Raijinshuu Appreciation Week Special!

Day 3: Evergreen

Evergreen is transgender. When she first became part of the Thunder Legion, she was scared to tell the others because she was pre-transition, but when she found out that the others were queer too, she came out to them. Bickslow and Freed secretly decided to take high-paying jobs in order to pay for Evergreen’s transition. There were a lot of tears the day Freed and Bickslow told Evergreen she was going in for surgery, and she has been trying to pay them back ever since, but they refuse because they see her as family.

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Getting used to things
  • Me: It's difficult for me to explain how you can get used to fear through generalised anxiety disorder because my go to reference is my chronic pain, like how it's still there but a background hum...OH WAIT NOISE! It's like leaving a tv on and eventually, if you're not watching, you just tune it out
  • Husband: or like the noise on a plane
  • Me: Right! Or how we don't really notice the traffic noises from the motorway! Or how I don't hear loud noises from the sky!
  • Husband: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Husband: see it's statements like that that make me think you'd fail the Turing test
  • Me: fair enough
You are those seconds
between lightning and thunder;
full of everything
that’s about to come,
telling me
how close
you actually are.
—  // a storm