100 Days of Trump Day 91: The Colbert Report

Welcome Back to 100 Days of Trump, where we try to explain WTF happened in 2016 in 100 recommendations…lets talk about Fox News.  Or specifically, lets talk about the tradition of the Right Wing Pundit, with the Platonic Pundit Bill O’Rielly leaving Fox with 25 million dollars for sexually harassing his staff, I think we should reflect on why these utterly horrible people always seem to get such an audience.  Because looking at Bill, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Tucker Carlson, Megan Kelly, Sean Hannity, and of course more obscure people like Alex Jones, they all have these massive egos and so little to justify it.   They are comically uninformed about pretty much every topic that comes up to it but pretend they are experts, they are dismissive of any information that contradicts them or challenges their views, they love to simplify every issue that comes before them, they aren’t funny and of course despite beating their chest a great deal, all of them are massive cowards who fold at the first sign of difficulty and the entire lot of them are massive chickenhaws.  They are also gigantic hypocrites watch any of their shows long enough and you will massive contradictions in their logic or world view.  But this produces two questions

Why are these massive dicks popular?

What Purpose do they serve for the Republican Party?

   The former can be especially hard for liberal audiences to understand, after all, a person who really does think they are the best at everything despite constantly being proven wrong is suppose to be a joke character, something we mock, so why are people taking this so seriously? I mean pretty much anything Sean Hannity says is always wrong.  

   Well to answer that question, we need the most blovated, arrogant, and moronic of them all….Stephen Colbert.  Yet again, I think if he was still on air in 2016, the election would have gone differently.  Sadly…Comedy Central doesn’t allow any of the good clips on youtube, so please just go and watch the whole series or at least as many episodes as you can, trust me it is worth it.  

   The Character of Stephen Colbert, not to be confused with the Comedian Stephen Colbert, is a perfect facsimile of all of these Right wing pundits, from the ego to the macho postering, to the fucking inane relationship to language.  “I am America and So Can You” isn’t really that different from most of these guy’s terrible books which they pretend are great philosophy.  

  The point of a pundit is effectively to tell people what to think, and yes, I know that sounds like i’m saying Fox News Viewers are mindless sheep but no, hear me out here.  Republicans don’t trust the news or officials, or much of anyone at all, they mostly just trust the loud people to talk plain truth to them.  ANd this isn’t uniquely right wing thing, if I hear about something where I am not informed, I tend to go to people who I trust to get their take on it before I believe the mainstream media’s take on something, its that instinct.  For the record, I’ve started in the last three years to double check everything people who I trust tell me with other sources, so I suppose my relationship towards media is

Trust No One

 The problem is that Fox News Viewers are too distrustful of mainstream sources, and too trusting towards their own, and they are uninformed on basically every subject, which makes them really succepitable to this type of “I speak for you”  Robert Ailes, the former head of Fox news who was fired after being given 45 million dollars for sexually assault women (notice a pattern here) use to do a thing where he would take a bank of TVs and watch them all on silent, and pick the one which he found to be the most convincing, even though he couldn’t understand what was going on.  Which is why they rely on emotion more than actual argument.  

    But here is the kicker, a lot of Fox News Watchers might not actually buy the Republican Party line if you gave them some time to think about it.  Take a fox new grandpa away from Right wing media for two weeks and talk to him while he is happy and calm, he might be far more willing to engage with you (and no this isn’t about my grandparents, nobody in my family watches Fox thank god).  The whole point of the Right Wing Media bubble is to keep everyone scared and angry so they won’t engage.  It is also to help deal with doubt.  Remember back when the news showed the drowned Syrian boy Alan Kurdi and for a brief moment the world started to seriously consider not treated refugees like garbage and actually abiding by basic human rights?  Well you might have seen a certain meme go around in right wing circles of

“How about we take care of homeless vets before we give a shit about refugees”  This originated on Fox, or at least was popularized by it.  And the thing about this is…that doesn’t make any fucking sense.  Like if you engage with that question even a little bit, you realize how totally full of shit these people are.  Firstly, we aren’t helping the homeless in this country in large part because of Republican policies, because they view ensuring that homeless people have their basic needs met as giving a hand out to the poor (because god forbid we actually tax the rich).  Secondly…of course we can do both, we are the richest country in history, duh.  And of course, if we aren’t going to help the homeless anyways, i’d rather help at least some people than not any people at all.  Its a total bullshit argument but it isn’t designed to convince people.  It is designed to justify other people’s opposition to a very basic decency.  See a lot of Republicans oppose the refugees just out of racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia and want to mask it, but at lot more actually would like to take in the refugees but hesitate because…well the liberals want that, and we wouldn’t want to agree with them would we?  So this little message is a great way for them to believe in something they kinda know is wrong, because opposing the left matters more to them than enforcing their own ideals.  I mean its the internet, we have all seen people take a position on something in order to win an argument when you know full well they don’t believe that.  

“I Give people the Truth, unfiltered by Rational Argument”

Or to use another example, remember back in the golden days of 2015, people had a very negative view of the electoral college, Donald Trump himself famously called for it to be abolished.  But then…Donald Trump won the election despite losing the popular vote by almost 3 million votes and suddenly a lot of Trump supporters started to get edgy.  Because most of them know in their hearts that the Electoral Colledge is total bullshit….but they also really want to win.  So how do they reconcile that?  Well that is where you get that whole “Electoral College Protects the little states” meme on Fox News that we have seen 8 million times.  It doesn’t make any actual sense unless you are telling me that Florida is a small state now or Vermont is a big state.  But its point isn’t to make sense, its point is to help Republican viewers not have to think critically about their own previously held beliefs, and help them adapt a position they actually disagree with because it is useful to them.  They don’t want to engage in an actual argument with facts because well

“Reality has a well known Liberal Bias”

And this isn’t just a right wing thing, they just do it better.

   This also helps them work out their internal contradictions, I mean the Republican party isn’t really an ideology, its a bunch of competing contradictory ideologies.  After all how can you be against the goverment getting into your personal life and then want it to outlaw abortion and gay marriage?  How can you want to balance the budget but increase military spending while reducing taxation for the wealthy?  How can you oppose Assad or ISIS while hating the very people they are killing?  That is the poitn of the pundit, to explain away these contradiction and tell their audience “shhhh, its ok, you don’t have to think

 And of course, this isn’t exclusive to fox news, we see this sort of rationalization on the internet 

Thanks to @randomshoes for this amazing image.  

  It is really telling that the crazy batshit response to Feminist Frequency came not in response to any videos she produced, but in response to a kickstarter video where she said she was going to produce a series, before she actually said anything (sounds familiar?)  Because they didn’t want to engage in any arguments, they wanted an excuse to not have the discussion at all, and when the strategy of “Scream incoherent rape and death threats en mass” didn’t work, they start saying “She is a con women” “She hasn’t played games” “She is trying to censor Games” all of which can be extremely easily disproven but they aren’t actual arguments, they are excuses not to have an argument in the first place.  The Irony is that there are a lot of reasonable criticism you can have of Anita Sarkeesians, I have a list of them myself, but in order to make those, you need to engage in what she is saying rather than what Thunderf00t or Sargon of Akkad are telling you that they are saying.    I mean, Gamergate as a movement started to really fall apart after this clip here 

It is worth noting when I searched this video on youtube series, I found two videos by Thunderf00t on rebutting it, one called “Stephen Colbert losses his balls, because a lot of Gaters really liked Stephen Colbert, and when faced with “Engage with the argument” and “Let the exact type of people who Colbert is mocking tell them what to think they….well you know what happened.

Also because I mentioned Anita, I am going to get so much more shit for this post than I have for the much more critical posts I made on works they haven’t actually seen.  

    Pundits tell people what to think but more importantly tell them what not to think about, they don’t so much say ‘mindlessly listen to what i have to say” as they go “this argument isn’t worth enaging with, and if you think about it remotely critical, you are giving the abstract imaginary enemy of “The left” a victory, but in mindlessly regurgitating my propaganda points, you can score a victory against them”.  And that is what Colbert perfectly embodies. 

plus he is fucking funny.  

Also I heard that some people haven’t seen this so….fucking watch this even if you watch nothing else by this man


New Video! This time, we pick up some new tips from Rational Man Thunderf00t, like how smart you look when you call other people retarded, and how to turn cartoon drawings of hearts into points against a film.

But, more importantly, we try to find Anita’s Bees.

Okay I’m going to be honest I think I’ve slowly become a Mad Libs machine.

Atheism and Hate

This is a transcript of my youtube video

Transphobia, Sexism and Racism in the Atheist community. 

Hey guys it’s kat and today is September the 11th! I wanted to start this video out by giving out my condolences to any one who has lost relatives or was impacted by 9/11

I woke up this morning and saw a meme posted onto an atheism page that I follow from time to time. 

External image

The meme reads: I’m not sure that faith can move mountains but I’ve seen what it can do to sky scrapers. 

While I understand, of course, as an atheist what this is trying to say I also feel like it’s a bit insensitive and I don’t know how I’d feel about this if I were personally impacted by the events of that day. 

So this video is going to be about my personal experiences in the atheist community and how shockingly insensitive I’ve found a lot of them to be.  

Now first and foremost, I feel like having a hashtag not all men disclaimer. 

I know that not all atheists are this way, I’m talking about my experiences and if you catch feelings then I guess I’m talking about you. 

Most atheist communities that I’ve been a part of thrive on debate. 

Im not talking about simple disagreements. I’m talking about people who are constantly turning normal conversations into academic debate topics. 

I think a lot of atheists go through this obsession with debate when they start becoming part of atheist communities.However, it creates an overly hostile area especially when it comes to things that ultimately have nothing to do with atheism. 

As a black person, conversations about race bizarrely enough turn into debate.

I can’t discuss institutionalized racism that I’ve faced or call out the fact that we live in a country that is laced with white supremacy without people calling me ME a racist.

I can’t discuss the subject of white privilege without cis white men, who make up the vast majority of these atheist communities, getting hyper sensitive and giving me anecdotes about their poverty while saying things like “well there are rich rappers and basketball players” without realizing how racist that sounds. 

They’ll even go as far as saying that I’m racist because I talk about racism and will project this angry black woman archetype onto me because I’m talking about the lived oppression of myself and my family. 

As a woman, I’ve been part of atheist communities that are increasingly antagonistic towards women and feminism. 

I was part of Cult of Dusty’s facebook group for a while and every single day there was an anti feminist post. Not just one but several. 

Most of them had to deal with things like rape and abuse. A bunch of men sitting around trying to debate whether or not someone was raped and making arguments in favor of abusing women and excusing rape in certain situations. 

As a rape survivor I’ve gotten into many heated conversations about this as things like this really trigger me. 

A lot of men in the atheist community are very much invested in this idea that Misandry is real and is so much worse than misogyny. Most of their evidence seems to be from past romantic relationships and they don’t even realize how that sounds. 

There’s a reason why there aren’t very many women in the atheist community. 

As a trans woman the transphobia in the atheist community has honestly stunned me

Now, to be fair, whenever I’ve been involved in the atheist community I do not disclose my gender so I’ve never personally been attacked by atheists in this context however:

A lot of atheists are really married to this idea that everything needs proof. They’re really obsessed with the idea that if there’s no proof it isn’t real. 

So when it comes to their opinion about trans people it tends to be one that says that because there is no evidence for things like gender dysphoria then trans people are not real and their genders shouldn’t be respected. 

You’d think that the atheist community, a marginalized minority would do it’s best not to to the same to other people but shockingly in my experience it spends a lot of time doing the same oppressive things that Christians do. They just don’t have the power or money to actually oppress.

I’m an atheist and I have a very to each their own approach to religion. If it helps you then I think it’s great

The only time i truly take issue with religion is when it’s being used as the foundation for oppression. 

I think religion should be like a dietary plan. What’s good for you isn’t good for me and while I’m glad it works for you imposing it onto me isn’t going to make me want to go vegan. 

An on that note, 3 days until my birthday! I’m going to disneyland tomorrow and filming my birthday video on Sunday! Check out my birthday wishlist if you still wanna send me stuff!!! I haven’t many posters sadly. 

Anywho, whatever religion you follow or don’t follow, don’t forget that you are beautiful and you are loved. <3 


A Feminist claims she can receive PTSD over “internet harassment”. Compares herself to War Veterans, then threatens to fire any Veteran calling her out on her claim. Upon video’s release, resorts to ignorance and name calling.

External image

I looked up “feminism” on youtube and the title results are:

-Why “feminism” ruins EVERYTHING 
-Feminism = First World Problems
-17 Reasons We DON’T Need Feminsim


Please, stop putting down something you don’t understand. As a female, I need feminism. I want equal pay, I want equal treatment, I want equal rights! I do NOT want man hating, women over men or whatever the hell you think you’re talking about when you say “feminism”. 

Do your research.

Thunderf00t & Draw Mohammed Day..Again!!? :|

Thunderf00t appears to believe that the way to diminish radicalism in Islam is to engage in an activity that will upset most Muslims many of whom are not radicals. 

Do I believe that many American politicians and the media have given special treatment to Islam, in terms of how they talk about it, in contrast to Christianity? Yes! 

When TIME comes out with a cover questioning/criticizing the Quran in the same way that it has the Bible just about every year I will be surprised. 

Not that I particularly care for TIME’s assessment of the Bible but there is this feeling of, “Okay folks if you want to bring up the ‘controversy’ surrounding people’s religious beliefs then do it with everyone…including Islam!”

I don’t see weekly specials on TV addressing concerns regarding the compilation of the Quran, it’s translation, and interpretation. 

Given that Christianity is the most popular religion in America I understand why people talk about it more. However, there is little doubt that many people, out of fear, avoid speaking critically about Islam in the same way they do about Christianity.

Draw Mohammed Day is puerile tactic. Being abrasive for the sake of being abrasive is not what I consider a very beneficial approach. 

Thunderf00t’s theory appears to be, “if we ridicule Islam enough then we’ll expose Muslim’s to the sort of freedom of speech American’s value and make the world a better place.” I’m curious where else has such an approach worked?

Mr. Scientific Naturalism aka Thunderf00t should bring some 'reason’ and 'empirical evidence’ to the table to back up his theory.


DEBATE: Thunderf00t VS. Gman! Atheist VS. Creationist! 

How could you not want to see this? I mean, it’s an articulate British Atheist versus an inarticulate creationist with impossible standards of evidence (that he only applies selectively, of course). This is what happens when an unstoppable truth meets immovable ignorance.   

SYABM #comic 02: “Personal Irresponsibility”

Okay, I am making up the name, but that’s because I couldn’t be bovvered to go back and look wanted to protect his identity.

The logic seemed to be 

  • Because a fraction of a percent of the people who saw this video proving Anita Sarkeesian lied* say it made them do it, Thunderf00t needs to publicly decry their actions.
  • Anita has no responsibility to do anything about JonTron getting flamed for saying he doesn’t like her videos, because she doesn’t promote hate against him.
  • Oh, and criticizing Anita is promoting hate against her.
  • Comerade Sarkeesian is always right.

* Or at the very least, completely misunderstood the point of the game. Much like how she conveniently missed how the prostitutes in Watch Dogs are portrayed as sex slaves, with their pimps even being willing to let clients kill them if they’re important enough. And the fact that the vast majority of female NPCs in the game are just random folks.



the video speaks for itself

the only reason video games is a “male dominated space” is girls attitude towards games back in the 90s


Feminism vs. Facts

It is amazing what one can accomplish in twenty minutes. In typical male fashion, Thunderf00t systematically destroys some “pop culture critic”/bag of smashed assholes with hoop earrings, by stripping bare her borked brand of illogic and pissing all over it on film, using her own master’s thesis as ammo–and he does it without $150,000 in Kickstarter funding, as well.

External image


Yeah I know it’s all just a satire of Anita Sarkeesian’s gamer-girl femibabble but all the points he makes are actually quite true in regard to the empathy gap and male disposability, etc. Many a true word said in jest, I guess…


An interesting spin on religion, with some good advice on how to conduct oneself.