Chibi time!
Its my quick fanart of chubby armchair detective Nero Wolfe and his assistant Archie Goodwin. Nero Wolfe was created by Rex Stout.
Arch is squeezing and jiggling Nero’s cheeks.
I listen to radio programs of the 30’s-50’s, and “Nero Wolfe” is one I like to listen to for the characters. They make a cute pair :3

For bottom image:
In an episode of Nero Wolfe, Wolfe was yellin’ at Archie to turn his music down and what I visualized was Arch dancing around unable to hear his boss–so I doodled that scene out.


Zombie Fido plushi is done, yaay!
He’s about 14 inches tall and it took me a couple months of satin stitching/embroidering and hand sewing between projects.

I luv the movie “FIDO” so damn much, it was my fist time satin stitching and making a doll, had so many pokes into my finger with the needle too, ouch.

Hair, eyes, mouth, brows, wrinkles in clothes and collar are all embroidered/satin stitched.

The Kuchisake Onna! Slit-Mouth Woman! Eeek!
“Watashi, kirei?”
Fanart sketchy that I could not resist sketching out a couple weeks ago while watching the silly movie “Kuchisake Onna” on YouTube.
One of the things I extremely dislike about movies are helpless women–“Oh, dear, I can’t fight back because I am a mere woman. I will watch and just scream.” BAH! I hate those kind of characters, its too bad the movie Slit-Mouth Woman was full of them . X<

Aargh…could only manage 16 kusudama for the Craft Show next week. Tonight, I’m finally gonna start adding the ‘tails’ that hang below the kusudama. If I had the paper I wanted ahead of time instead of having to make it, I might have had more kusudama made.
I’m glad my hands are a little tougher now and don’t puss-out on me after hours of repetitive folding. Craft fair is next week, and I am fearing nothing will sell. Ack. Xb

Benicio del Toro as the cursed Lawrence/Larry Talbot in the movie “The Wolfman” (2010). WHY I had to draw this, I dunno, it was bothering me today so I drew it.
I’m not even a big fan of the film, I only watched it once for goodness sakes (4 years ago) thought it was okay, and the damn thing never came to mind until last night.
I don’t get it…..(」゜ロ゜)」