LOCATION: “Imperial Tomb”

ZONE: Isle of Thunder

NPCS: None*


ACCESSIBILITY: MoP content, 90+

CAVEATS: This is a location that players can summon an enemy. Given that this is old content, this should not be too frequent.

NOTES: Mogu ruins are a close second for my favorite structures in the game. Even this crumbling, dusty cavern flooded with water and covered in moss somehow maintains its regality with intricately carved pillars and walls, and the cold sunshaft bearing down on its long-dead occupant.

The mogu make for very, very angry spirits.


Can I just say the biggest thank you to @static-chaos . I really hope this piece is something you enjoy. It is the first one to be done in the new papers you got me. Thank you so so much for helping me. You’re so amazing I just can never truly express how much this means to me. You deserve all of the best things and I hope you know that. 

Thank you

The new Thor: Ragnarok trailer that was released at Comic-Con has got me so happy and hyped for it. Like I am so happy I wanna cry. I can not wait for it to be released in cinemas.

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Malice - Godz Of Thunder (1985)

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Looked kinda weird in Laxus panels..Like one minute talking to a blushy Mirajane, next minute patting Lisanna and then Cana pops up, he all sparkly eye. Like uw0t son. Whatheplanning. Sad didn't see Raijinshuu with him or just observing in bg while ever distracted by elf. Rather they done a random 10 year skip with the most blatant shups canon in all shounen with new gen cos this was taking the piss, even for shippers. No solid answer besides gajevy maybe plotting a saucy shag night.

Please forgive me for waiting until I’d read the chapter to answer this! I actually wanted to do something more than just on the circulation when it came to the final chapter.

I–I only just realized I didn’t see Freed or Bickslow. At all. If they were in that chapter, I didn’t notice it. Did he seriously not even bring up two of the Thunder Legion? And the one that got prominence, naturally, was on Elfman’s arm.

Elfman, Evergreen, ya’ll have my condolences. You deserved better than being reduced to a ship.