To the Thunderheads and the Celtic Thunder Guys,

We’ve been though a lot throughout the years with Celtic Thunder. But we have stood together through it all.

We have supported them with whatever they are doing with Paul being the first to leave to pursue a solo career.

Then when Ryan suddenly went off the radar we supported him through whatever was happening in his personal life.  

We then watched with Pride as our little Damian went through and then won the Glee Project, which then meant that he had to leave CT, A Bittersweet celebration for us all.

Damian’s win was very quickly followed by the news Ryan’s return to Celtic Thunder, Just in time for their first Australian Tour.

We have stood by those Celtic Thunder members who have left for solo careers and welcomed the newcomers Emmet, Colm and Daniel, with open arms.

We have stuck together through the cases slightly freaky fans that threatened to give us a bad name and stood by the guys as rumours were spread.

In the most recent years we’ve had to stand together as we almost lost Ryan after an accident left him in a coma and we didn’t know whether we’d hear from him again.

Then earlier this Year tragedy struck as we suddenly Lost George, out Loveable Big G, an event that shocked us all. From this we have banded together to support each other, the Guys and George’s Family as we try to get our heads around this loss.

We will soon farewell Emmet Cahill from the ranks of Celtic Thunder singer, and wish him well with whatever is coming up. We also look forward to the arrival of another Emmett to fill the gap and look forward to seeing what he brings to the group.

I know that we’ll never get used to not hearing George’s Bass voice or seeing him in the Future. But I’m sure that some part of our minds and Hearts will have him there with the guys singing and having fun.

The First show in Australia will be hard for us all, not only will it be the first concert and tour without Big G. But also marks two months since we lost him.

All this needed to be said to show how strong we are as a group and how we will stand together through darker days (And we’ll be unbeatable forever).

To finish off I’ll Quote George, a sentiment followed by a lot of the fans.


Out with the old, in with the new………..

Fellow thunderheads around the world may remember recently that I posted a little tidbit about the newest member of the Celtic Thunder family, well guess what ladies and gents we finally get to have a good look at the young man. Please give a warm welcome to Emmet, yes folks I did say Emmet……NOT to be confused with Emmet Cahill even though it looks like he stole his outfit. 

Now for those who are asking what’s going to be happening with Emmet, and I’m talking Mr. Cahill here folks well it’s been confirmed by the CT website that he will be taking part in this years CT cruise where he will be doing a show and possibly one with his good buddy Colm Keegan, however rumors abound with talk of him possibly doing a CT show or two as a way of introducing Emmet, the new one folks geez can’t you keep up?

So the main questions are still lurking, what does he sound like, what will he sing, will he mesh well with the other guys, I guess CT fans the world over will just have to wait until this fall when the new Emmet climbs on board and the old Emmet disembarks for a new adventure, who knows where the wind will blow him.

So out with the old and in with the new, but either way I’m sure Thunderheads the world over are waiting for yet another chapter to start in this neverending adventure called Thunderheadland.  


Strong but Small Nebraska Storm Cell, photo by Dale Kaminski (shared in the Flickr Social group)

I love seeing this photo, it’s so nice to see all the members (past and present with the exception of Daniel thank goodness) all located on one cover. CT is releasing a new cd with the oldies (but goodies), on it songs have been revamped to include the voices of Emmett O'Hanlon and Colm Keegan……this outta be interesting more ways to jack us out of more money.