's a good amp (in the 200 - 300 watt range and costs less than $500) that is good for both bass and guitar? I am more focused on the sound quality than the price.

Wait you’re after an amp to use for bass electric guitar and bass?

The new 2015 Ashdown B Social sounds perfect.

Otherwise I’d have to recommend the Orange Thunderverb 50 or the 200. Which obviously you’re looking above you’re budget, I however will say it’s worth paying the extra, if you buy a cheap amp that’s made for bass and play guitar through it, you could fuck it. If you buy an amp made for guitar and play bass through it, you will UNDOUBTABLY blow the amp.

I’d recommend you Pay the extra and get the Thunderverb Head and get a cheap cab. The Thunderverb is designed for both guitar and bass, perfect for studio work etc etc.

The Ashdown B Social has only just been released and I’m not sure if prices have actually been announced yet. But look into them, they look good, great little wireless amp with built in Bluetooth.

Otherwise, maybe a Roland cube would be your best bet, got a feeling one of the cubes has both guitar and bass inputs…I could be wrong. I’d highly recommend the Thunderverb though, HIGHLY.


This amp is a big deal. 200 watts from 4 6550s. Marketed as a dual purpose guitar or bass amp. Sounds perfect for a baritone right? Well almost…
This thing obviously has a ton of power and stays as clean as you want it to as loud as you want.
There are 2 channels. Channel A has the standard bass/mid/treble controls along with gain and volume while channel Bs only tone control is a “shape” knob. This control is extremely useful. All the way to the left is a very mid-range vintage orange tone. As you roll it clockwise more bass and treble are added. At 12:00 the mids start to scoop and fully clockwise you get a very mid scooped metal tone. I use it generally around 11:00 and its got a very balanced sound through the whole frequency range.
Channel A on the other hand is not very usable with a baritone. The mid and treble controls are voiced too high in the frequency range to be even a little bit usable. The mid acts as more of a treble control while the treble is more in the range of an ampeg V4s “ultra hi”.
Running my Jaguar baritone custom through channel B with moderate gain and the volume cranked with the attenuator off through a V30 loaded fender tonemaster 4x12 cab gives a really chunky tone in the lower register with loads of attack. Playing in the higher registers of the baritone I get a really nice chimey or jangly tone still with a tight bottom end. It takes drive pedals really well and doesn’t fart out in the low end when you hit it with a boost pedal as many amps do.
I can not say enough good things about this amp with a baritone guitar (when using channel B)