Chibi time!
Its my quick fanart of chubby armchair detective Nero Wolfe and his assistant Archie Goodwin. Nero Wolfe was created by Rex Stout.
Arch is squeezing and jiggling Nero’s cheeks.
I listen to radio programs of the 30’s-50’s, and “Nero Wolfe” is one I like to listen to for the characters. They make a cute pair :3

For bottom image:
In an episode of Nero Wolfe, Wolfe was yellin’ at Archie to turn his music down and what I visualized was Arch dancing around unable to hear his boss–so I doodled that scene out.

An impostor or doppelganger at NYCC...?

I hope this is just a mistake, but…..

I have never been to New York Comic Con (NYCC). I have never been to New York City.
Yet, someone just informed me tonight they bought my Sherlock Holmes doujinshi and it was even signed in front of them at NYCC 2010 or 2011 or so (they can’t remember the exact year).
This person that ‘met’ me has only attended NYCC, so no mistake of them having been to another con.
The furthest East I’ve been was MegaCon (2012) in Florida and MTAC in Nashville (2012).

I have not been to any conventions since Phoenix Comicon 2012.

If you see someone currently at a convention selling and signing my books and claiming to be me, well, they are likely an impostor that had bought my books and is reselling them.

Please note that my INCUBUS books are sold by the Media Blasters/Kitty Media, and Holy Cow Anime, so that’s fine. Also, during that time a buddy of mine (who works with Media Blasters) was also selling my Sherlock Holmes doujinshi from thier MB booth for me at NYCC.


I am not attending any conventions this year. If you see another “Yayoi Neko” with my work and signing my books at a convention I never announced I would attend, well, don’t buy from that impostor.
I am not receiving anything from them.


Zombie Fido plushi is done, yaay!
He’s about 14 inches tall and it took me a couple months of satin stitching/embroidering and hand sewing between projects.

I luv the movie “FIDO” so damn much, it was my fist time satin stitching and making a doll, had so many pokes into my finger with the needle too, ouch.

Hair, eyes, mouth, brows, wrinkles in clothes and collar are all embroidered/satin stitched.